Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Quilts: Strips and Strings!.

More 'noodle' quilts made from random strings have been in progress all week long. Such fun and so quick and easy whether for families with new babies in need of a quilt or for your local quilt guild's comfort quilt program. Just use any and all random strips and strings from your scrap bag and lay in rows and quickly piece together.

For a bit more liberated fun, I cut a wonky edge all around 'Howdy, Lil' Pardner' shown above in the strips front and 'cow-bear' backing.

For 'Vroom, Vroom' I used already pieced ahead of time flannel strips cut a bit wider for a quick finish quilt in soft flannels..front and back. I still need to add some labels and they're both ready to go!

And the last noodle quilt I made last month...Japanese Noodles....a quick baby quilt for a little girl using some Asian influenced fabrics combined with other scraps fabrics...easy and cute! For free motion on this one, I followed the patterns of the flowers and just swirled and curlicued all over in the other bands. Was super cute in real life and easy to quilt.

Want to do something more than just straight strips with your fabric noodles? Here's some other ideas I've saved:
  • Use them to make log cabin blocks and for foundation pieced blocks, which often require long strips of fabric.
  • Noodles make excellent starting points for strip-pieced four patch and nine-patch blocks
  • Cut 2-1/2" segments from them for your watercolor quilts
  • Use fabric noodles for string-pieced blocks