Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feelin' the Love

Reaching out to everyone in the blogging community, and thanking you for friendship, support, and lovely comments over the years. I appreciate you all so much!

I look at my 'followers list' and I am amazed at just how many wonderful readers are out there! You all mean the world to me. You may not always get a daily visit or even comment from me.......but I sure try! I cannot believe that I have this many wonderful readers, or that so many bloggers come here ...going on three million visitors. It is mind boggling to me and I am so grateful that all of my hard work and sharing has found an audience!

You need to know that I try to visit 25 follower's blogs a week that are new to me, 100 a month, and follow all of the regular readers, here....by reading a dozen of your blogs each and every single day on top of visiting any and all AAQI readers (those who donate quilts or buy them) blogs every time you post something new.

I have over 1,000 blogs in my own reading list and each one is just as much fun as the last one...and I don't care if you have huge things to write about or show, or just small things. Each thing is who you are and unique and fun for me as a way of getting to know you! I am a huge blog reader and blog hopper no matter how busy I am or how many challenges life throws at me.

I feel I show my gratitude the most by giving back. I have always tried to answer blog comments...except when I only had one arm...that was a hard time! But even when I am half way between Alaska and Oregon, I read and I comment and I love you all! Right now, I am having switching back and forth between the 3 different email programs that I mistakenly put into place for this one blog alone..they won't always switch in the middle of something. So for right now, I am replying to your comments..right beneath each one..in Googles new format and will see if I like that or, or other don't ;)

If you expand my blog list it will show the last 100 new blog posts that I follow. It doesn't hold more than that many n the view at a time. About 500 of my followers have blogs of their own and I truly try to visit different ones each day, no matter how busy I am...you mean that much to me!

There are angels among all of you, who reach out to others with loving hearts during hard times. They often don't realize just how much it meant and how if lifts hearts and spirits during challenging times. You leave me blog comments, send little emails and once in a while ask for my address and mail me a little something that brings tears to my eyes!

Thank you to Angie, my Christmas angel, who was one such reader friend. Angie and her husband blessed with a gift and its generous kindness meant the world to me during that hard time, but also means so much to me every day. I think about it even now, and get a tear in my eye. Bless you Angie, my little earth angel.You are a joy and a delight :)

To Wendy who mailed me art quilting supplies for use in my AAQI quilts, to Darlene, and June, and Debra, who have mailed me lovely bits and pieces to sew with, to Julie who sent me the sweetest book of haiku and photos of her beautiful quilts, to my teddy bear loving friend, Pat, who sadly just lost her husband, but is still helping ME by being such a dear friend, to my every supportive Canadian friends Anna, and Scrappy Quilter, and the lovely Aussie lass, Lynne... and so, so many others who never fail to comment or send me little notes of cheer. Thank you to everyone..too many to list and name who read here, leave supportive comments.

Blessings to new readers who thank me for the free pattern lists and who say kind things about this blog.

I have readers from all over the world, people and I love that, love visiting your blogs, and using the translator to write you back when I can!

Feel the love coming out to you from me in this second little heart art quilt that I made to showcase Valentine love! May it sing out to you with gratitude and caring and joy even through challenging times!

Happy Valentine's Day to every single one of you!!!

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