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Free Babies and Childrens Quilt and Sewing Tutorials, Patterns, and Links: Updated 2015

In honor of Project Linus Day, Feb 21, but in honor of all children, and all charitable projects for children... any and all days of the year: Make a blanket or quilt for a child and donate it to Project Linus.

To find a Project Linus Chapter near you, check out

If there is not a Project Linus in your area, consider starting a group. And of course, donate to any local hospital, or baby care project and mention your support of Project Linus and all of us who sew for babies and children, everywhere!

To find other charitable giving organizations for children, check out Quilts for Kids and Downy's Quilts for Kids Comfort programs ,AZ Blankets for Kids ,Wrap Them in Love,Sunshine Quilts , Margaret's Hope Chest, Binky Patrol and so many others. Any local hospital that serves children with special medical needs will almost have quilt donation programs.

 And for that, I have just added to my huge list of Free Quilt Patterns by creating a category of free patterns perfect for children. It also includes some doll quilts and patterns to be used for American Girl Dolls just for fun. This post is specifically for babies and children and includes a multitude of links for preemies and precious angel babies who leave us far too soon.

Please acknowledge my hard work by simply mentioning that my blog With Heart and Hands contains a post which links to over 2,500 Free Quilt Patterns that are continually being updated and have this special section   Free Quilt Patterns: Preemies, Babies and Children

I do my best to donate 25 quilts a year to charitable causes and most of those go to babies and children..the hearts of my own heart. And when I have a grandbaby of my own, of course I had to sew for her, for my children's friends children, and most of the time for babies and children that I don't know and probably will never meet.   It does my heart such good to create and to share and I know it will yours, as well!

Creating a Modern Baby Layette

Recieving and Fleece Blankets, Crib and Changing Sheets and Covers, 

Bibs, PUL Diapers, Diaper Wipes and Inserts, and More!


Making a Tag or Baby Fidget Quilt and Baby Giraffe Soft Toy


Tutorial: How to Create a Harmonic Convergence Quilt 
 (This link will take you to The Star Quilters of Asheville SC  and their pdf tutorial download)

Angel Wraps and Preemie Patterns

  Shoo Flies, Don't Bother Me: 

M Own 'Whirlygiggles' Tutorial for a Pinwheel Baby Quilt



Streak of Lightning: A Totally Tubular Tutorial



String quilting Primers and Patterns

The Luck 'O the Irish to You!


Liberated Heartstrings: Setting the Spirit Free


The Simplest of Patches Baby Quilt...make it any way you like with patches!

With Strips and Strings!

  With String Piecing!

With Panels or Blocks! 


With Improvisational Piecing!

My Other Baby Tutorials!!!

Baby Nursing Cover-Up Apron Tutorial

Free Baby Snuggler Patterns and Tutorials

A cross between a blanket and something like a baby sleeper depending on the pattern. So popular now, often made in gauze but so lovely in anything from soft flannel for summer, to cotton knits for fall, to baby micro fleece for the winter months:

Thanks to Lotta Jansdaugher for sharing this online!!!!

free snuggler pattern from Lotta Jansdotter‘s Simple Sewing for Baby book on Make magazine’s site via a podcast but the free pattern
courtesy of Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby and Craftzy is included.

 And Rin from shares a few more pics.


Tied Quilts and Comforter Debate:

Just a note on the "Are tied quilts okay to donate for small children and babies" debate and it's urban myth legend started by a simple book in 1935 that creates the false idea that babies 'choked' on the quilt ties. Really? So, if that were true...and it isn't...why do those same groups accept knit and crocheted baby blankets.

If your quild guild has these old fashioned issues..donate to ANY Project Linus group!!!

And I quote from their primary site on becoming a blanketeer:

< BlanketOur volunteers, known as “blanketeers,” provide new, handmade, washable blankets to be given as gifts to seriously ill and traumatized children, ages 0-18. It is Project Linus' policy to accept blankets of all sizes, depending on local chapter needs. All blanket styles are welcome, including quilts, tied comforters, fleece blankets, crocheted or knitted afghans, and receiving blankets in child-friendly colors. Always remember that blankets must be homemade, washable, free of pins, and come from smoke-free environments due to allergy reasons.>>

There you go! And if you live in Salem, Oregon, as I do..donate to Alexia's Cozy Covers where they accept all quilts and blankets to the same standards as Project Linus. That's how I got involved with both of these groups when my own guild guild had outdated specifications ;-)


 More of my own findings:

1-2-3 Quilt, Toddler *

A Day at the Calico Zoo Quilt
All-Blues Kids Quilt Pattern
Amish Bars, Toddler ~ Child
Anything Goes Scrappy Quilt
Angel Quilt Patterns
Applique Patterns
Applique Blocks for Elephant block Circus Tent blockJuggling Clown Zebra
A Tisket-a-Tasket

Baby Blocks, Infant
Bear Quilt, Infant to Child
Baby Flower Box Quilt
Baby (Valori Wells) Dreamy Quilt
Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilt Pattern: The Ultimate BlankeyBaby,
Baby, Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt,
Baby Magic Quilt Pattern by Jeanne
Baby, Preemie, One Patch Quilt
Baby, Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders
Baby Boots
Baby Coverlet
Baby MagicBaby Quilt - an easy fast project.
Baby Bunting a 12" block from the 1900's
Baby Flower Box Quilt
Baby Flower Box.pdf
Baby Valori Wells Dreamy Quilt
Baby Quilt Patterns
Baby Quilt Pattern: The Ultimate Blankey
Baby, Preemie, 9-Patch Quilt, 18”
Baby, Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt, 18” *
Baby, Preemie, One Patch Quilt
Baby, Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders
Baby Quilt Pattern - Taking Flight
Baby Quilt: Tumbling Squares
Baby's Little Goslings
Baby's Busy Day Quilt Pattern
Birth Bear Baby Quilt Pattern
Bachelor Buttons (preemie sized)Quilt
Basket Quilt Patterns
Bazooples Storybook Quilt
Beginner Quilt Patterns
Bento Box Quilt Instructions
Big Bricks, Infant to Teen
Birth Bear Baby Quilt Pattern

Block Party, Preemie to Teen
Bordered Brick Quilt, Child to Teen *
Blossom Time
Blue Jeans Quilt
Boxy Stars Bricks & Stepping Stones
Building Quilt Patterns
Bug's on Parade
Buggles Diaper Bag FP 101 and Buggles Baby Quilt FP 102
Bullseye Quilt Block
Bunny Quilt
(My list of 27) Butterfly Quilt Patterns
Butterfly Circle
Butterfly QuiltButterfly Quilt Pattern
Butterfly Quilt Patterns
Cats (Tessalating) Quilt Pattern [PDF]Kool Kats Kwilt Pattern.psd
Cat Quilt Pattern
Cats Can't Stop Spinnin'
Center Panel Quilt, Child
Center Panel Quilt, Infant
Checkerboard Center Quilt, Version 1, Child
Checkerboard Center Quilt, Version 2, Child
Conversation Bricks Quilt, Child
Chinese Coins
Chunky Churndashes
Colorful Butterfly
Charity Baby & Preemie Patterns
Charity Quilt Patterns
Charity Quilt Strings
Charm Square Quilt

Checkerboard,Free Crib Quilt Pattern
Child Quilt Patterns
Child Quilt A to Z Blankets 4 Kids
Child Quilt Bear, Bunny, Butterfly and Cow
Child Quilt, Chicken, Duck, Elephant and Giraffe
Child Quilt, Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat
Child Quilt, Mallard, Owl and Penguin
Child Quilt, Pig, Raccoon and Sheep
Child Quilt, Squirrel, Turtle and Zebra
Chinese Coins
Circus Stars Quilt Pattern
Coming and Going Stroller(or car seat) Quilt Pattern
Corn and Beans
Crayon BoxCrumbs
Crazy Quilts
Curvy Nine Patch

Diagonal Strips Pattern

D4P, D9P, D16P,Disappearing Pinwheel, and Wacky and Wonky Variations

Denim Quilt
Dashing Dragons Quilt Pattern
Dolphin Dream Quilt Pattern
Disappearing Nine Patch (tutorial)
Dog Quilt Patterns
Doll and Baby Scottie Dog Quilt
Ducky Quilt Pattern

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns
Easy Preemie Quilt
Early 19th Century Medallion Quilt
Easy Quilt Patterns
Easy As A~B~C Blanket, Infant
Easy Blanket for Infant to Teen
Elephant Quilt Block to applique

Fastest Charity Quilt Top Ever
Fish, Frogs & Bugs
Four Block Brick Quilt, Child to Teen
Four Block Big Bricks, Infant to Teen
Free Baby Quilt Patterns
Free Crib Quilt Pattern: Mile A Minute Checkerboard
(Free) Dog Quilt Patterns Free Doll and Baby Scottie Dog Quilt
(Free) My List of Easter Quilt Patterns
Free Pioneer Nine-Patch Pattern

happy hearts quilt block...project linus
Click HERE to Download Happy String Flowers for Baby (.pdf)
Hearts, Bows & Ribbons
Framed Pinwheels Baby Quilt

Galaxy of Stars Quilt
Grecian Square
Guardian Angels Baby Quilt Pattern
Grandma's Choice Variation

Happy Blocks and Twisted Happy Blocks
Happy Scrappy Houses
Heart Block Patterns
Heart Strings Quilt Block Pattern Paper Pieced
Heart Quilt Pattern
Hidden Pinwheels
Hidden Spools
Hearts, Bows & Ribbons

*How To Make A Quillow

Home on the Range Quilt Pattern
Hugs & Kisses Baby Quilt

Illinois Roads Quilt, Child Lollipops [PDF]
Infant Snuggle Wrap
In the Pinks Baby Quilt Pattern
I Spy A Four Patch
In the Pinks Baby Quilt Pattern

Jig Swatches Puzzle Quilt Pattern

Kites & Pinwheels Quilt

Leftover Fabric Baby Quilt
Lollipops [PDF]
Log Cabin Doll & Crib Quilt Pattern
Log Cabin/Traditional Quilts
(Irregular) Log Cabin Quilt
Log Cabin Baby Quilt
Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern

Making a Quillow

Mama Teddy Bear & Baby FP 104
Maverick Stars
Memory, Photo Quilts
Mermaid Quilt Pattern
Mine Shaft Free Quilt Pattern
More Than a Nine Patch
My Blue Heaven

Nine Patch Split
New Year’s Sparklers
Not Quite Bow Ties
Not So Scrappy Quilt, Child
Novelty Checkerboard Quilt, Child
Not So Much of a Trick

Ocean Waves
Ohio Stars & Rails
Oklahoma Backroads
Ohio Star
Out On A String!

Patches & Pinwheels
Patches of Scraps, Older Child
Patchwork Squares Quilt, Child to Teen
Picture Frames Quilt, Infant to Teen
Patchwork Novelty Quilt Patterns
Patchwork Quilt Patterns 

Play Box Crib Quilt 
3-D Pinwheels Baby Quilt

Puppy & Cats Quilt
Playing With Jacks
Pieced Basket Doll or Baby Quilt

Making a Quillow

Quilts with Hearts &Hearts on Quilts
Quilt Blocks
Quilt in a Day
Quilt patterns for American's Girl Dolls
[PDF]Quilts For Kids Nine Patch Quilt Strip Method with Two Borders
Quilting Passion Baby Quilts and accessories

Rag Versions of Child Quilts

Sapphire Stars (3 sizes)Quilt
Sashed Squares, Older Child
Scrappy Bricks Quilt, Child
Scrappy Center Quilt, Older Child
Scrappy Four-Patch Quilt, Older Child
Scrappy Rail Fence, Child **
Scrap Fabric Quilts
Scrap Quilts
Scrap Quilts
Scottish Stars Quilt
Scrap Saver Patterns
Serger Quilt as You Go Baby Quilt
Single Irish Chain
Simple Baby Quilt
Simply Strippy
Sloppy Stars.
Smokey Mountain Stars
Stardance Quilt
Star Struck
Stitched Scraps
Six (6) Hour Quilt
Snowman Quilt Pattern
Snowman Quilt Patterns
Snowman Free Pattern
Speedy Baby
Speedy Baby 2
Speedy Monkey
Soft Baby Blocks for Baby
Springtime Baby Quilt Pattern
Stained Glass Butterflies
Star and Heart Quilt Pattern
Star Flower Quilt
*String Quilting Tutorial and Patterns
Strip Quilt, Toddler to Teen
Sweet Baby Quilt Pattern *
Sweet Strips from All People Quilt
*Sunbonnet Sue Patterns
Sunbonnet Sue and Sam Quilt Pattern
**Sunbonnet Sue: Free Quilt Patterns
Sweet Dreams Quilt
Sweet Pea Trellis and Angel Wings Quilt
Tessalating Cats Quilt Pattern [PDF]Kool Kats Kwilt Pattern.psd
T shirt Quilt from All People Quilt
Take 5 Quilt Pattern Cutting Instructions pdf from accuquilt but works alone, as well
That's My Baby
The Scenes of Childhood Quilt Pattern
Trip Around the World Quilt, Child
Triple-Decker Quilt, Infant to Teen
Tumbling Squares Baby Quilt

Warm Wishes Quilt for Project Linus: free pattern pdf
Whimsical Windmills Quilt.
Wickedly Easy Quilts

Wiggles 'n Giggles Quilt & Pillow FP 103

Yo Yo Nines

AZ Blankets for Kids: ( (All AZ patterns are pdf downloads)
Preemie Blanket Instructions and Guidelines

Preemie, 9-Patch Quilt, 18” * (A Favorite of Nurses)

Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt, 18” *
Preemie, One Patch Quilt *
Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders *
Preemie Quilt, Whole Cloth *
* = Easy
** = Intermediate
Children and Toddler to Teen Patterns:
1-2-3 Quilt, Toddler *
2 by 4 Quilt **
Amish Bars, Toddler ~ Child *
Baby Blocks, Infant *
Bear Quilt, Infant to Child **
Big Bricks, Infant to Teen *
Block Party, Preemie to Teen *
Bordered Brick Quilt, Child to Teen *
Center Panel Quilt, Child **
Center Panel Quilt, Infant *
Checkerboard Center Quilt, Version 1, Child **
Checkerboard Center Quilt, Version 2, Child **
Conversation Bricks Quilt, Child *
Denim Rag Quilt, Teen *
Easy As A~B~C Blanket, Infant *
Easy Blanket for Infant to Teen *
Four Block Brick Quilt, Child to Teen *
Four Block Big Bricks, Infant to Teen *
Illinois Roads Quilt, Child **
Modified Rail Quilt, Child **
Modified Rail Quilt, Teen **
Not So Scrappy Quilt, Child *
Novelty Checkerboard Quilt, Child *
Patches of Scraps, Older Child *
Patchwork Squares Quilt, Child to Teen *
Picture Frames Quilt, Infant to Teen *
Quick Quilt, Toddler to Child *

( How To Make A) Quillow

Rail Fence, Version 1, Toddler *
Rail Fence, Version 2, Child *
Sashed Squares, Older Child **
Scrappy Bricks Quilt, Child *
Scrappy Center Quilt, Older Child **
Scrappy Four-Patch Quilt, Older Child *
Scrappy Rail Fence, Child **


Strip Quilt, Toddler to Teen *
Trip Around the World Quilt, Child **
Triple-Decker Quilt, Infant to Teen *
+++++++++++++++++++++++++Free patterns from

Hopscotch Baby Quilt Pattern

The Hopscotch quilt is easy to make, and even beginning quilters will assemble it with easy. Use this easy quilt pattern the next time you need a small quilt.

Rail Fence Baby Quilt Pattern

Use the Rail Fence baby quilt pattern to sew a patchwork quilt that's filled with color. This easy baby quilt is suitable for beginning quilters.

Broken Dishes Baby Quilt Pattern

Use my free Broken Dishes Quilt pattern to make this popular and traditional patchwork quilt. The quilt pattern also includes information to help you make multiple sizes of the Broken Dishes Quilt Block.

Baby Chains Patchwork Baby Quilt Pattern

Make a baby quilt version of my popular Cozy Chains quilt pattern. One of the hundreds of free quilt patterns you'll find at Quilting.

Baby Monkey Wrench Quilt Pattern

The Baby Monkey Wrench baby quilt pattern is an easy project, even if it's your first quilt. Complete instructions, accompanied by step-by-step illustrations.

Vintage Orchards Baby Quilt Pattern

An easy baby quilt pattern with a vintage look.

Stars Through the Windows Baby Quilt Pattern

Make this easy baby quilt pattern. Called Stars Through the Windows, it's a quick patchwork quilt that beginning quilters can make with ease.

Baby Propellers Quilt Pattern

Make the Baby Propellers quilt, just one of the many baby quilt patterns you'll find on Quilting at

Pretty in Pastels Baby Quilt

Pretty in Pastels is a baby quilt pattern made from 6-inch Clay's Choice quilt blocks.

Framed Nine Patch Baby Quilt Pattern

Make a Framed Nine Patch baby quilt with this free baby quilt pattern. This easy quilt pattern is beginner friendly -- so it's perfect for a first quilt.

Free Baby Quilt Patterns

Baby quilt patterns are tops in popularity, so I'm creating more of them each week. All of my free baby quilt patterns include detailed instructions and step-by-step illustrations, making them suitable for quilters of every skill level. I hope you'll find a baby quilt pattern you love in the archives.

Springtime Baby Quilt Pattern

Make a pretty Springtime Baby Quilt from quilt blocks that finish at 6-1/4" square.

Double Star Quilt Pattern

The Double Star quilt pattern is suitable for children or adults. Change the fabrics to alter the theme of the quilt.

Darting Birds Quilt Pattern

Here's a baby quilt pattern with Darting Birds blocks placed on point.

All-Blues Kids Quilt Pattern

Got Blues is a monochromatic quilt that might be somewhat large for a baby quilt pattern, but it's a good size for a child's quilt.

Quick and Easy Road Trip Quilt

The Road Trip quilt is made from squares and rectangles, with color values arranged to give the quilt up and down motion. Its size makes it a good choice for a baby quilt pattern -- just change the theme of your fabric to make it suit a child.

Taking Flight Baby Quilt

This pretty baby quilt pattern is assembled by combining Birds in the Air quilt blocks with four-patch connector blocks, all on point and surrounded by borders.

In the Pinks Baby Quilt Pattern

In the Pinks is an easy baby quilt pattern with lots of visual texture. Not into pinks? You can change the quilt dramatically by choosing different fabrics.

Single Irish Chain Baby Quilt

Combine Single Irish Chain blocks with pre-printed panels to make a pretty baby quilt with lots of color flow.

Framed Pinwheels Baby Quilt

Try this easy framed Pinwheel Baby quilt pattern.

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

These easy baby quilt patterns are perfect projects for anyone who's making a first quilt. Make this Sunshine & Shadows variation (or Trip Around the World) and it's cousin, the Baby Furrows quilt.

Rag Versions of Two Easy Baby Quilts

Go soft and frayed with rag quilt versions of both baby quilts described in the entry above.

Our Forum Members Make Comfort Quilts

Making comfort quilts is an important activity for thousands and thousands of quilters. A group of our forum members spent one evening at a quilting retreat making baby quilts for an international charity. It's easy to start your own charity quilting group.

Jigsaw Puzzle Baby Quilt Pattern

Super simple and colorful, the Jigsaw Baby Quilt is a perfect stash buster.

Whirlpools Baby Quilt Pattern

The Whirlpools baby quilt pattern is makes a wonderful scrap quilt.

Quilts for Babies and Children, Victorian Times to Present

Ohio Star

Split Rail

Irish Twist Chain

Quilt Patterns

All People Quilt Patterns:

To Add in from APQU:

Released by the designer for free download:

Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern
The finished piece measures approximately 37 X 43 inches. Download the two-page Baby Blocks Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern.

Baby's Busy Day Quilt pattern

From squeaking to sliding, baby will be busy for hours with this fun activity quilt. This could be the new mom's best friend! The finished piece measures approximately 351/2 X 351/2 inches. Download the five-page Baby's Busy Day Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern.

Birth Bear baby quilt pattern

What a wonderful way to commemorate the birth of a special baby! This heartwarming quilt is personalized with the baby's name, birth date, and weight cross-stitched in the design. The finished piece measures approximately 371/2 X 481/2 inches. Download the three-page Birth Bear Baby Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern.

Home on the Range Quilt pattern

Bold western images of boots and cacti, lone stars, and ten-gallon hats give the Home on the Range Quilt Pattern its "mane" appeal. So saddle up and create this keepsake quilt today! The finished piece measures approximately 44 X 53 inches. Download the seven-page Home on the Range Quilt Pattern as a PDF to print out the pattern.

The adorable ducks featured on the Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern wear their hearts on their sleeves! Each duck is framed in a log cabin border for added interest. The finished piece measures approximately 331/2 X 41 inches. Download the two-page Lucky Ducky Quilt Pattern
as a PDF to print out the pattern.

Baby Talk
David Walker/Free Spirit Fabrics

Baby Toiles
Jone Hallmark/Free Spirit Fabrics

Preemie Patterns to try, courtesy of quilt group 'Quilter's Anonymous in Lynnwood, WA.

Ohio Star

Split Rail

Irish Twist Chain

Patterns from AZBlankets4kids:

Baby Sampler
Row by Row for Baby

Baby Bugs
Stuffies Quilt~ Ellie the Elephant

Stuffies ~ Gerome the Giraffe

Stuffies ~ Leo the Lion

Preemie and Bereavement Quilts

Shown above: my own simple 10" to 15" quilts with ribbons sewn on for ties. If you want the bottom to fold up as shown, make them a larger size or sew in another simple square section, folded into a triangle shape at one corner to make a little pocket-pouch.

Many websites offer a variety of fetal demise pouches, wraps, blankets, or simple quilts or garment. Mothers are often offended by the medical term of "Fetal Demise." Fetal Demise is technically a miscarriage, or a still birth, of a non-viable fetus or baby.

Sad and and often terrible words for the loss of a tiny little whether it is prior to 12 weeks or 16 weeks gestation of in the second or third trimester...or even for some....delivered at birth.

My apologies if I repeat the medical terms that often sound so callous to those who are grieving, but they are the words that many use as they search for these patterns.

burial gown and bonnet PDF pattern
- pattern only
bereavement gowns PDF pattern
- pattern only
nb/preemie bib PDF
- pattern only
preemie cuddler PDF - archived
10 min booties PDF
- pattern only
30 min booties PDF
- pattern only
bubble cover archived
preemie gown PDF pattern
hospital shirt PDF pattern
day gown instructions
day gown - pattern PDF

EXTRAS: Bib, burp cloth and other free patterns:

Free Baby Bib Pattern with Paper Piecing Center
Baby Breakfast Bib Tutorial

Baby Burp Cloth Tutorial by Finn, Pieces from My Scrapbag
How To Make A Burp Cloth Tutorial
Overhead Baby Bib
Baby Sling Tie Baby Bib
Moda Bake Shop: Baby Burp Cloth and Bib Tutorial
Button Shirt to Toddler Dress
Chenille back blanket
Dog Applique Onesie
Felt Baby Shoes
Itty bitty Baby Dress
Diaper Changing Pad
Soft Baby Blocks
Ruby Soft Doll
Nursing Cover
Another Nursing Cover
Childs Pool Robe
Bitty Booties
Cloth Baby Shoes
Fabric Bird
Fab Fifties Bib
Childrens Apron
Baby pants from recycled sweater

Crib Rail Cover
A Simple Tie-on Idea for a Stroller Quilt and/or a Cute Quilt Pattern Tutorial

And some just for baby fun extras to make and tuck in with a gift:

Baby Animal Hats Tutorial with Pattern: from Moth and Sparrow

The baby animal hat patterns are here! You can download the pdfs for the owl, the fox or the raccoon. When you print the pdf, make sure you select "none" in the page scaling drop down menu.

Free huggies and snuggles softies patterns to make for others:

Click on the name to go to the site and get your free pattern.

And from Purl Bee:

Project Linus was so nice about my lists! And yes, Iam proud to make and donate quilts to many causes but this was so nice to discover:

Thank you for taking the time to look through my list of patterns, tutorials and links. If you have any additional ones, please mail your links to


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