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Free Quilt Patterns:UPDATED 2019


Quilts,Quillows and Quirky Quilting Quandries:

What can you do with 2 yards of assorted scrap fabrics? Cut them up into 3 1/2" strips, continuously piece them together, or cut them into segments (shown above) and lay your strips into 45" rows.Add a border or two and you'll end up with this simple scrap quilt that ends up being a wonderful 68" x 70".

What can you do with simple squares, cut to fit bars and strips...pretty much the same things..only add some simple appliques hearts or stars!

 Fast and easy!  Don't like winging it?  Need a quick and easy...and free!...pattern???

Check out these wonderful sites for a total of more than 2,500 free quilt patterns for free downloading! I've added so many new links with so many free pattern downloads in each one...I could be at 3,000 free patterns (easily) by now! But I'm not going to count again ;)

And if you were looking for a specific quilt BLOCK and not a Quilt Pattern: check out my other huge list here:Huge List of Free Quilt Block Patterns

And because my name and my blog comes up in search engines for Free Patterns for Charity or Giving Quilts...please note  that any and all of these free quilt patterns and tutorials qualify as I choose to showcase easier to make quilts. It's what I love to do most and how I make and donate as many charitable donations as I do!

Free Quilt Patterns List 2015: (continually corrected and updated)

And I have to be honest with you! I have collected WAY MORE than 2,500 free quilt patterns. I could only count to 2,500 (well, the program I was using, anyway ;-)  It might be 5,000 free patterns by now, because SO MANY of them link to a lot more than the one photo or one link I used!

Here are the thematic links that I have done specific posts on and/or made the quilts, myself. Then they are followed by individual listings, then themes, categories etc. as you move through the list. Not always alphabetized as that's a huge ongoing process..but I try my best!


My Harmonic Convergence: Baby Quilt



  Shoo Flies, Don't Bother Me: Whirlygiggles Tutorial (pinwheel baby quilt)



Baby Quilts: Strips and Strings!.


Making a Baby Quilt: Japanese Strip Noodles


 *Bento Box Quilt Pattern Tutorial by Michele Bilyeu of 'With Heart and Hands"

Streak of Lightning: A Totally Tubular Tutorial


 Disappearing Four, Nine, 16  Patches and Twist and Turn Variations 

String quilting Primers and Patterns


The Luck 'O the Irish to You!


Liberated Heartstrings: Setting the Spirit Free


Angel Wraps and Preemie Patterns

NICU Gowns, Angel Wraps and Preemie Patterns


  Making the Quickest Nine Patches...Ever!

 Disappearing 9 Patch, 16 Patch and Twist/Turn Variations

And from so many others! Please say thank you here, or wherever you are gifted with a free tutorial or pattern! Thank you!!

Amy Butler: View, then download in pdf format

A to Z Blankets 4 Kids

BOM Free Quilt Patterns
Clothworks Textiles - Free Quilt Patterns

Eleanor Burns: Free Patterns
EZQuilts Free Patterns

Free Quilt Patterns
Freespirit Fabric free patterns
Fons and Porter: over 200 (sign up 1st) FREE Downloads
Free Scrap Saver Quilt Patterns
Free Quilt Patterns
Free Quilt Patterns and Premier Quilting Patterns
Henry Glass Fabrics
Hoffman Fabrics
Jan Patek Quilts
Jinny Beyer Studio
Lucy Fazely

Mary Quilts: Free Quilt Patterns
Michael Miller Fabrics
Moda Bake Shop
Moda Fabrics Free Patterns
Moda Fabrics Free Patterns: United Notions
My Favorite New Link's at the Golden Thimble!
Nancy Rink Designs

Pat patterns for your own or with AAQI quilts Download AAQI Release 

Patchalot More...Free Patterns from our own Marcie!

Peach Quilting/patterns
Quilting With A Passion!
Patterns Based on Antique & Vintage Quilts
Quilt Patterns - Four Patch Star Quilt Pattern - Star Block Directions
Pat Sloan free patterns
Pat Speth Free Quilt Designs
(The) Quilter's Cache - Marcia Hohn's free quilt patterns!
Quilts & Free Quilt Patterns
Quiltmaker magazine

Quiltville's Fabulous Free Pattern Hotlinks!
Quilter's Vortex
Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Scrap Quilts - Free Quilt Patterns - Learn How to Make Quilts
Springs Creative Free Quilt Patterns
Stitchin' Post Free Patterns
This 'n That Fabrics
Timeless Treasures Fabrics
Windham Fabrics

Looking for one of our group blogger's free patterns?

*Patchalot More...Free Patterns from our own Marcie!
2009 Patchalot's Marcie's: CHRISTMAS PUNCH

Judy Laquidera's Free Patterns
Big Star
Black Friday
Buttons & Bows
Catch a Spinning Star
Daisy Star
Out of the Bag
Peaches & Dreams
Pink Poinsettias
QOV #1
QOV #2

Quillow: With Heart and Hands

Specific Themes listed below (as showcased on my site)

Angel Quilt Patterns
Angel Applique Pattern .
Country Angel and Wallhanging
Angel Wall hanging
This 10" x 21" wall hanging uses 4 foundation-pieced log cabin blocks.
Angel with Horn
Line drawing only of Christmas angel with horn.
My Special Angel
Cute everyday angel to applique.
4 Appliqued Angels
Line drawings only of 6 different angels, including 2 Sunbonnet Sue angels.
Quilt Angel Applique Pattern
Quilt angel has pins in her mouth, scissors around her neck and a basketful of fabric.
Applique Patterns
Asterisks and Quilt
Baby Flower Box Quilt
Baby Valori Wells Dreamy Quilt
Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilt Pattern: The Ultimate Blankey
Baby, Preemie, 9-Patch Quilt, 18”
Baby, Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt, 18” *
Baby, Preemie, One Patch Quilt
Baby, Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders
Basket Quilt Patterns
Bazooples Storybook Quilt
(Just) Bugs (sign in to view for free)
Beginner Quilt Patterns

***Bento Box Quilt Pattern Tutorial by Michele Bilyeu of 'With Heart and Hands"...that's me!

Bento Box Instructions by others
Blue Jeans Quilt
Boo!-ti-ful Halloween Wall Hanging
Building Quilt Patterns
Bug's on Parade
Bullseye circle quilt tutorial
Bull's-eye Scrap Quilt/raw edge
Bullseye: Cluck Cluck Sew: Raw Edge Circle Quilt Tutorial
Bullseye Quilt Class | Country Threads
Bullseye Quilt How To
*Butterfly Quilts
Butterfly Circle
Butterfly QuiltButterfly Quilt Pattern
Butterfly Quilt Patterns

/B/BisforButterflyBlock.html">Colorful Butterfly
Disappearing Nine Patch
Disappearing 9 Patch/Twist Turn variation
Eight Hands Around Quilt Pattern - Free Quilt Patterns
Elephant Quilt Block to applique
Elephant Quilt
filmstrip quilt
Hopi Butterfly Quilt Block

Stained Glass Butterfly
Butterfly Quilt Patterns
Butterfly Quilt Patterns
Cathedral Windows
Calico Cat Block Pattern
Calico Cat, Gingham Dog patterns
Cat Quilt Pattern
Cats (Tessalating) Quilt Pattern [PDF]Kool Kats Kwilt Pattern.psd
Cathedral Windows Quilt
Charity Baby & Preemie Patterns
Charity Quilt Patterns
Charity Quilt Strings

Child Quilt Patterns
Child Quilt Bear, Bunny, Butterfly and Cow
Child Quilt, Chicken, Duck, Elephant and Giraffe
Child Quilt, Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat
Child Quilt, Mallard, Owl and Penguin
Child Quilt, Pig, Raccoon and Sheep
Child Quilt, Squirrel, Turtle and Zebra
Chinese Coins: Quilt as You Go Pattern pdf
Christmas Projects
Circus Tent block
Coffee & Tea Patterns
Crazy Quilts

 Disappearing 9 Patch, 16 Patch and Twist/Turn Variations:

With Heart and Hands

Disappearing Nine Patch (tutorial)
Dog Quilt Patterns
(Free) Dog Quilt Patterns
Dog Daze and Feline Frenzy from Fons %Porter pdf
Easter Quilt Patterns

*(Free) Easter Quilt Patterns

Easy Quilt Patterns
Fastest Charity Quilt Top Ever
Fish, Frogs & Bugs
Food & Drink Patterns

'GO' Quilter (Accuquilt type cutters) pdf quilt patterns that can be used for many projects

Garden Quilt Patterns

happy hearts quilt block...project linus
Hearts, Bows & Ribbons
Heart (Log Cabin) Quilt Block Pattern
(Quilts with) Hearts & Hearts on Quilts

Hexagons....Grandmother's Garden Quilt

 Hexagon Medallion Quilt

div class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;">

Holiday Themed Patterns
Holiday Themed Patterns

How To Make A Quillow 
a quilt with a self pocket that turns it into a pillow!

Jig Swatches Puzzle Quilt Pattern
Juggling Clown
Lollipops [PDF]
Log Cabin/Traditional Quilts
(Irregular) Log Cabin Quilt
Memory, Photo Quilts
Mermaid Quilt Pattern
Miniature Quilt Patterns
Miscellaneous Patterns
Nautical & Lighthouses
Nine Patch Quilt
Novelty Quilt Patterns
'One Block Wonder/Kaleidscope Style Pattern'
'One Block Wonder/Kaleidescope Techniques and Tips Info
Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saints Pattern

*Patriotic Quilting Patterns my showcased list

Paper Pieced Patterns
Quilts with Hearts & Hearts on Quilts
Quilt Blocks
Quilt in a Day
Redwork Quilt
Redwork & Stitchery

Religious Quilt Patterns

Far Above Rubies a Bible sampler quilt. The pioneers also had some favorite quilts related to their faith. An example found on this site is
Delectable Mountains Quilt Pattern
Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saints Pattern
Old Testament Blocks

Salute the Flag!
Sampler Quilt Patterns
Scrap Saver Patterns
Seasonal Quilt Patterns
Six (6) Hour Quilt

*My list of Free Snowman Quilt Patterns

Snowman Quilt Pattern
Snowman Quilt Patterns
Snowman Free Pattern
Snowman, Heart and Stars Appliques

Stack'n Whack Kaleidescope...ala Bethany Reynolds
Stack'n Whack Hearts

Stained Glass Butterflies
Stained Glass Butterfly Free Quilt Pattern
Star and Heart Quilt Pattern

*St. Patrick's Day Quilt Blocks or Quilt Patterns
*String Quilting Tutorial and Patterns*Sunbonnet Sue Patterns
Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Quilt Pattern and easy kids quilt
Tactile Quilt Pattern For Alzheimer's Patients
Take 5...write me for is failing
ticker tape quilt
Trip Around the World...Scrappy version
Twelve Moons by Robert Kaufman
Vintage Quilt Pattern

The wonderful " Disappearing Nine Patch"seems to a technique in continual process of new and more involved variations.  Simply put, a nine patch block is created and then sliced apart in a myriad of different cuts or with different color arrangements so it literally disappears and is replaced by four smaller units. Apparently, Karin Hallaby, wrote a book in 2002 called "Magic Pillows, Hidden Quilts, which included a Magic Nine Patch quilt made using the same technique that's so popular today. Nancy Brenan Daniel also wrote a book called Disappearing Nine Patch in 2002 but apparently it is quite different from what we are calling that style today.  Eventually, an online blog by Helen Bailey, featured a tutorial about her own use of the disappearing nine patch but she referred to it by a different name. The same technique has been called Tossed Nine Patch (by Eleanor Burns) and (possibly) 9 to 4 by other quilters and authors.
And now of course, we have disappearing 4 patches, 9 patches, and on and on with so many fun and varied improvisations.  But just to have a look, check out some of  the images and links that I have discovered and create new and easy blocks and quilts of your own!

Let's start with some fun and simple 4 Packs as I share links to some tutorials and some different variations from what you might hink of as a D4P..or Disapearing 4 Patch, as well!


Disappearing 4 Patch..
This version..below.... is great with Charm Packs!

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Disappearing 4-Patch from Chock a Block Quilt link to her blog for the tutorial!










 wonky Disappearing four patch from Beth at Love, Laugh, Quilt

The Disappearing Patch: free quilt patterns, tutorial or photo ideas:

Simplest design and cut:

Love Laugh Quilt: D9P shown below:





 Disappearing 9 Patch 

 Disappearing Nine Patch

Disappearing 9 Patch/Twist Turn variation

Modern D9P by Kristy Daum

Disappearing 9 Patch tutorial

Another version of the Disappearing 9 Patch tutorial

A different color scheme for the D9P quilt

Disappearing 9-Patch Variation

Disappearing 9-Patch Variation from Chock a Block Quilt Blocks

The Twist and Turn D9P quilt

D9P video & different layout

Wacky 9 Patch

Wavy Nine Patch by Debbie, The Traveling Quilter

Word | PDF

D9P and D4P and Variations!
disappearing 4-patch
disappearing rail fence
Maybe Hidden Wells, too.

Whack 'n Stack Quilt Tutorial: how to make a kaleidescope quilt from large florals etc.
Wickedly Easy Quilts...write me for help, link is failing,
Yellow Ribbon Block Quilt
zig zag quilt (without piecing triangles!)

1930 Quilt Patterns
24 Triangles
4H Club Quilt Pattern
9 Patch Pumpkin Quilt Block

Haven't found it yet? Try these:
Free Quilt Patterns A to B
Free Quilt Patterns C to H
Free Quilt Patterns I to N
Free Quilt Patterns O to R
Free Quilt Patterns S to Z

Need super simple ideas for baby quilts, or tiny wraps for preemies..or just an idea you can wing without even using a pattern?  I have lots of ideas, links, patterns!


Need a Free Baby Quilt Pattern??? This is  a great place to find a variety of choices!!

Free Quilt Patterns: Preemies, Babies and Children 

Always updated at this link:

Free Babie's and Childrens Quilt Patterns

3-D Pinwheels Baby Quilt 40" X 40" quilt (shown above)

Baby Snuggie or Snuggler Pattern pdf download
courtesy of Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby and Craftzine.

1-2-3 Quilt, Toddler *
A Day at the Calico Zoo Quilt
Amish Bars, Toddler ~ Child
Angel Quilt Patterns
Applique Patterns
Applique Blocks for Elephant block Circus Tent blockJuggling Clown Zebra
Asterisks and Quilt
Baby Blocks, Infant
Bear Quilt, Infant to Child
Baby Flower Box Quilt
Baby (Valori Wells) Dreamy Quilt
Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilt Pattern: The Ultimate BlankeyBaby,
Baby, Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt,
Baby Magic Quilt Pattern by Jeanne
Baby, Preemie, One Patch Quilt
Baby, Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders
Baby Boots
Baby Coverlet
Baby MagicBaby Quilt - an easy fast project.
Baby Bunting a 12" block from the 1900's
Baby Flower Box Quilt
Baby Flower Box.pdf
Baby Valori Wells Dreamy Quilt
Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilt Pattern: The Ultimate Blankey
Baby, Preemie, 9-Patch Quilt, 18”
Baby, Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt, 18” *
Baby, Preemie, One Patch Quilt
Baby, Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders
Baby Quilt: Tumbling Squares
Baby's Little Goslings
Baby's Busy Day Quilt Pattern
Birth Bear Baby Quilt Pattern
Basket Quilt Patterns
Bazooples Storybook Quilt
Beginner Quilt Patterns
Bento Box Quilt Instructions
Big Bricks, Infant to Teen
Block Party, Preemie to Teen
Bordered Brick Quilt, Child to Teen *
Blossom Time
Blue Jeans Quilt
Boxy Stars Bricks & Stepping Stones

Building Quilt Patternsa
Bugs on Parade pdf pattern
Buggles Diaper Bag FP 101 and Buggles Baby Quilt FP 102
Bullseye circle quilt tutorial
Bull's-eye Scrap Quilt/raw edge
Bullseye: Cluck Cluck Sew: Raw Edge Circle Quilt Tutorial
Bullseye Quilt Class | Country Threads
Bullseye Quilt How To
Bunny Quilt

(My list of 30+) Butterfly Quilt Patterns

Butterfly Circle
Butterfly QuiltButterfly Quilt Pattern
Butterfly Quilt Patterns
Cat Quilt Pattern
Can't Stop Spinnin'
Cat and her Favourite
Cats (Tessalating) Quilt Pattern [PDF]Kool Kats Kwilt Pattern.psd
Cats who Quilt
Cat:Church Cat

Cat:Fashion Cats
Cat:Happy Cats
Cat:Kitty Trio
Cat:Kool Kats Quilt
Cat:Paper Pieced Kitties with 3-D Tails
Cat:Pinwheel Cat
Center Panel Quilt, Child
Center Panel Quilt, Infant
Checkerboard Center Quilt, Version 1, Child
Checkerboard Center Quilt, Version 2, Child
Conversation Bricks Quilt, Child
Chinese Coins
Chunky Churndashes
Colorful Butterfly
Charity Baby & Preemie Patterns
Charity Quilt Patterns
Charity Quilt Strings
Child Quilt Patterns
Child Quilt A to Z Blankets 4 Kids
Child Quilt Bear, Bunny, Butterfly and Cow
Child Quilt, Chicken, Duck, Elephant and Giraffe
Child Quilt, Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat
Child Quilt, Mallard, Owl and Penguin
Child Quilt, Pig, Raccoon and Sheep
Child Quilt, Squirrel, Turtle and Zebra
Chinese Coins
Chinese Coins Quilt Pattern
Circus Stars Quilt Pattern
Coming and Going Stroller(or car seat) Quilt Pattern
Corn and Beans

Crayon BoxCrumbs
Crazy Quilts
Cupcakes: a mini quilt
Curvy Nine Patch
Diagonal Strips Pattern
Denim Quilt
Dashing Dragons Quilt Pattern
Dolphin Dream Quilt Pattern
Disappearing Nine Patch (tutorial)
Dog Quilt Patterns
Doll and Baby Scottie Dog Quilt
Free Crib Quilt Pattern: Mile A Minute Checkerboard
(Free) Dog Quilt Patterns Free Doll and Baby Scottie Dog Quilt

(Free) My List of Easter Quilt Patterns

Free Pioneer Nine-Patch Pattern
Early 19th Century Medallion Quilt
Easy Quilt Patterns
Easy As A~B~C Blanket, Infant
Easy Blanket for Infant to Teen
Easy-to-Make Cat Quilt
Elephant Quilt Block to applique
Fastest Charity Quilt Top Ever

Fish, Frogs & Bugs
Fracture or Disappearing Nine-Patch
Four Block Brick Quilt, Child to Teen
Four Block Big Bricks, Infant to Teen
Hearts, Bows & Ribbons

Glow Happy (Lanterns) from the Happy Zombie free pdf download
Grandma's Choice Variation
Happy Blocks and Twisted Happy Blocks
Happy Scrappy Houses

(Paper-Pieced) Heart Strings Quilt Block Pattern

Hidden Pinwheels
Hidden Spools

Hexagons ...Quilting With Hexagons List

Illinois Roads Quilt, Child Lollipops [PDF]
Infant Snuggle Wrap
In the Pinks Baby Quilt Pattern
I Spy A Four Patch

Hearts, Bows & Ribbons

*How To Make A Quillow

Home on the Range Quilt Pattern
Hugs & Kisses Baby Quilt
Jig Swatches Puzzle Quilt Pattern

Lollipops [PDF]
Log Cabin Doll & Crib Quilt Pattern
Log Cabin/Traditional Quilts
(Irregular) Log Cabin Quilt
Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern
Mama Teddy Bear & Baby FP 104
Maverick Stars
Memory, Photo Quilts
Mermaid Quilt Pattern
Mine Shaft Free Quilt Pattern
More Than a Nine Patch

]Mrs. March's Hot Cross Buns 39 x 39

My Blue Heaven
Nine Patch Quilt
Nine Patch Split
Ocean Waves
Ohio Stars & Rails
Oklahoma Backroads
Not Quite Bow Ties
Not So Scrappy Quilt, Child
Novelty Checkerboard Quilt, Child
Not So Much of a Trick
Ohio Star
Out On A String!
Patches & Pinwheels
Patches of Scraps, Older Child
Patchwork Squares Quilt, Child to Teen
Picture Frames Quilt, Infant to Teen
Patchwork Novelty Quilt Patterns
Patchwork Quilt Patterns

Puppy & Cats Quilt
Playing With Jacks
Pieced Basket Doll or Baby Quilt

Rectangle Squared from Film in the Fridge

Quilts with Hearts & Hearts on Quilts
Quilt Blocks

Quilt As You Go

Quilt in a Day

Quilt patterns for American's Girl Dolls

[PDF]Quilts For Kids Nine Patch Quilt Strip Method with Two Borders

 Rail Fence Quilt Block as a Zig Zag Pattern

Sashed Squares, Older Child
Scrappy Bricks Quilt, Child
Scrappy Center Quilt, Older Child
Scrappy Four-Patch Quilt, Older Child
Scrappy Rail Fence, Child **

Scrap Quilts
Scrap Quilts
Scottish Stars Quilt
Scrap Saver Patterns
Serger Quilt as You Go Baby Quilt
Simple Baby Quilt
Simply Strippy
Sloppy Stars.
Smokey Mountain Stars
stacked coins baby quilt

Star Struck
Stitched Scraps
Six (6) Hour Quilt
Snowman Quilt Pattern
Snowman Quilt Patterns
Snowman Free Pattern
Speedy Baby
Speedy Baby 2
Speedy Monkey

Spider Web tute from Sew, Mama, Sew!
Soft Baby Blocks for Baby
Stained Glass Butterflies
Star and Heart Quilt Pattern

*String Quilting Tutorial and Patterns

Strip Quilt, Toddler to Teen
Sweet Baby Quilt Pattern *
Sweet Strips from All People Quilt

*Sunbonnet Sue Patterns
Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Quilt Pattern
**Sunbonnet Sue: Free Quilt Patterns.....look for images and big list below!!

Sweet Dreams Quilt
Sweet Pea Trellis and Angel Wings Quilt
T shirt Quilt from All People Quilt

Take 5 Quilt Pattern Cutting Instructions pdf from accuquilt

That's My Baby
The Scenes of Childhood Quilt Pattern
Trip Around the World Quilt, Child
Triple-Decker Quilt, Infant to Teen

Wavy Nine Patch by Debbie, The Traveling Quilter

Quilt Patterns

Disappearing 9-Patch Quilt Pattern

Word | PDF

Wavy Nine Patch by Debbie, The Traveling Quilter

Chock-A-Block Quilt Blocks: Disappearing 9-Patch Variation
Whimsical Windmills Quilt.
Wickedly Easy Quilts
Wiggles 'n Giggles Quilt & Pillow FP 103

free pattern!
North and South quilt (click!)

Free pattern!
Garden Path (click!)

free pattern!
Starry migration quilt (click!)

hot house

free pattern! hot house
by Anna Maria Horner (click!)

Ann Kelle

Free pattern! Ann Kelle
at Robert Kaufman (click!)

tribute star

free pattern! tribute star
at DS Quilts (click!)

Free pattern! Maze quilt

Free pattern!  Maze quilt
by Whistler Studios (click!)

 ocean breeze

free pattern!  ocean breeze
at Michael Miller (click!)

Totem quilt

Free pattern! Totem quilt
Cloud 9 Fabrics (click!)

From Quilter's Newsletter! A wonderful variety of thematic designs!

Please note: When downloading and printing a PDF that has size-specific material such as templates, applique patterns, and quilting motifs, you must turn the scaling to "off" to prevent your system from defaulting to settings that may shrink the page and distort sizes.

Free Quilt Pattern: Bunny Hop
Irene Berry & Susan Geddes
bunny hop
Click to download this adorable free quilt pattern!

Free Quilt Pattern: Ladybug HarvestIrene Berry & Susan Geddes
ladybug harvest

( paper-pieced vegetables ) to download and print the free quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: In the Pink
Patricia Bravo
in the pink 
 Get the complete free table runner pattern

Free Quilt Pattern: SorbetPatricia Bravo
Download this free quilt pattern offered  in conjunction with Quilters Newsletter August/September 2012. Sorbet was designed and made by Patricia Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics, Hollywood, California.

Free Quilt Pattern: Apple BlossomsJen Daly
apple blossoms
Download and print the free quilt pattern for the quilt featured in "Zen and the Art of Binding"--Jen Daly's Apple Blossoms featured on page 36 of Quilters Newsletter June/July 2011.

Free Quilt Pattern: Spinning MonkeyPatricia Heath
spinning monkey

Try this four-block wall hanging designed by former QN editor Patricia Heath. Download and print the complete free quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: Let it SnowAngie Hodapp
let it snow
 Let it Snow, a free Christmas quilt pattern, designed by Carol Newby and Angie Hodapp.

Free Quilt Pattern: Scarecrow's PuzzleAngie Hodapp
scarecrows puzzle
This free fall quilt pattern . Download the free fall quilt pattern here!

Free Quilt Pattern: Creepy Crawlies at MidnightDana Jones
creepy crawlies
 Get this free Halloween quilt pattern today!

Free Quilt Pattern: Firework Flag
Gigi Khalsa

This project can be a pillow case, wall hanging or both! Click here to download the free quilt pattern,

Free Quilt Pattern: Halloween Street
Gigi Khalsa
Click here to download and print this free Halloween quilt pattern and get started today! 

Free Quilt Pattern: Witches' Brew
Linda Miller
witches brew
Simply click here to print this free Halloween quilt pattern,

Free Quilt Pattern: PoinsettiaCleo Mounday


 Christmas wall hanging. Click for this beautiful free Christmas quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: Starry Night

Joli Hines Sayasane

starry night
. This free Christmas quilt pattern for a whimsical fusible applique quilt was designed by editor Joli Hines Sayasane.

Free Quilt Pattern: Picture Perfect PoinsettiasJoli Hines Sayasane
perfect poinsettias
Download and print  Picture-Perfect Poinsettias, a free QN web-exclusive quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: SoulKelly M. Smith
Simple shapes make stars shine in this wall quilt. This is a fast, easy-to-piece free quilt pattern.  Click to download the free quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: A Gathering of BlossomsMarinda Stewart
a gathering of blossoms
 Get the free quilt pattern here.

Free Quilt Pattern: Hallowgraphix JackJason Yenter
hallowgraphix jack
 Get this free Halloween quilt pattern today!

Free Quilt Pattern: Picket FencesJohn Adams a.k.a. Quilt Dad

Free Quilt Pattern: Candy StriperAnita Gross Solomon
candy striper
Learn how to make Anita's Unbiased Block in the Easy Lesson of the Apr/May 2012 issue of QN, then download and print the free quilt pattern to make your own Candy Striper quilt!

Free Quilt Pattern: Bubblegum Crossing
Angie Hodapp
bubblegum crossing
Celebrate spring with this free pastel quilt pattern designed by Angie Hodapp. Click here to download this colorful free quilt pattern! 

Free Quilt Pattern: Birds in a RowAngie Hodapp
birds in a row
We're going back in time with a strippy pink-and-brown free quilt pattern, colors reminiscent of the mid 1800s. Welcome spring as you make these easy-to-piece Birds in the Air blocks. Simply click to download this free quilt pattern!

Free Quilt Pattern: April Morning
Susan Johnson
 April morning
 Click to print this free quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: Chocolate Covered CherriesAmanda Murphy
chocolate cherries
Download and print the complete free quilt pattern

Free Quilt Pattern: Manchester HeightsJill Reid
manchester heights

Card Trick Tumble
Gayle P. Ropp
card trick tumble

Free Quilt Pattern: Le Chemin de JardinJoli Hines Sayasane
le chemin de jardin
Open and download the free quilt pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern: Stars at Dusk
Kathryn Wagar Wright
stars at dusk


From Fresh Lemon

Ribbon Star

Whirling Star

Another Star

Star of Mystery

Two Colors Star

Free patterns from

Hopscotch Baby Quilt Pattern

The Hopscotch quilt is easy to make, and even beginning quilters will assemble it with easy. Use this easy quilt pattern the next time you need a small quilt.

Rail Fence Baby Quilt Pattern

Use the Rail Fence baby quilt pattern to sew a patchwork quilt that's filled with color. This easy baby quilt is suitable for beginning quilters.

Broken Dishes Baby Quilt Pattern

Use my free Broken Dishes Quilt pattern to make this popular and traditional patchwork quilt. The quilt pattern also includes information to help you make multiple sizes of the Broken Dishes Quilt Block.

Baby Chains Patchwork Baby Quilt Pattern

Make a baby quilt version of my popular Cozy Chains quilt pattern. One of the hundreds of free quilt patterns you'll find at Quilting.

Baby Monkey Wrench Quilt Pattern

The Baby Monkey Wrench baby quilt pattern is an easy project, even if it's your first quilt. Complete instructions, accompanied by step-by-step illustrations.

Vintage Orchards Baby Quilt Pattern

An easy baby quilt pattern with a vintage look.

Stars Through the Windows Baby Quilt Pattern

Make this easy baby quilt pattern. Called Stars Through the Windows, it's a quick patchwork quilt that beginning quilters can make with ease.

Baby Propellers Quilt Pattern

Make the Baby Propellers quilt, just one of the many baby quilt patterns you'll find on Quilting at

Pretty in Pastels Baby Quilt

Pretty in Pastels is a baby quilt pattern made from 6-inch Clay's Choice quilt blocks.

Framed Nine Patch Baby Quilt Pattern

Make a Framed Nine Patch baby quilt with this free baby quilt pattern. This easy quilt pattern is beginner friendly -- so it's perfect for a first quilt.

Springtime Baby Quilt Pattern

Make a pretty Springtime Baby Quilt from quilt blocks that finish at 6-1/4" square.

Double Star Quilt Pattern

The Double Star quilt pattern is suitable for children or adults. Change the fabrics to alter the theme of the quilt.

Darting Birds Quilt Pattern

Here's a baby quilt pattern with Darting Birds blocks placed on point.

All-Blues Kids Quilt Pattern

Got Blues is a monochromatic quilt that might be somewhat large for a baby quilt pattern, but it's a good size for a child's quilt.

Quick and Easy Road Trip Quilt

The Road Trip quilt is made from squares and rectangles, with color values arranged to give the quilt up and down motion. Its size makes it a good choice for a baby quilt pattern -- just change the theme of your fabric to make it suit a child.

Taking Flight Baby Quilt

This pretty baby quilt pattern is assembled by combining Birds in the Air quilt blocks with four-patch connector blocks, all on point and surrounded by borders.

In the Pinks Baby Quilt Pattern

In the Pinks is an easy baby quilt pattern with lots of visual texture. Not into pinks? You can change the quilt dramatically by choosing different fabrics.

Single Irish Chain Baby Quilt

Combine Single Irish Chain blocks with pre-printed panels to make a pretty baby quilt with lots of color flow.

Framed Pinwheels Baby Quilt

Try this easy framed Pinwheel Baby quilt pattern.

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

These easy baby quilt patterns are perfect projects for anyone who's making a first quilt. Make this Sunshine & Shadows variation (or Trip Around the World) and it's cousin, the Baby Furrows quilt.

Rag Versions of Two Easy Baby Quilts

Go soft and frayed with rag quilt versions of both baby quilts described in the entry above.

Our Forum Members Make Comfort Quilts

Making comfort quilts is an important activity for thousands and thousands of quilters. A group of our forum members spent one evening at a quilting retreat making baby quilts for an international charity. It's easy to start your own charity quilting group.

Jigsaw Puzzle Baby Quilt Pattern

Super simple and colorful, the Jigsaw Baby Quilt is a perfect stash buster.

Whirlpools Baby Quilt Pattern

The Whirlpools baby quilt pattern is makes a wonderful scrap quilt.

Quilts for Babies and Children, Victorian Times to Present

To Add in from APQU:

Download How to Make a Patchwork Quilt: 6 Free Designs for Handmade Patchwork Quilts using Jelly Rolls, Strip Quilting, and More,
a free eBook from the experts at Quilting Daily!

Brush off those techniques you haven't used in a while, or learn a few new ones with the help of these quilt experts. Learn how to make patchwork quilt designs using improvisational stitching, those illusive jelly rolls, and strip quilting.

Prayer Squares and Quilts:

Simple quilt patterns that can be made quickly with more time to create many more.
Often tied with prayers and blessings in every knot, rather than machine quilted.

String Pieced Prayer Pocket Pillow
...a lovely gift anytime!
Rail Fence

Mystery Nine Patch

Four Patch in a Square
Cross on the Back
Prayer Square Mini Quilt

Baptismal Square

Military Prayer Squares
3" Pocket Prayer Quilts 

  • Prayer Square Pillows/ Cover

  • Mystery Quilt Patterns:

    Easy, fast Fat Quarter Mystery #3
    In only 4 parts - great for beginners. Two sizes (wall and bed)
    Four Star Mystery #1A simple and fun 40" x 40" project in 8 Steps. Free pattern.

    Nine Patch - Over/Under Mystery #2Written as a full size queen quilt or as a smaller wall hanging - a mystery in 8 Parts.
    Free quilt pattern, fun and very easy to do.

    Piecemakers' Mystery Quilt #4
    by Penny Pennington

    EXTRAS and TIPS:

    Hanging Sleeve Instructions EMPIRE QUILTERS
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    This will create a “Dshape for your sleeve, which will help minimize ... With seam side down, slipstitch the sleeve to the quilt approximately ½" below the top ...

    Conversion Chart: Yards to Meters/Metres:


    Quilt Calculator Charts

    Joining Binding Ends by Shelley Rodgers.pdf

    Bias Binding Tutorial by Dena!  Wonderful with photos of steps!


    Create a Design Wall LIKE Eleanor Burns

    Printable Bias Tape Maker

    Scientific Seamstress she has developed a printable bias tape maker.downloadable PDF.  Thank you, Carla!!!!

    To get your your downloadable PDF of this template.  
    Click on:

    Bias Binding from Joann Fabrics



    How To Paper Piece Tutorial by Dena!

    Pat sloan machine binding tut 6
    Pat Sloan's FAMOUS
    Quilt Binding by machine Tutorial.
    A down loadable PDF and a Video!

    Fabulous Way to End Your Binding from Nellie Durand

    click here: That Last Seam in the Binding

    and look at this!

    Making a Quilt Sleeve

    Scrappy Twister quilts and a lot of other fun projects:

    From Free Motion by the River:
    Tutorials including lots of Mug Rugs Ideas, Patterns and Tutorials!Block - Crossroads in 3 different sizes
    Tote tutorial Doll Sleeping Bag Tutorial at Freemotion by the River Placemats for Kids tutorial
    mug rug Tree Table Runner Lil Twister Dots Tutorial at Freemotion by the River
    Petunia Strings Tutorial at Freemotion by the River Midnight Glow Tutorial at Freemotion by the River Swirly Pinwheel Tutorial at Freemotion by the River
    Stacked Rainbow Pillow Tutorial at Freemotion by the River Half Square Triangle Pillow tutorial at Freemotion by the River Red, white and blue Table topper Tutorial at Freemotion by the River
    Rainbow Centerpiece Tutorial Garden Strings tutorial Easy Runner Tutorial
    Periwinkle Runner Tutorial String runner Tutorial Orange Kissed Runners Tutorial
    Table Runner Tutorial
    tablerunner Ruby Floral Mini Tutorial Pink String Dish Rug Tutorial
    D9P Mini Tutorial Granny Squares Tutorial Around the World
    River Whirl Dish Rug
    Tree Mug Rug Jovial Mug Rug
    Worldly Twist Ghastlie view

    Quilt shown at the top:"Thinking Pink" in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Five of us worked in a group and made 6 quilts in just two days. This one was given as a charitable donation, here in Salem, Oregon.

    Quilting/Sewing Tutorials

    Laminated Mug Rug 

    Quilted Pillow Cushion With Hidden Zipper 

    How To Make Selvedge Fabric
    A No Bind
    Pram/Stroller Quilt
    A Jelly Roll Quilt Tute
    & Quick HST Method

    Quilt Block Tutes

    How To Make A
    Sliced Improv Block
    Easy Scrappy
    Nine Patches Tute
    HST X Block Tute
    HST X Block Tute 
    Single Irish Chain Block Tute 
    Wonky Log Cabin Block Tute 

    Hints, Tips & Tools

    Piecing Together Batting Scraps
    To Make A New Batting Sheet 

    Charm Squares - An Easy Way
    To Cut Multiples Quickly 

    Tutorial:-Using-A Bloc-Loc-To-Cut-Half-Square-Triangle-(HST)-Squares
    Using A Bloc-Loc To Cut
    Half-Square Triangle (HST) Squares 
    Reverse Applique
    Clover Bias Tape Maker &
    My Take On QAYG With Visible Machine Sewn Lines
    Perfect Circle
    Raw Edge Applique
    Creating A Block
    From An Image Section
    A Modern
    Sunbonnet Sue
    Fusible Batting Review - Heirloom v Quilters Dream
    Tips For Foundation Paper Piecing
    Tips For
    Making A Photo Album
    My Christmas Quilt Measurements
    - A Guide But Not A Tute!

    FREE E Books From Quilting Daily

     Link ups for wonderful designs by Cindy Carter of Seattle.  She has such a wonderful and giving heart:


       *  Paper Panache's How to Paper Piece is very clear and nicely illustrated.

       * Christine Thresh's Paper Piecing Primer -- Very clear graphics

       * Mary Graham's free foundation piecing patterns and instructions

       * World Wide Quilting Page's Foundation Piecing How To page

       * My Time Patterns' Free Block How-To's

       * Machine Paper Piecing by Marje Rhine
       * Paper Panache offers great patterns for paper piecing, regular mystery blocks, and lots of other FP information.

       * Visit Love Quilt Patterns for a nice array of designs for paper-piecing and fusible applique.

       * Patti Anderson's patchpieces has patterns for paper piecing, a photo gallery, Electric Quilt lessons, and more.

       * Quilt Seeds: Wonderful paper-piecing designs with a country flavor.
    Paper Piecing
    Other Quilt-Related Links
    Please note: This listing of site links is provided in good faith as a service to interested quilters, but should not be construed as an endorsement of these sites, their products, or their information.
       * Most of Piece By Number's patterns are drafted in Electric Quilt Company's Electric Quilt software -- I started with EQ3 and am now using EQ6. Superb software and support!

       * Browse around The Quilter Magazine On-Line -- there's lots to see!

       * At Soft Expressions, computer quilting is made easy: reviews, tutorials, newsletters, FAQs and 10-20% off popular quilt software.

       * Visit Quilt Design for a wealth of quilt patterns and EQ information, even some in Norwegian!

       * QuiltWoman is a wonderful resource for everyone interested in quilts and quilting, professionals as well as hobbyists.

       * The Lost Quilt Come Home Page is a place to display and view lost or stolen quilts and provides information on how to protect our quilts.

       * For a fresh, contemporary look in geometric block designs, see what Future Heirlooms has to offer.

         * offers the latest quilt fabric in yardage, fat quarters and kits as well as patterns, notions and batting. Check out extensive articles and information pages, too!

    Internet Search Engines are incorrectly directing my free tutorials to the
    Free Quilting Patterns page. Lots of folks are not finding my links to the right side bar.
    Click on these instead, thanks!

    Free Quilt Patterns
    Free Directions: String Pieced Heart Pattern
    Free Directions: Quilted Book or Journal Cover
    Free Directions: How To Make A Quillow
    Free Pattern Directions: How To Make A Kuspuk
    Free Directions: How to Make A Freezer Paper Photo Transfer
    Free Joanne's Coupons Info
    Free Laurel Burch Screensavers
    Free Direcxtions: How To Make A Fabric Postcard
    Free Directions: How To Make An Inchie

    © Free patterns linked to this site may be copyright protected. Please read their individual copyright information located on each site. Most will state that a pattern can be used for personal use only. They should not be used commercially (meaning for items that will be sold) without the owner's permission.

    All links have taken me 6-10 years to compile and update. All missing links are not the result of whomever I am linking to removing it from their site, in that case there is nothing I can do to restore it. I apologize for the inconvenience, but please remember, I'm just a blogger who does this as a community one pays me for all of this work.

    With Heart and Hands
    Michele M. Bilyeu 2006, updated 2017

    Free Sewing, Quilting and Crafting Patterns, Tutorials and Links 


    With Heart and Hands: Links: 2,500 3500 4500 over 5000 





    Wonky Stars, Hearts, Letters, Houses, Crosses, Asterisks, People, Flowers, Churn dashes and More!

    Wonky, Liberated, Improvisational-Liberated Quilting and Letters



     A wonky square ..cross or this easy!  


    Basics for Making a Cross, Plus, or "Arithmetic" Quilt

    Free Bag Tutorials: Wallets, Purses, Cases, Boxes, and Handbag Patterns 


      Free Apron Patterns including Nursing Cover-ups, Men's Barbeque Aprons, etc.




    Making Alaskan Kuspuks




    Making Adult Bibs




    What Type of Quilter Are You?


    My Own Free Projects, Tutorials and Links 

    * My own tutorials with photos

    Free Miniature Quilt Patterns

    *String Quilting: Primers and Patterns

    *Make a Magic 'Burrito' Pillowcase

    *Making an Adult Bib

    *Making a Heart Shaped Pillow

    *String Pieced Prayer Pocket Pillow

    *Make a Sewing Machine Pad With Pockets

    Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial

    *How to Make a Simple Petal Bag

    *Liberated Rose:Free Piecing Tutorial

    *Make a Scrappy Potholder

    *Making a Coffee Press Wrap

    *How To Make a Heart Potholder

    *Make a Re-useable Shopping Bag: Pocket Pouched!

    *Quilted Book or Journal Cover

    *How To Make A Kuspuk

    *Make a Wrist Pincushion

    *Freezer Paper Photo Transfer

    *How To Make A Fabric Postcard

    *Blue Star Banner

    *Fabric Shopping Bags Tutorial 

    Free Bag Tutorials: Wallets, Purses, Cases, Boxes, and Handbag Patterns

     Free Apron Patterns of All Kinds

     Free Valentine, Hearts, and Love Patterns of All Kinds


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