Feb 16, 2012

Sold! $85 More Dollars for the AAQI

And I couldn't be happier! I loved making this little art quilt and several famous quilters actually wrote me and told me they really loved it! So, that really tickled me!

I heart whoever bought this quilt!!!

I am sooo delighted! $85 for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and a really big smile from me!

Thank you So very much Quilt Buyer!!!!

8501 – A Heart Filled With Hope and Love
Michele Bilyeu
Salem, OR USA

Width: 12" Length: 9"
Materials/Techniques: Pieced and raw edged appliquéd cottons, muslin, lace, buttons and ribbon trim.
Artist Statement: No matter how challenging life is, if we keep love and hope alive, then nothing is too hard for us to face, or to deal with. Even with my mother entering her 7th year of Alzheimer's, I have never stopped hoping for a better day for her, and us, tomorrow.
Michele Bilyeu
Dedication: May the sale of this quilt, and all of our AAQI quilts, give all of us hope and fill our own hearts with love, as we work towards a better day, and brighter future ahead for all of us.
This quilt earned $85 for the AAQI.
Michele Bilyeu Quilts With Heart and Hands for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Join in my Liberated Quilting Challenge...and buy or donate a quilt, today!! We are changing the world...one little quilt at a time.


Susan said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Michele, YOU ROCK!! Keep up the good works and they will come back to you a hundred fold!

Debra Dixon said...


Anonymous said...

Lucky, whoever bought it. I love this one a lot!

jenclair said...

It is a beautiful little quilt, and I know the new owner will treasure it!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

This is gorgeous! Lucky winner - well worth the price.

Lynne said...

Congratulations - well done you!