Jan 23, 2014

Free Apron Patterns: Updated 2015

I love making aprons, potholders, counter and dish mats! But when it comes to most things, I wing the patterns on my own, publish tutorials for my own versions that usually combine techniques and ideas, and then include those ideas in all of the links to free patterns that I collect and share!

An apron is not something you might ordinarily make yourself, but its wonderful to have on hand when you need one! And they are way cute to wear when you're cooking for company... or just are wearing something new or nice that you don't want to get a spill on! And best of all, they've been a big hit as gifts!!

 For Christmas, I love to make a complete set...an apron, some hotpad/potholders, serged edged cloth napkins, and a simple little tea cozy ...the simple cozy is the one at the top left of the photo above
(see its little lifting up and down pull tab?). Once I get one set designed and made, I can't help myself...I have to make more and I create multiple sets in no time at all!

A Short Cut Through Time: Daisy Kingdom Apron Panel

So, one year...three sets, another year...a repeat for anyone who has really used their apron or potholders and needs a new set...you get the idea!!!

And when I'm in a hurry, it's lovely to have a simple printed panel from a discount fabric store on hand. This one was from the Daisy Kingdom line and it was sooo popular one Christmas in Alaska, that I had two sisters-in-laws literally fighting over it!

The victor wore it quite literally all day long, even when she was eating Christmas dinner and just visiting with our big family.  Oh, yes! Show off your victory big time, Becky!That's the year I knew I had a great gift that was truly appreciated!

Unfortunately, Daisy Kingdom closed a number of years ago, but you can still find their various pre-printed pieces online, at tag sales, and often in free share fabric tables.

My Own Alaskan "Kuspuk" the original Apron in Alaska

(How To Make A Kuspuk)

I grew up in Alaska, and the native Alaskans especially of the northern and north western areas make and wore kuspuks. But what most people don't realize is that this is not a 'dress' or a 'jacket' as most people assume. It was actually an apron of sorts.

Women and girls wore the long version...with a skirt ruffle..over their other clothing to protect that clothing from the hard work of cleaning fish, seals etc. for food, clothing, lamp oil and other means of survival. For many years, I helped a SIL teach grade school children(and their parents) how to make these, designing our own non standard math 'non patterns'...measuring lengths and cutting to size.

My other links included in that post show many years of this great project, our wearing of them to visit the Governor and his family in Juneau Alaska, and how we were not only featured in the Alaska Daily Empire but online and referenced during a legislative session for Kuspuk Friday...when all of Alaska's legislator' literally wear kuspuks to work!

Baby Nursing Cover-Up Apron Tutorial

And last but not least, nursing aprons or baby coverups that I have made for several wonderful mom's who have chosen natural baby feeding, but still want to be discrete in public for others!  I created my own patterns and they are both reversible and can be pocket pouched just like a quillow so they fold up for carrying and look like a little pouch!

Yes, the entire nursing apron is folded up using my special tutorial technique into that little pocket! (Two sizes of aprons for two sizes of little mamas...one mama is super extra small and one a medium so I designed the aprons to be just the right size!)  And, you can use my idea for any kind of pocket pouched apron!

And  here is my ongoing list of links, tutorials etc for making a variety of aprons...from full length bib aprons, to simple skirt front aprons, to nursing cover up aprons for feeding baby discretely.

I'm still in the process of finding links and don't have all of the photos yet..but you can surely find something that will work for you and if not...be inspired to come up with one of your own!

Free (Full-length w. bib) Apron Patterns 

4th of July Apron
Smock Apron
Butcher Style Apron Pattern
Crafty Gal – Dressing For Success
jcaroline Creations Apron Instructions
Martha Stewart – Bakers Apron, template is here (pdf)
Apron Tutorial – Jeans Apron
Free Apron Pattern
Taly’s Very Easy Apron
Suzy Homemaker Apron – Tutorial
Make a Plain Apron (updated dead link)
Apron Pattern (not English, Japanese? but is fully illustrated) download file is here

Free Lined and Reversible Apron Pattern

Lined Apron Tutorial
Nana’s Reversible Half Apron (with tutorial)

Free (Made From Dishtowels) Apron Patterns

Dishtowel Apron Tutorial
Quick and Fun Apron Made from Two Dish Towels
Martha Stewart’s Dish Towel Apron
Homespun Apron
Towel Turned Apron

Free Craft Project Friendly Apron Patterns

Craft Apron Tutorial
Crafty Tool Belt
Martha Stewart’s Crafter’s Apron

Free House work/ house keeping Apron Patterns

Sew A Clean Sweep Apron!
Martha Stewart’s Carryall Apron

More Apron Patterns and Ideas and Tips!

Free Directions to Sew an Apron Using One Yard of Fabric
Shimmy, Shake, & Bake Apron pattern download is here (pdf)
Pleated Embroidered Apron
Jeans Apron and another similar concept here
Valentine Ruffle Apron
Keeping it Real Sewing Series: Apron Tutorial pattern downloads: Part 1 and Part 2 (both pdf)
Half Yard Apron
Scalloped Apron the pattern download is here (pdf)

Knit and Crochet Aprons

Daisy Apron
Party Apron
Kitschy Apron in Cotton Chenille
Crocheted Apron
Cheeky Squares Apron

Clothespin Aprons

My Byrd House Clothspin Apron
Vintage Apron Bonnet Pattern

Children’s Aprons

Tutorial: Little Girls’ D-Ring Ribbon Belt Apron
Sewing: How to make a kid-sized chef apron
Quilt Block Apron
Smocket pattern pattern download is here (pdf)
Apron/Sunbonnet Combination
Quick Apron Tutorial

Vintage Style Aprons and Vintage Patterns

Vintage Pillowcase Apron Tutorial
50’s half-aprons with tie-pocket pattern/tutorial
Retro Orange-Flowered Apron w/ Tutorial
Vintage Apron Pattern
1940’s Style Bib Apron (pdf)
Men’s Aprons

Men’s Apron Tutorial
Chef’s Apron

Cute Misc Links

Hillbilly Housewife: Apron Evangelism
Sweet Little Apron Ornament Tutorial
Little aprons – free crochet pattern

Nursing Coverup Aprons for Feeding Baby Discretely

Baby Nursing Cover-Up Apron Tutorial ( own pocket pouched version!)

Reversible Cover Up for Nursing Baby
Tent Like With Boning Nursing Cover
Nap time Simple cover up

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thanks for the links. I wear an apron most of the time while I am preparing supper. I like a bibbed apron. In the past, I have made many for gifts. I especially like to include a matching apron for the children of the giftee. I like the idea of matching hot pads.

Have a warm weekend!!
xx, Carol

Cher said...

aren't these adorable?!!! who wouldn't love such a gift? I never feel motivated to spend my time on making such items but I know and appreciate the value of wearing an apron when I am cooking especially with anything to do with putting food into hot oil!
thanks so much Michele for all the hard work you put into adapting "your" approach to patterns.