May 17, 2012

Prayer Pocket Pillows

Our lives are filled with challenges, pain, and even great fear. But if we strive to maintain hope, and stay as positive as we can during hard times, we can also be amazed at the power of connection, of prayer, and the belief that miracles are right here around us... and just needing our heart's connection to them and to their manifestation.

I am reminded of those ever increasing challenges as I am Praying for a Miracle for my sister-in law, Rebecca Savikko in Eagle River, Alaska who needs the donation of an O+ positive kidney that has high antibodies titers. To have this type of blood type and therefore available kindey for donation would involve someone who has also had trauma, or infection, or many blood transfusions which they survived and became healthy again and are willing to donate one of their kidneys so Becky might have a chance at living without constant and eventually limiting kidney dialysis.

But I am also praying for my dear friend's son, Kelly Ball,
who as in an extremely serious accident on April 15th.

Kelly Ball, age 32, is fighting for his life after being hit by a car in a marked crosswalk with flashing lights in Corvallis, Oregon. He was simply crossing the walkway when a car driven by an elderly gentlemen who saw the crosswalk, saw the flashing lights, but said he did not see Kelly as he drove right threw and into Kelly throwing him many yards, breaking bones, injuring internal organs and causing severe brain trauma.

Kelly's mom, Patti, has been my friend for over 40 years since we lived across the hall from one another in college at OSU in Corvallis, Oregon. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful family and a life with challenges, just as so many of us have. We have been there for each other through so many of these challenges both of our lives... and now we must simply face this new one. For even when we live apart from others, even if we only see them occasionally, there are these amazing heart strings of connection that energetically and spiritually connect each of us to those we care about.

This is the second severe accident her son has been in. He was also hit by a car when he was 12 years old and coming down a hill on his bicycle and a car failed to see him on his bike and hit him. That accident also put him into a coma, caused a stroke, and created lifelong epileptic seizures and weakness on one side of his body.

He came through that, relearned all that the accident took away from him got a job, an apartment, and now working at OSU, he was simply crossing a marked crosswalk and had this happen.

Kelly has been in a coma since April 15th. He has only moved a couple of toes and finally opened his eyes for the first time on Mother's Day...for his mother...which meant the world to her. He then went back into the coma state and has had no other responses except for the wiggling of a couple of toes last week. I have been praying for him, reading his Caring Bridge journal kept by his family on status, sending lots of love, and messages, and waiting for signs that he might first live through it, and secondly show any signs he might come out of the coma and then after that, we will just pray for a recovery and full healing of his traumatic brain injuries.

They were able to get him off of the respirator, he is breathing on his own but we need a healing for his brain and his body that will allow him to come back to his mother and father, a grandfather, two sister's and a young nephew...all who love him very, very much.

Like myself, his parents have lived challenging lives where they too, have become the care takers of parents with Alzheimer's Disease, they too have faced the challenges of children, and illnesses, and accidents and more. Patti has not only cared for both of her parents, in her own home for five years, she then cared for her mother-in-law and now her father-in-law, all while teaching full time and doing an amazing job of that.

Please join me as we simply lift up our spirits in common good and wish for healing for all and peaceful spirits and hope filled hearts as they find their ways through these challenges. Thank you for all of you who have taken the time to leave comments of support, send emails of encouragement and affirmed my belief in the powers of connection and manifestation.

Making My String Pieced Prayer Pocket Pillows
I write a message of love and hope and place those little messages in the pockets on the back. Like my prayer flags hanging on my garden arbor, they give physical connection to a spiritual realm where miracles are just waiting to be invited into our lives.

Praying for a Miracle


Scrappy quilter said...

Oh my you are really going through some tough stuff. I'm praying!! Love you

Michele Bilyeu said...

Thank you, Carol! It's been an honor and a pleasure to have known you for all of these blogging years. Have a well earned rest and focus onward to better and even more meaningful purpose and projects!

O'Quilts said...

Life hangs on such a slender thread. I have posted the link for the prayer on my blog. When I ready your blog, I get centered just a little bit better. Sending hugs from Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

It really does make one think about life and all of our problems. Thank you for all you share and do.

Bee Quilter said...

The events that happen in your life just amaze me. No wonder you have learned to be there for others and be so strong. God bless and many thoughts and prayers

Unknown said...

Heart breaking stories. People go through so many challenges. My prayers are with both families. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of how lucky I truly am.

Unknown said...

These are just wonderful. Such a good idea.

Ocean Dreams said...

wow, this is amazing. My prayers are going right into these pockets!

Penny Boden said...

Love this idea. Please can I copy it as there are so many people in my life who need these little pillows of inspirations.
I am keeping all your loveed ones in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Kelly Ball and just found out about his accident. Can you please email me an update? I am desperate to know a status on him. Thank you.

Tmdaniels76 said...

I know this happened moths ago but I just heard about Kelly :( is there any way you could send me more info or his caring bridge site? We are all very sad to hear about this and had been wondering where he was and what was going on!
Tina Tavernier Daniels

Tmdaniels76 said...

I know this happened moths ago but I just heard about Kelly :( is there any way you could send me more info or his caring bridge site? We are all very sad to hear about this and had been wondering where he was and what was going on!
Tina Tavernier Daniels