Monday, July 18, 2011

Win a Just Released Mary Lou Weidman Book!

I am delighted to offer my readers an opportunity for winning a free copy of Mary Lou Weidman's very newest book : Out of the Box With Easy Blocks...Fun with Free-Form Piecing ....which is just now "hot off the Martingale press."

Co-written with the talented, Melanie Bautista McFarland, this book is a whimsical and colorful exploration of fun and free-form piecing ideas and techniques that follows Mary Lou's previous book (Out of the Box....Unleash your Creativity Through Quilts) with new ways to think (and to quilt) outside of the box... but still within your own creative abilities!

And while Mary Lou's first "Out of the Box" book was chock full of ideas for her now famous story quilts and encouraged creative embellishment, this one is all about the whimsical process of introducing free-piecing fun into your quilts and quilting!

Mary Lou and Mel offer a variety of of ideas for piecing techniques for new angle cuts and blocks such as the liberated money wrench block and a zany group of cats, chickens, and cows as well as...

cakes, cupcakes, 'ice-pop' popsickles, ice cream cones, taffy, and lollipops.

And then for the healthy part of any quilting diet, there are apples, pineapples, happy hearts, and liberated stars and of course, Mary Lou's now famous pieced flowers..both in and out of their little pots.

And for even more fun..there are even liberated handbags and free-pieced shoes, and so many, many ideas for piecing people and a wonderful variety of faces! And some of those faces might even be used for royalty or fairy princesses or even some delightfully charming angels! They are all in this book with graphing diagrams, material and cutting lists.

But wait, there's even more! The famous "latte' girl" had to include her coffeepots and coffee cups and then there are her hugs, smiles and other fun with her new version of her hoochy mama fun alphabet.

"Hoochy" fun is when one of Mary Lou's 80 year old students yelled out "Hoochy Mama' with joy and celebration every time she made a new block in class. "Hoochy mama" fun, in this sense, is a good and healthy zest for life filled with joy and exuberance.

This hoochy alphabet is a pieced, rather than appliqued one, but one that still maintains the charming folkloric look that Mary Lou's story quilts are so famous for. So, it is perfect for combining with free-pieced and new angled blocks, rectangles, and other fun shapes, as well.

If you're still quilting from within the's your chance to learn a few techniques with diagrams, and wonderful graphics that will help you liberated yourself to new ways to create familiar forms sewn 'out of the box..with easy blocks."

And if you've already taken the first learning steps towards free-pieced's your chance to dramatically increase your repertoire of creative block and free-piecing ideas and techniques by adding zany new faces and spaces to wonderful new places!

Mary Lou shares her same zest and love of life, her faith, and her passion for colors, stories, and lots of quilting fun but in a brand new location. So be sure to bookmark the spot for her new blog's location at MARY LOU AND WHIMSY TOO

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Well hello... Mel and Mary Lou! ...and thanks so much for the new book !

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