Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What It Reallly Costs to Make a Quilt: Updated!

QUEEN SIZED, Machine Pieced, Hand Quilted


Fabric 12-16 yards @ $9per yd. $108 - $144
Batting $25 - $40
Thread $8 - $16

Total Money Invested $141 - $200


Piecing 20 to 60 hours
“Setting” (designing your quilt) 10 to 20 hours
Quilting 100 to 750 hours

Total hours invested 130 to 810 hours


Paying $1 per hour (Would you do this type of work for $1 an hour?!)

Materials $141 - $200
Labor $130 - $810
Total $271 - $1070

Paying minimum wage $7.25 (by law in 6/2009)

Materials $141 - $200
Labor (130-810hrs) $942.50 - $5872.25
Total $1083.50 - $6072.25

Paying skilled labor wage $20 per hour (Don’t you consider yourself trained and skilled in this craft?)

Materials $141 - $200
Labor (130-810hrs) $2600 - $16,200

Total $2741 - $16,400

Data based on Internet figures from 2009 not on any of the 5 quilts currently on my bed ;) And as a reader as mentioned....what about the costs of using your sewing machine? Maintenance, depreciation...oh much else we could all be adding in!

Anyone want to comment with an estimate of how much you spend (not counting your labor) for various sizes of quilts you've made???

And of course, as time goes by, things cost more and more. So, even buying fabric on sale, on discount, or using sales coupons how does it increase?

Molly Sparkles recently blogged about it both on her own blog and on Sew Mama Sew.

Here are some paraphrasing of her thoughts:

Other considerations: The design concept time fee to cover the cost of figuring out fabric choices, amount needed, cutting and assembly it etc.
Costs of fabric in the US. is typically around $8-12 per yard, fabric in Australia is typically $18-24 / yard (metre). Worldwide average $15 per yard/metre

Do you order online and then pay shipping..for a quilt sent to various countries that might add in another $50!

How much are you worth an hour? Molly figures $30.00 / hour. She based this on the 2011 median wage (not mean/average) in Australia of $57,400 / year. That equates to $29.05 / hour. Based on inflation, and to make calculations a bit easier,she rounded up to $30.00 / hour.

Long-arm services, and times for sewing the binding ?

Molly added in a 20% profit margin, because otherwise a quilter is  just breaking even.
And well, you add it all up (less quilting and binding), and her 72″ square quilt top is valued at $1616.34 (formula calculation error!) $1,421.34 AUD.

Here is a graphic chart courtesy of google search to show how this was calculated:

Total reality cost of her 72" square quilt?  $1,421.34 !!!!