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The Lost Book of Nostradamus:Images and Quatrains: UPDATED!

From Lost Book of Nostradamus

shown above: original portrait of Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus) by his son Cesar
The Vaticinia Michaelis Nostradami de Futuri Christi Vicarii ad Cesarem Filium (prophecies of Michel Nostradamus on the Future Vicars of Christ (Popes) to Cesar his son), in short, Vaticinia Nostradami, (Prophesies of Nostradamus) is a collection of eighty watercolor images compiled as an illustrated codex.

A library card, filled out by Carthusian fathers, that was attached to the manuscript states that the 80 images belonged to the French seer Nostradamus (1503-1566). This card indicates that the codex was brought to Rome by Nostradamus' son César de Nostredame in order to be donated to cardinal Maffeo Barberini, who would later become Pope Urban VIII (1623-1644).

The book contains cryptic and bizarre images, and is more than 80 pages long and seems to link the prophecies of Nostradamus to unfolding events in this current earthly timeline. For example, there's one drawing (and remember these were done in the 1500's) of a tower with flying things coming at it, flames leaping from the sides and people tumbling out. Along with that photo is the famous Nostradamus' quatrain that mentions, "Earth shaking fires from the World's Center roar around New City."

As one historian says, "To a 16th century guy, our history - how we live now - is totally unrelatable." So the pictures and the quatrains would have made no sense to anyone way back then. They do now. And face it, World's Center and New City, are pretty close to the 'real' thing.

Massa and the other historians work on both dating and authenticating the book and find that while it is a 16th century manuscript, the renderings probably weren't created personally by Nostradamus because he wasn't an artist, although his son was. Nonetheless, they believe the predictions are most certainly his and are based on his prophesies.

Even more startling than the discovery of the book, though, are the warnings it contains, which were so blasphemous and frightening in their time that they may have been intentionally suppressed until now. In the Lost Book, there are images that strongly hint at future trouble for the Catholic Church, and even one image that appears to portray an assassination attempt on one of the modern era's most beloved popes.

There are other images that are said to depict World War I and II, and political movements such as Communism and Fascism. Current global conflicts are also presaged, including the rise of fundamentalism, in particular the current surge of radical Islam.

And there is of course, his famous prediction of the date of the final end of this world...2012...and whether that means the physical end of the world, or just a new world enlightenment (which would create an altered state of consciousness, the end of one world and the beginning of a new.) It doesn't help, however, to know that the Mayan calendar also ends in...2012.

Whether you are open to any belief in prophecy or not, Nostradamus, has uncannily described, even predicted, many events throughout time. The fact that Pope Urban VIII, seemingly kept this document from public knowledge, has opened up a world of questions and possible explanations.

Are the current issues like terrorism, global warming, and a resurgence of deadly disease and natural disasters, bearing witness to the last days? And if so, do other cultures and writings around the world, including the Holy Bible, arrive at a similar conclusion to what Nostradamus suggests?

In the Preface to the Lost Book: Nostradamus tells his son, Cesar ,why he will not reveal more about important changes to come, or make the predictions more clear:

"Since governments, sects, and countries will undergo such sweeping changes, diametrically opposed to what now obtains - that were I to relate events to come, those in power now - monarchs, leaders of sects, and religions - would find these so different from their own imaginings that they would be led to condemn what later centuries will learn how to see and understand."
--Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus)

Updated 2017:
References that seem to point to the result of a President Donald Trump being elected:

Century I: 57
The trumpet shakes with great discord. An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven: the bloody mouth will swim with blood; the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.
The 'trumpet feels betrayed, moves to hurt others as a result (Russia or China).
Century III: 50
The republic of the great city Will not want to consent to the great severity: King summoned by trumpet to go out, The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.
The wall. Immigration wall referencing.
Century X: 76
The great Senate will ordain the triumph For one who afterwards will be vanquished, driven out: At the sound of the trumpet of his adherents there will be Put up for sale their possessions, enemies expelled
 He is ordained then the congress moves to vanquish him. Enemies are expelled with him.

Illustrations below: 40 Images from The Lost Book of Nostradamus

See the images up close:

The Quatrains Of Nostradamus:
Nostradamus completed a total of 942 quatrains which he organized into Centuries - groups of 100 quatrains (one Century only had 42 quatrains).

The rhymed quatrains of Nostradamus were written mainly in French with a bit of Italian, Greek, and Latin thrown in. He intentionally obscured the quatrains through the use of symbolism and metaphor, as well as by making changes to proper names by swapping, adding or removing letters. The obscuration is claimed to have been done to avoid his being tried as a magician.


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  1. they mentioned he saw until the year 3037...I am trying to reconcile that with the 2012 date...thoughts?

    1. Kerry8:29 PM

      No...the last date mentioned by Nostradamus was 3797; and I can reconcile that to the year 2013 for you. It also coincides (mathematically) with the Hebrew year 5773 (2013). I also like your use of the word "reconcile". That's what I used when I wanted to find out how the Mayans "reconciled" Jupiter and Venus; and came up with a very interesting equation that I have since shared with very few people.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I was thinking the same thing. I realized from the images and the 8-spoked wheel that he seemed to think that 2012 was the beginning of the end rather than the end i.e. the 2012 alignment would set in motion the chain of events that could last until 3037

  3. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Have a look at:

  4. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Notice that all the plates have not been released, also notice that the pictures have been cropped, some of the tops, bottoms of images are hidden.

  5. Anonymous8:52 PM

    What could they be hidding ???

  6. Anonymous2:14 PM


  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    You are correct. These are not all of the watercolors and for some reason most of these have been cropped. Also notice that full paragraphs of this text have been used on several articles pertaining to Nostradamus predictions without ANY copyright information. Has this article been plagiarized? You be the judge!

  8. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Ever since the book was released and the History Channel did its big special, all of the pictures shown or issued for publication were already cropped or altered. Of course, there is no copyright on Nostradamus's work...before the copyright laws. Only text issued by specific copyrighted books etc. have that right and the right of common license makes blogs immune anyway.I just think its awesome that bloggers even took this on, its really hard getting this many images so I figure this blog is one of the best I've seen so far on it. She just presents information and doesn't judge like some do.

  9. You are not paying attention to the obvious but are only seeking explicit answers to all that has been deliberately kept obscure throughout history. A codex (Latin for block of wood, book; plural codices) was a Roman invention that replaced the scroll, which was the first form of book in all Eurasian cultures.

    The Lost Book is a codex of illustrations. THAT is the amazing discovery, whether they are incomplete or incorrect, they were still unknown and are now being brought to light. The codex...this manuscript...of unknown pictures can BE TIED IN TO Nostradamus's quattrains. The codex is NOT a collection of illustrations AND quatrains. You have to use your symbolic mind, here. Not your rational, instantly expecting to be told the answers you seek, mind. Intuition and symbology creates the missing images and the missing parts of the images shown!!! Michele, the blog authhor

  10. Anonymous11:26 PM

    When you are reading into the time of nostradamus you must realize that you must start from the beginning of the time he was having his visions. We also have to group all the pistures together, most of them are linked to each other like a chain, or lets say magnets with 4 polarities rather than 1 or 2.

  11. Anonymous1:33 PM

    I truly wondering why I can not find a single image of the Golden Crowned Unicorn from the Lost Book Of Nostradamus.
    Ive seen it on the History Channel, in the Video's but can in no ways find the Image anywhere?

  12. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Thanks for sharing what you could find and going into the symbolism...especially the significance of 2012 and the end times.

  13. Anonymous11:33 PM

    Thank you for posting all the images here in one location! Nostradamus never claimed to be a prophet, he was an astrologer. He looked into the past and based on the stars back then, he predicted what the future looked like, and then printed what he found. The pictures look like Tarot drawings, and clearly the world does not end in 2012, but something very bad is going to happen. Pole shifts are unpredictable and we may be overdue. I hope everyone is preparing for migrations. I think the blank book is the end of the bible, and the we need to go where the moose and caribou are. I personally hope they're wrong and a pole shift doesn't happen in my lifetime!!

  14. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Well he has predicted up until 3037 but he told his son, i don't have the quote on me now. But he told his son that he could easily predict further into the future but governments and people weren't listening to his warnings so he stoppped. The quote is somewhere... wish i knew where it was I would have posted it.


  15. Anonymous12:05 PM

    ok, history channel may have a story to tell about nostradamus. but honetsly its fasinateing and i hope you all are reseaching this, i mean nostradamus painted 80 pitures and this page only shows 40.. that's half of his pictures, and most of the pictures cannot be shown to the public eye. you could look at this page and watch your televison set and think you know who nostradamus is but are you a historin? and the orignel book was writtin in dutch, and not all of the pages were in the book. and we all only know what we find.. and we have no idea what could be in those missing pages... and p.s anonymous you seem like a sceptic so why don't you do alittle more research befor you comment. and they are most likely cropped because our socity is not ready for the truth, or the pictures just did'nt fit.. ever think of that?

  16. Anonymous12:03 PM

    the 3037 i think be answered by the bible if we are to belive that the real end is a 1000 years after armageddon when there is a 1000 years of peace then god will destroy satan so 3037 is pretty close

  17. Anonymous2:28 AM

    Nostradamus was NOT writing in Dutch... he was French, writing in old French (the French of his day) and in Latin. For excellent information about him, his predictions and his quatrains, see John Hogues' material, who has studied hiom for decades and written excellent books on him. Nostradamus never said he was a prophet but a "seer", seeing into the future. He risked his life by doing that. He eventually burned his own apparently fantastic library of reference books, probably a huge loss for us, but he did not want them to survive him, and didn't want his son to continue his work, thius was because he had lost his first family, wife and son to the plague and could not bear to lose son number 2, Cesar, also. So he did what he could to stop him from becoming a seer like him. Cheers.

  18. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Does anyone else out there think these images look like Tarot cards? The Tarot card form of divination had reached France in the fourteen hundreds. Looks to me like Nostradamus may have been designing his own interpretation.

  19. Anonymous4:22 AM

    40 images from the Lost Book by Nostradamus...the most found anywhere on the web according to my Google search. Thank you for sharing this and going to such in depth research and offering so many insights. You've given me and those who search and research a lot to think about.

  20. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Unfortunately as most people have been led to believe, these images have nothing to do with 2012 at all.
    They are just mirror reflections of the stars as seen in a bowl of water.
    The 8 spoke wheel is simply Polaris the north star. It's the part of the sky that never moves and all the stars in the sky revolve around that one spot. The big wheel is the whole zodiac. The wheel with no spokes is actually Orion upside down and inverted. The image of the lion is the constellation Leo inverted as the lion is facing the other way. the image of the Dragon with the 3 stars is also Orion. The image of the holy grail is also Orion upside down and inverted. The ribbons show the size of the area in the sky. When the ribbons are compressed it shows the image occupies a small area of the sky and when the ribbons are expanded it shows that the image covers a larger area of the sky. Some of the images show you where you can find the book of life and the garden of Eden in the sky as well as the tree of life. Some are showing the exact galactic center while others are showing the Milky way at different angles. I can show you the locations of every one of these images in the sky. They are simply star maps of the sky done as artwork. All are reflections from a bowl of water as seen at night. The people who analyzed these images since they were released were not experts and all the films about them were 100% completely wrong. You were fed the propaganda disinformation and not told the truth. They have nothing to do with 2012 at all. Just match them up to the sky and connect the dots.. but remember they are inverted because they are reflections. It only takes a few minutes to locate the areas they show.

  21. Anonymous4:41 AM

    after reading peoples comments loved the one where he said (LUNCH) comment. so we know Nostradomus was French , wrote English word in one of is pictures , not sure if English was the spoken language then or writen like that. At the time. what I do see is the number V seen in in pictures and churches (roslyn chapel) and in books. The last comment mentioned of misleading to others is what Nostradamus wanted people to see to some . At the same time I partly agree with some of is thoughts. well here is a thoughtI share The bible is here to keep law and order !!!! free will peace and beleifs . without which the world would be mayhem . and now it's all about money greed thre route of all evil

  22. Anonymous4:42 AM

    after reading peoples comments loved the one where he said (LUNCH) comment. so we know Nostradomus was French , wrote English word in one of is pictures , not sure if English was the spoken language then or writen like that. At the time. what I do see is the number V seen in in pictures and churches (roslyn chapel) and in books. The last comment mentioned of misleading to others is what Nostradamus wanted people to see to some . At the same time I partly agree with some of is thoughts. well here is a thoughtI share The bible is here to keep law and order !!!! free will peace and beleifs . without which the world would be mayhem . and now it's all about money greed thre route of all evil

  23. Anonymous2:14 AM

    these images are the things that will take place in the end of time which we are in now. All of these were explained by various seers and saints. These are the secret messages in Fatima. The ribbons and the wheel means: in the end of time all the prophecies in the Bible will be revealed. The promised that God had given to man since the beginning of time will be fulfilled. But before this will be fulfilled, God will separate this own people, those who are faithful and true to Him. These are the signs of the end days events that will take place and are takings place now: there will be wars,famine, earthquake and pestilence. There will be confusion all over the world. Most people will reject the existence of the Creator and will have no regard on their religious belief. There will be a revolution in Rome and the Holy Father (the Saintly One) will escape and will reside in a foreign land. The Pope of Satan will take his place and will ruin or destroy the church. But, as Jesus had promised the the gates of Hell will not prevail against His church, for where the Holy Father is and all the good priest and cardinals are His church is with them. The church is compose of clergy and faithful not the building. The Black Pope and the Holy Ghost will be revealed at the same time. Don't speculate on dates because Heaven's time is not the same as earth time. Those who are of well spirit will have nothing to fear for they will not be confounded as they wait for Him faithfully. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary will triumph at the end but first the world will be cleansed. The evil ones will go back to hell and the good will be rewarded of eternal life as promised by our Creator. Be prepared and asked for forgiveness and take your stand against Satan and his people in this world right now. This is the last battle against Evil by all human beings here on earth. The Kingdom of heaven will be established here on earth by God Himself. There is no such thing as end of the world but the end of time. The world will not end but will be cleansed just like the days of Noah.

  24. Anonymous12:25 PM

    you ae all cofused about the 7 drawings with the wheel in it - they are eading up to the final picture with the 2 men who are the Second Coming Apollo & Aquarius who are about to take stage in the world in a few years time but all the drawings lead up to their arrival. Apollyon is at Rev:9:11 and Aquarius come from the Nostradamus code ADALUNCATIF which is quickly Apollo Discovers Aquarius near the end of the luna cycle in the land that held the Americas Cup in 1996 under the 7 stars of The Southern Cross and they will come from the property profession and his birthdate will be February 11 etc etc thanks Apollo

  25. The mayan Calendar was correct, the interpretation and calculations were off by One great year, 13 cycles of 13, which means the mininova (polar excusion) the 2nd part of the triptych of the "apocalypse" and epoch that marks the end and new beginning, like the death card in tarot as there will be many deaths. The first part is the mantle magnetic pole doing a dance that causes a massive displacement of water on the planet surface, each time is different as many variables involved such as the degree of displacement and adjustment, this also applies to the position of the sun in relation to the solar flash or mininova event when the sun blows off (vents) the denser elements that accumulate, the actual trigger for this is connected with Orion and Sirius B in particular that is the star that exerts the most electromagnetic and gravitational influence on the sun and in turn the planets of the sun. The amount of "fire and brimstone" depends on whether it is a direct hit which is looking highly likely. The book of apocalypse is tame compared with what it will be like, for those that have made decision to not go through this potentially traumatic event in human collective memory are best to drown in the first part or leave before then, the earths magnetosphere protective sheilding will be diminished that could be upto 2 years, without proper knowledge on how to combat the high levels of radiation will not feel and best not to even look at the light as it will be much brighter and can cause blindness even indirectly. This is after the sun goes out for approximately 3 days, then re-ignites. Now how is that for a suspense. It has been subliminally broadcast through movies. The elite believe that building bunkers will ensure their survival when it almost certainly guarantees their deaths. The governments have known about this since the moon landing confirmed the irradiated debris from previous events, occuring at regular soil intervels, but chose to play the villan role and actively exploit and manipulate the populace to maximise their resources and be very silly dumb temporary evil vermin. Safest bet is being on a geologically stable area, such as not being close to fault lines or subduction zones, at a higher altitude with access to caves or underground areas and hope that you have a "bag man" in your location who can assist you in surviving and making the most out of what is the greatest and most terrifying collective experience. Who survives and who dies has already been decided, it is being orchestrated with much larger cycles and on a subjective level being co-ordinated and decided by the handler of your avatar, call it whatever you want but everyone is expendable especially when our lives amount to little value in this barbaric inhumane social construct. The bag man are a global phenomenon and similar image is used in virtually all cultures and geographical areas, Graham Hancock covers this quite well in his research. Think of it as a periodic systematic genetic and paradigm cleansing to ensure that the grandchildren of the grandchildren can thrive. Who knows, if you are lucky, then you can come back when its over and we are on the way to the golden age or the 1000 years of peace mentioned in the christian canon (Why stop at a a 1000, maybe it is like other traditions that 1000 just means along time, too many to count such as the use of lakh in the hindu traditions. In the words of Morgan Freeman in Impact "Goodluck to us all"
    - Veteran Bag-Man