Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goodbye, Sweet Sophie!

Oh, it's hard to lose a pet..even when that pet is a chicken!

I loved my sweet Sophie! As the Alpha female, she was usually the first one out of the coop in the morning, and the first one to lead the others back into the coop at night.

We only had Sophie for three years. But she was strong, and independent and attentive, and would follow me around the yard with Penelope and Matilda following her. And so, of course, I loved her...just as I do all of our pets. They are part of our family even if they live in their own little chicken house and not inside with us!

I was so sad when she died and I do miss her. And of course, it's not quite as hard as loosing a pet you are closer to than a chicken..but you wouldn't believe how much fun chickens can actually be and how attached you can get to their silly quirkiness. So, if you've every lost a small pet and felt an attachment to them, you have to know that I'm whispering 'Goodbye, sweet Sophie and thank you for all of the lovely cream colored eggs and your funny ways!"

Sophie would stand up on our back deck apple crates and peer into the living room, she would knock with her beak on the patio door, and she was always the first one to come a runnin' when I cooked spaghetti noodles just for her!

When my husband gave me my prayer flag arbor arch that he'd made me for this last Mother's Day, Sophie was the first of all of the chickens to cross under it. She stopped in her tracks ...right in front of it....for at least ten minutes, just chicken thinking about life, perhaps..or maybe she even had a chicken glimmer of knowing she was ill, and would soon be going over the Rainbow Bridge,!

Now some people think chickens are stupid..and they say that ALL the time. Heck, I've been known to say it when it would start raining, and they all gathered on the deck on the apple crate instead of heading for their dry coop. But then again, I wouldn't go into a dark chicken coop just because it was raining, either. So, maybe they're not stupid..just optimists that the sun will come out tomorrow..and maybe even in just a few more minutes! After all, that's how we make rainbows!

So, sweet Sophie..as you travel Across the Rainbow Bridge just remember we thought you were something special, you were part of our little pet family and we miss you!

Loved you, sweet Sophie..even if you were just a chicken!

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