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Free Quilt Patterns: UPDATED 2019



Quilts, Quillows and Quirky Quilting Quandries:

What can you do with 2 yards of assorted scrap fabrics? Cut them up into 3 1/2" strips, continuously piece them together, or cut them into segments (shown above) and lay your strips into 45" rows.

Add a border or two and you'll end up with this simple scrap quilt that ends up being a wonderful 68" x 70".

What can you do with simple squares, cut to fit bars and strip (pretty much the same thing only add some simple applique) like hearts or stars!

Fast and easy!  Don't like winging it?  Need a quick and easy and a  free pattern?

Check out these wonderful sites for a total of more than 2,500 free quilt patterns for free downloading! I've added so many new links with so many free pattern downloads in each one - I could be at 3,000 by now! But I'm not going to count again!

And if you were looking for a specific quilt BLOCK and not a Quilt Pattern: check out my other huge list here:

Huge List of Free Quilt Block Patterns

Free Quilt Patterns List 2015 - 2022:

Here are the thematic links that I have done specific posts on and/or made the quilts, myself. Then they are followed by individual listings, then themes, categories etc. as you move through the list. Not always alphabetized as that's a huge ongoing process, but I try my best!

My Harmonic Convergence: Baby Quilt




 "Shoo Flies, Don't Bother Me"

 Whirlygig Tutoria



Baby Quilts: Strips and Strings!.


Making a Baby Quilt: Japanese Strip Noodles



*Bento Box Quilt Pattern Tutorial by Michele Bilyeu of 'With Heart and Hands"

Streak of Lightning: A Totally Tubular Tutorial



Disappearing Four, Nine, 16  Patches and Twist and Turn Variations 

String quilting Primers and Patterns


The Luck 'O the Irish to You!


Liberated Heartstrings: Setting the Spirit Free


Angel Wraps and Preemie Patterns

NICU Gowns, Angel Wraps and Preemie Patterns



Making the Quickest Nine Patches...Ever!


Disappearing 9 Patch, 16 Patch and Twist/Turn Variation

And from so many others! Please say thank you here, or wherever you are gifted with a free tutorial or pattern! Thank you!

Amy Butler: View, then download in pdf format

Windham Fabrics

Looking for one of our group blogger's free patterns?

*Patchalot More...Free Patterns from our own Marcie!

2009 Patchalot's Marcie's: CHRISTMAS PUNCH

Judy Laquidera's Free Patterns

(Just) Bugs (sign in to view for free)

Redwork & Stitchery

Religious Quilt Patterns

Far Above Rubies a Bible sampler quilt. The pioneers also had some favorite quilts related to their faith. 

An example found on this site is
Delectable Mountains Quilt Pattern


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  40. Free miniature hexagonal BOM starts 2nd April on my site
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  43. Michele this is great! Wow! I didn't see any reference to the wonderful collection of paper piecing patterns at Fandom In Stitches (
    All free paper piecing patterns for personal use only.
    It's from this group of ppp designers, that made the Harry Potter Bookcase quilt that I love so much. It was called the Project of Doom. And then this group went on to design two Middle Earth themed quilts and a Dr Who quilt. Too much silliness and fun with fabrics.

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