Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show: The Alice Quilts and Other Wonders

One of the most delightful parts of the entire Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was the 'Cover to Cover' book club quilter's amazing challenge.....The "Alice" Quilts. In an effort to make more interesting quilts (and be motivated to get them finished) this unique group of artists decided to challenge themselves by reading books and making quilts based upon a common selection.

Inspired by the book club reading group of quilters selection of Lewis Carroll's classic "Alice in Wonderland" as their theme challenge, all members read their 'Alice' book and each of them then created their own version of a quilt using "Alice in Wonderland" and its characters, settings, and themes, as their inspiration.

The Portland area quilters created an amazing assortment of art quilts in that process and it was great fun seeing how even a common theme might present itself very differently to different quilters.

It really was impossible to pick a favorites, but I kept going back to a number of them noticing different features or ways of quilting them each and every time.

And yep, pretty much they ALL made me feel happy and grinning from ear to ear! No wonder this has been a favorite of children and adults alike..and now, we can all see why!

From With Heart and Hands

Makes me want to reread "Alice in Wonderland"...from Cover to Cover ;)

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