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Free Heart Quilt Patterns and Other Valentine Projects 2015

Make a pledge to yourself, and to those you love this month. Take good care of your own heart with healthy habits and a good and active life and make a comfort quilt, a heart shaped comfort pillow, or some other lovely little heart filled gift of comfort to for you, one for a beloved, and one for someone you may never meet,,,but can still reach out to with love!

Whenever we make a comfort quilt or donate a block to a given cause, we are putting a piece of ourselves...our heart...into that donation. Whether they are given to a loved one, heart patients, for cancer care, for hospice donations, or to simply to show our love, faith, and's wonderful to make and keep heart blocks, quilts and other projects on hand....any time of the year!

My own heart shaped or themed tutorials:

My String Pieced Prayer Pocket Pillow make with strings or solids and use the little pocket in the back...for sending good wishes of any kind!

Making a (Cardiac) Heart Pillow
perfect for post surgery for either cardiac or breast cancer patients, hugging a pillow over the heart after cardiac surgery or under the arm after breast surgery have been shown to help significantly with post-operative pain.

My Heart Shaped 'Mitt' Potholder

My Origami Petal Bag

Add a Heart on the front of a journal or book cover: How To My Make a Journal or Book Cover

How To Make A Fabric Heart Art or Postcard
How To Make An Inchie

Plaids and Prints: Valentine Heart Pillow Pattern...pdf download below:

Valentine Heart Pillow Pattern. pdf pattern from the link above (cute sayings like candy hearts)


Make a quilt with either string pieced hearts or applique'd hearts:

Patriotic Heartstrings of MemoryString Quilting:Tutorial and Free Patterns

Make a simple quilt and applique a heart on top of its blocks!
Most patterns are for personal use only so check the specifics before you use them for sale projects. And always give credit and thanks when writing about projects you have made using these patterns!!

A heart bib for baby! Just cut out a paper heart and use it for a pattern! Lots of bib patterns available at the link : Creating a Modern Baby Layette

I've even used a heart shaped leaf and create my own summer project of concrete display items! 

I've made my own Valentines with cloth and paper and trims! A little free motion sewing and lots and lots of fun!

 Or make a few art fabric post cards!

How To Make A Fabric Post Card, Fabric Art Card, or Fabric Art Quiltlet

Making Prayer Flags

Lots of ideas for making simple banners and prayer flags..add a heart and some sweet sentiments!

And collection of more than a hundred links for free heart shaped quilt blocks or heart themed quilt or craft patterns all in one place for you to check out for special gift for a loved one, or for another Valentine's Day in the future! Links below:

Freebies: Paper pieced hearts

How to Make County Raggedy Heart Coasters

Heart Patterns
Click on the PICTURE to Download the Free Pattern from Cindy Carter!


Terri at Quilternity’s Place (hearts above) is sharing a couple of free heart quilt patterns on her blog. Go HERE to read more.
Images credit: Quilternity’s Place

 From Google:

Supply List for Pillow:
1-5/8 yd dark red for border & back
1/8 yd dark pink for border
Assortment of 1-1/8” white strips
Assortment of 1-1/8” dark red strips
14” square pillow form
Six 7/8” or larger buttons

Make a log cabin heart block!!

 log cabin love pillow
Make Log Cabin blocks into a Heart and create a Pillow!
 from Lisa in Port Hope!

To make a heart from log cabin blocks:
Four log cabin and white, pinks and white..your choice all cut at 1 3/8" strips
Curving top log cabins: colorful strips cut @ 1 5/8", white strips at 1 1/8"
Adding another piece of white at the diagonal top corner to create the curve!
Blocks finish at about 6 3/4"

from sotak handmade!
Svetlana writes " This pixelated heart pillow is made of 2" squares, most of them from my scrap bin - yay!, and was inspired by Jolene's wonderful quilt"


Table Runner from Google:

  This lovely is approximately 17” x 43”, make 3 hearts.   
Sew a 1-3/4” strip of dark red sashing between the hearts to connect them.  Sew a 1-3/4” strip of the same dark red sashing on the top & bottom and then on each end.  Sew a 3-3/4” border of contrasting red on the top & bottom and then on each end.  Quilt & bind as desired.

Wall Hanging:

Follow instructions for pillow A-D.  For wall hanging approximately 28” x 31”, make 4 hearts.  Sew a 1-3/4” strip of dark red sashing between 2 hearts to make 2 sets.  Sew a 1-3/4” strip of the same dark red sashing between the 2 sets to make one row on top of the other.  Sew another 1-3/4” strip of the same dark red sashing on each side and then on the top and bottom.  Sew a 3-3/4” border of contrasting red on each side and then on the top and bottom.  Quilt & bind as desired

Heart Garden quilt tutorial by Ellie Roberts for Moda Bakeshop

Candy Hearts Quilt by Gigi's Thimble for Moda Bakeshop

 Vintage Heart Collage by Allison Aller  free pattern at American Quilter

Heart Tree by Liz Jones from her book Flowers, Hearts and Garlands, free applique pattern at American Quilter

  Have a Heart, free pattern by Becky Goldsmith & Linda Jenkins at Piece o'Cake Designs

Have a Heart, free quilt pattern by Nina Lise Moen at Mrs Moen Free Patterns

Scrappy Heart Quilt by Cindy Carter at Carter Quilter (there are seven different free hearts patterns at this link)

Be Still My Heart tutorial by Jacquie Gering at Tallgrass Prairie Studio

Raw-Edge Machine Appliqué Hearts, Deonn Stott for Riley Blake Designs tute and pattern
Twisting Heart Valentine Tutorial..this one is just 18"..use it for a carseat cover, a wallhanging, or a pillow"

Twisting Heart Valentine at Freemotion by the River





Heart Blocks

Nine-Patch Heart: FREE Quilt Block Pattern

Nine-Patch Heart: FREE Quilt Block Pattern

Download your FREE Nine-Patch Heart Block pattern from link below. Refer to the McCall's Quilting issue shown below for the Heart of the Home quilt pattern by Jackie Robinson.

Heart of the Home: Cheerful Valentine Table Runner Quilt Pattern

Click here to download their FREE Nine-Patch Heart Quilt Block Pattern from their FREE online Quilt Block Reference library.

Have fun designing your own Valentine's Day quilts. The Valentines blocks shown here each finish to approximately 8". Make one block and frame it, or assemble a group of blocks into a quilt. By mixing fabrics and block styles and alternating sashing between blocks, the possibilities are endless.

schematic of classic heart block
  • Classic Heart Block
  • 8" x 8"
  • Cut one 2.5" strip of light fabric.
  • Cut one 2.5" strip of dark fabric.
  • Lay strips right sides together and cut eight Easy Angles. Do not separate the sets - they are ready to sew. Cut six 2.5" squares from the dark fabric and two 2.5" squares from the light. Sew the Easy Angle sets to create Easy Angle units. Sew Easy Angle units and squares together following diagram below. Press seams in direction of arrows. 

    schematic of assembling fabric pieces to make classic heart block
    image of finished classic heart block

schematic of Valentine's Cubed Heart quilt block
  • Valentine's Cubed Heart Block
  • 8" x 8"
    Cut blocks, strips and square finished block using the Easy Rule™ or Easy Rule Jr.™
  • Cut 1 1/2" strips for 1" finished squares.
  • Ten dark 1 1/2" squares.
  • Fifteen light 1 1/2" squares.
Assemble squares together in rows:

schematic of rows 1 and 4 of Valentine's Cubed Heart block

Rows 1 and 4
schematic of row 2 of Valentine's Cubed Heart block

Row 2
schematic of row 3 of Valentine's Cubed Heart block

Row 3
schematic of row 5 of Valentine's Cubed Heart block

Row 5

schematic of arranging rows for Valentine's Cubed Heart quilt block
Then add 1 1/2" borders:
  • Cut two light 5 1/2" & two light 7 1/2" strips.
  • Cut two dark 7 1/2" & two dark 9 1/2" strips.

Sew short strips of light fabric to top and bottom of block, then to sides. Repeat with dark fabric.

image of finished Valentine's Cubed Heart quilt block

schematic of Two Hearts Together quilt block
  • Two Hearts Together Block
  • 8" x 8"

Cut one 2.5" strip of background fabric. Cut one 2.5" strip of heart fabric. Lay strips right sides together and cut eight Easy Angles. Do not separate the sets - they are ready to sew. Cut four 2.5" squares from each of the background and heart fabrics. Sew Easy Angles together to form Easy Angle units.

Sew Easy Angle units together in pairs as shown below. Make two of each pair.
schematic of attaching Easy Angle units to each other
Sew background squares together to form two sets of pairs. Repeat with heart fabric.
schematic of background squares pairs
Assemble block as shown in diagram below. Press seams in direction shown.
schematic of how to assemble Two Hearts Together Block image of finished Two Hearts quilt block

  schematic of quilt Tri-Rec Heart block
  • Tri-Rec Heart Block
  • 8" x 8"


  • Cut one 2.5" strip background fabric to yield four Recs.
  • Cut one 2.5" strip of heart fabric to yield two Tris.
  • Cut one 4.5" strip of background to yield two Recs.
  • Cut one 4.5" strip to yield one Tri.
  • Cut one 1.5" strip and one 2.5" strip sashing fabric.

Sew 2.5" recs to either side of 2.5" Tris to make a two triangle in a square units. Sew small triangle in a square units together side by side to create top of heart.
schematic of connecting two tri-recs units (top of heart)
schematic of bottom of heartSew 4.5" recs to either side of 4.5" Tri to make one triangle in a square unit.
Sew heart sections together.
schematic of attaching blocks to finish heart
Measure width of heart unit and cut two 1.5" sashing strips to fit. Sew one each to top and bottom of unit.
Measure length of heart unit and cut two 2.5" strips to fit. Sew one to each side of blocks to complete.

schematic of adding sashing around heart block image of finished Tri-Rec quilt block

  schematic of valentine quilted heart blockMy Companion Valentine Heart Block

8" x 8"

Cut pieces using the Companion Angle™ & to complete flying geese unit use the Easy Angle™

Flying geese unit

On bottom half of block:

Cut one Companion Angle™ from 4 1/2" strip of dark fabric.

Cut one pair of Easy Angles™ from 4 1/2" strip of light fabric.
schematic: how to assemble flying geese unitSew Easy Angle™ triangle to either side of Companion Angle™ triangle to complete flying geese unit.
Quarter square blocks (make two)

schematic of quarter square blockCut six Companion Angles™ from 2 1/2" strips of light fabric.

Cut two Companion Angles™ from 2 1/2" strips of dark fabric.

Sew two triangles together as shown to make a half square, then sew two half squares together to create each block.
schematic of how to assemble quarter square block
schematic of attaching quarter square blocksSew quarter square blocks together. Sew to flying geese unit to complete block.

schematic of attaching blocks to make valentine's heart quilt block image of finished valentine's heart quilt block


Use drawing above to make another little Sue for a card or a quilt block!

Heart ‘n Hand Needle Case (p) (pdf)Heart 'n Hand Needle Case Pattern (pdf)

Heart Blocks

The Heart Pillow Program - NEW - Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick

Appliqué Heart Wreath

Have A Heart Patterns-New!!!!

Have A Heart from Carol Doaks

Choose the woven heart, the bow heart or the star heart to send a message of love and friendship. Click to download the pdf

Floral Hearts

Read her tutorial at link above:
Download her pattern from her link, as well: Click here for Pattern

Sketching the pattern

Wonky Hearts:

Wonky Hearts: Sharon of Indigo Threads

Paper Pieced Heart Blocks

Brown Heart - new

Valentine 2007

Heart 2005

Broken heart

Sketching the pattern

Heart Quilting Patterns from original Nancy Page published patterns circa 1980's

Stack'n Whack Hearts

Strings ~ Hearts from Mary at

Make a Patchwork Heart Quilt Block

heart quilt blocks

Heart and Hands Tea Cozy Click here (to download Template Diagrams, PDF format)

How to Create a Heart-in-Hand Valentine Card

Cheater's patchwork,cut and paste fabric squares: a card making tutorial

Flower hearts Yvonne's dk...pdf dnload of pattern only

Pastel hearts Yvonnes dk dnload of pdf pattern only

Crazy Patch Heart 

Click to download the pdf


String Heart Block from sophie

Many Pieced Heart Blocks by Carol Doak, including Pink Ribbons and Hearts

Many Pieced Heart Blocks by Carol Doak, including Pink Ribbons and Hearts

February 2004 Block of the Month -- Fancy Hearts

AmeriHearts at Home PP Heart can be a Signature Block

Piece by Number, CandyBox Heart

Quilters Online Resource, Hearts A Bloom

Quilters Online Resource, Beginner HeartsEZ Quilts Heart Block

18" Square
Here’s My Heart

Flags & Heart

Ute-Barbara Skjønberg, Norway

Heart Block

Quiltaholics Heart Block

Heart Block, Cole Brothers

Janet Smith’s Hearts pdf download

JC Quilts, Pieced Heart
JC Quilts, 1997, PP
JC Quilts, 1998, PP

Nutmeg Nook’s Primitive Heart

Warner Stained Glass (these could be pieced)

Mrs. Burns Chained Heart pdf download

Australian Heartland pdf

Pat Patches Crazy Heart (in Portuguese) pdf: simple pieced heart with lots of diagrams

The Heart Pillow Program for Heart and Stroke Patients

Bypass Heart Surgery Heart, Photo
Quilt Logic

Quilters Neighbourhood Pieceable Hearts

Think Pink quilt

Quilt Pox Think Pink Hearts

Red Dawn’s Woven Heart
PP: paper pieced

Sandy Bonsib’s Pieced Heart Block

Sew Quilty, Jake’s Heart

Sew Quilty, Scrappy Heart 

Sew Quilty, Strippy Heart

Sewing Kit Inside
My Portable Hand-sewing Kit.

Heart Pin Step-by-Step

My Newest Add-ins

tiny tutorial ~ Valentines: Jane LaFazio's handsewn felt hearts and painted rocks..

Love Bugs

There is something extra special about receiving a handmade Valentine. These Valentine ladybugs are a cute way to let someone know how much you care. It's a fun and easy project that even the kids can help out with. You can make one or a whole class set of these adorable love bugs. It's okay to be creative with the colors. This is a great way to use up some of the bits of scrapbooking paper you may already have.

  • 1 piece of white cardstock to print the heart template
  • 1 piece of colored cardstock
  • 1 piece of coordinating patterned paper
  • 2 small brads - I used heart shaped ones, but plain brass ones work fine
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • black pen or marker
  • 1/8 inch hole punch
  • 2 small googly eyes and glue (optional)

Directions can be found here:  Love Bug Valentine's

sewing kit ensemble!

You can find the tutorials for most of these "Snippets" HERE

Bloomin' Blossoms for Spring
Table Topper, 20" x 20"


Quiltscapes Hen Party Chicks Pincushions:  TUTORIAL
 Hen Party Chicks @ Sew We Quilt:  STORY & TUTORIAL
Spring Chickens @ Riley Blake Designs:  TUTORIAL
Printer-Friendly Instructions:  PATTERN'

 I   Appliqué
 ~ Raw Edge Appliqué Basics
TUTORIAL @ Riley Blake Designs: Photo Tutorial ← click here

I {Heart} Appliqué II
Chenille Appliqué
TUTORIAL @ Riley Blake Designs: Photo Tutorial ← click here

Bloomin' Posy


~ Tissue Cozy ~

~ Tableside Pressing Pad ~

~ A Snappy Eyeglass Case ~


Deluxe Tape Measure

Scissor Holder/Lanyard

Rosebud Wristlet Pincushion


Hen Party Chick Pincushion

Laminate Sewing Kit 

Heartstrings Quilt Project by Mary

Patriotic Heartstrings for Our Soldiers 

String Quilting Tutorial and Online Links

And Just For Fun! Free Patterns for Hearts to knit or crochet!

Filet Crochet
The following filet crochet charted patterns are on this site - About Crochet:
Hearts Border (Add Initials)
Hearts Border With Love
Hearts Filet Crochet Bedspread
Hearts Filet Crochet Tablecloth
Heart With Rose Center
Double Hearts Fridgie
At Crochet Memories: Interlocking hearts made with worsted weight yarn.
Heart Fridgie
At Lee's World: Made with sport weight cotton. (Photo)
Heart Fridgie or Pin
At Crochet Memories: Made with worsted weight yarn; center is crocheted around a plastic ring. (Photo)
Valentine Hearts Fridgie
At Crochet Memories: Made with small amounts of worsted weight yarn. (Photo)
Valentine Magnet/Pin
At Crochet'N More: Made with worsted weight yarn. (Photo)
Hot Pads
Hearts Hot Pad
On this site - About Crochet: This hot pad uses the ruffling technique; a how-to is included. (Photo)
Textured Hearts Hot Pad
At Priscilla's Patterns: Includes instructions for potholder, hotpad and dishcloth. (Photo)
Heart Motif
At Jenn's Crochet Page: You could use this as an applique, a magnet; bet you can think up more uses. (Photo)
Heart Motif 2
At Jenn's Crochet Page: Made with size #10 cotton thread. (Photo)
Valentine Brooches
At Joyful Abode: She gives directions for making the heart shapes into pins. (Photo)
Heart Shape Pillow
At Crochet Me: Easy-to-make shapes are joined to form the heart-shaped pillow. (Photos)
Connected Hearts Shawl in Filet Crochet
On this site - About Crochet: A triangle shaped shawl pattern that I created, featuring my Connected Hearts charted design.
Michele Bilyeu blogs With Heart and Hands as she shares a quilting journey through her life in Salem, Oregon and Douglas, Alaska. Sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting, with small format art quilts, prayer flags, and comfort quilts for a variety of charitable programs. And best of all, sharing thousands of links to Free Quilt and Quilt Block Patterns and encouraging others to join her and make and donate quilts to charitable causes.   Help us change the world, one little quilt, art quilt, and prayer flag at a time!


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  6. Thank you for the awesome patterns. Today my 2 1/2 year old grandson asked for a heart pillow like Papa's. Three years ago my husband had the mitral value in his heart replaced. We have the cardiac pillow he had in the hospital. The little grandkids always want to claim his pillow. Now I will be able to make them their own pillows!
    Thank you! God Bless!


    1. This is one of those special stories that lit up my day and touched my heart. I am so grateful for the medicine that allowed your husband to be helped and that his own heart pillow is so appreciated and even fun! May you go on to make some of your own for what has got to be the cutest grandkids ever..because they sure do sound like. I will smile every time I make or even see one of my own little heart pillows know, imagining a really cute 'pillow fight' amongst your own grand littles!

      And thank you so very, very much for stopping by and leaving a comment. Most people are so busy anymore, they don't take the time, and it sure light's up my day to read them..especially fun ones like this!

  7. What a fantastic list, Michelle! THX for sharing it. I know I have a few of these in my files but still, WOW. Recently a friend was asking about pieced heart blocks 12 inch they needed for a comfort quilt for another friend that I also know that had been dx with rapidly advancing breast cancer. I could have referred her to you!

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