Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Give-Away: Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again

"It takes courage to create. It’s an act of bravery to look deep inside and express yourself through the work of your hands. Our books nurture creative courage and empower women to communicate their stories and visions through their art."

So begins the introduction to Red Lips 4 Courage Communications, the production company for "Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again: Freewheeling Twists on Traditional Quilt Designs."

And as each of us puts on our red lipstick for courage, our imaginary red eyeglasses ;) or just pulls out all of our red fabrics to play.....Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston have pulled forth their own unique abilities in the development of 70 new and innovative quilt designs.

With an amazing 20 quilt designs from Gwen, and another 20 from Freddy, and then 30 more that they made together....what more could we ask for?

How about the chance to win a free copy of their newest book just by commenting on this post :)

(Drawing now closed 7-31-09 , 7:00 AM)

When Eileen Cannon Paulin, President and resident 'Creative Custodian' for Red Lips 4 Courage, their books' publishing services and production company, offered me a copy of the book to give-away on my blog...I leaped at the chance. It's that much fun and so worth sharing and passing on!

So, I'm putting on my own red lips and paying homage to the wonderful women...and a few equally as wonderful men...who read here and might like the chance to own this book for themselves (or pass on to a friend as a fabulous gift!)

Filled with free wheeling patterns and carrying energies which evolve from the principles of traditional patterns, to the creative flow of color and form unique to African-American quilters like The Gee's Bend Quilters, to that amazing spontaneity of modern or interpretive art (the book includes patterns for shapes, pieces and blocks, as well as suggestions for combining your own pieces from a 'spare parts' department) and creating your own unique extensions in color, design or form.

If you'd like a chance to have this book sent you...completely for free...please leave a comment below. And then link back to this post on your own blog if you have one!

And if you already own this book, you can still be in the running and win it as a gift for another quilter...or anyone who sews that you might want to cheer up, encourage, or inspire!

Please be sure to leave a comment and please help me spread the word by sharing this link in a post note on your own blog! And if you're a 'no reply blogger' or don't have a blog, please send me an additional email request to insure that your name is added into the drawing.

This is our opportunity to show the power and influence of blogs and bloggers in the world of information and marketing potential...not only to those who read here, but to Freddy and Gwen, themselves!

So, if you already own the book, please do comment so they'll know how much and why you love it! (They're going to be reading this!)

And if you don't have it yet, comment and let me know that you'd love a chance to own it. Everyone is entered just by commenting!

(Drawing now closed 7-31-09 , 7:00 AM)

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(Drawing now closed 7-31-09 , 7:00 AM)