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  Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns


String Quilting: Patterns and Tutorial

Wonky Stars, Hearts, Letters, Houses, Crosses, Asterisks, People, Flowers, Churn dashes and More!

Wonky, Liberated, Improvisational-Liberated Quilting and Letters


A wonky square ..cross or this easy!  

Free Bag Tutorials: Wallets, Purses, Cases, Boxes, and Handbag Patterns 

  Free Apron Patterns including Nursing Cover-ups, Men's Barbeque Aprons, etc.



  Making Alaskan Kuspuks  

Making Adult Bibs 

Making Face Masks and Face Coverings

What Type of Quilter Are You?


My Own Free Projects, Tutorials and Links 

* My own tutorials with photos

Quilting Acronyms

2,500 Free Quilt Patterns

Huge List of Free Quilt Block Patterns

*Free Heart Themed Quilt Patterns

*Free Sewing Accessories Patterns

Free Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Patterns

Free Snowman Quilt Patterns

*Free Babies, Childrens Quilt Patterns

*Free Breast Cancer Awareness Quilt Patterns

Awareness Ribbons: Cancers/Other Diseases

*Angel Wraps and Preemie Blankets

*Free Patriotic Quilt Patterns

*Free St. Patrick's Day or Irish Quilt Patterns

Free Redwork and Embroidery Patterns

*Free Easter Quilt Patterns

Free Butterfly Quilt Patterns

*Hexagons: Qulting Ideas, Patterns, Papers

*How To Make A Quillow

*String Quilting:Tutorial and Free Patterns

*Bento Box Quilt Tutorial

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

*Liberated, Wonky, Modern, or Improvisational Quilting: Free Patterns and Tutorials

Free Miniature Quilt Patterns

*String Quilting: Primers and Patterns

*Make a Magic 'Burrito' Pillowcase

*Making an Adult Bib

*Making a Heart Shaped Pillow

*String Pieced Prayer Pocket Pillow

*Make a Sewing Machine Pad With Pockets

Japanese Knot Bag Tutorial

*How to Make a Simple Petal Bag

*Liberated Rose:Free Piecing Tutorial

*Make a Scrappy Potholder

*Making a Coffee Press Wrap

*How To Make a Heart Potholder

*Make a Re-useable Shopping Bag: Pocket Pouched!

*Quilted Book or Journal Cover

*How To Make A Kuspuk

*Make a Wrist Pincushion

*Freezer Paper Photo Transfer

*How To Make A Fabric Postcard

*Blue Star Banner

*Fabric Shopping Bags Tutorial 

Free Bag Tutorials: Wallets, Purses

Cases, Boxes, and Handbag Patterns


Free Apron  Tutorials and Patterns of  All Kinds

 Free Valentine, Hearts, and Love Patterns of All Kinds

Liberated Rose:Free Piecing Tutorial

Whirlygigs (giggles): there are one block tutes out there..this is the whole quilt!

My Prayer Pocket Pillow

Making a Cardiac (or Breast Cancer) Heart Pillow

Making an Adult Bib

Frugal Friday Bottle Wrap Tutorial

Creating a Patchwork Journal Cover

Make a Re-useable Shopping Bag: Pocket Pouched!

Singer Featherweight:
 Sewing Accessories (small mat and a snippets bag) Tutorial

Making a Coffee Press Wrap

Burrito or Magic Pillowcase Tutorial

Making Magical Devil's Club Lip Balm

Frugal Fun: Make a Potholder!

Origami 'Petal Bag' Tutorial