Jul 12, 2011

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show: Diverse, Modern, Liberated and Fun!

Part 2 of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 2011 begins with "Zipper Mania" with Wendy Hill. Wendy had her work showcases at the Sister's Public Library..right as you entered! And you knew with a glance that form, not function, is at the heart of this artist's creations!

Wendy has been collecting zippers since 2008 for use and reuse in her modern art quilts and other projects. Most appeared to be made from those giant industrial zipper rolls you buy new that seamstresses use. The colors were amazing fun and her gift of creative lines and other projects were impressive!

Yes, she quilts with zippers...some open, some shut...but none should be pushed or pulled or touched ;) And yes, I wanted to but I resisted!

That's a zipper quilt..all zippers!... another one, below...zippers!

And yes, this is curved quilting ...with zippers every where!
And yes...zipper jewelry and zipper art

More zippers, more art...sorry it's through a glass cabinet door, but I didn't want the alarms to go off, or me to be wearing zippered handcuffs in order to take clearer photos!

Zippered modern art ala those pencil creations you see online and other fun zipper odds and ends. We are all standing in the opening to the Sister's Library.....like tight little pieces of gum in a foil packet.. ..all trying to take photos without each others hands, purses, backs, or cameras in the way.

Plus they have public bathrooms and the aisle to the photos below are there in front of them!

In the library...challenge quilts seeking to go a bit beyond the norm:

The one in the middle, above, had to be seen to believed. I saw it, not sure I totally believed it..so much detail, I wanted it lower down and closer up or maybe I just wished I'd had a ladder to get up there!

lots of variety...all part of the same thematic exhibit....

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"Oregon:State of Diversity" by Studio Art Quilt Associates of Oregon

We found the Portland Modern quilters out in a courtyard sunning themselves and their quilts:

And their quilts all over hung from the buildings along the courtyard's sides....

Yes...Cher got into two more photos...
Doni...where are you? Maybe she'd headed off to find her golfing husband. But we persevered..And I kept on...searching for my own style of quilted liberation:

Looked way, way up to see some liberated letters ....I've seen this from one of 'us' who blogs...anyone know whose it is? Tonya Ricucci did! She recognized it as Kristin Shield's..one of our Liberated quilters from Bend, Oregon.

Looking inside the Stitchin' Post at employee quilts...looking, looking....for that which is just off the map a bit...here on the left, below...off the grid, and on the right..on the grid, traditional but lovely Kathy D and her Material Obsessions! But she also made some of the liberated quilts shown in this post, as well!

Liberated log cabins , strips, and bars abounded...

And then the curved piecing on the right, in liberated 'landscapes'...ala Jean Wells...
Liberation and the freedom to always think outside of a building, outside of a box, and around each and every block always exists.....it's up to you to discover it!

I'd call these Liberated Hexagons on the right above..heck, there not acting like traditional ones! (the carpet sign hangs from chains at the store front, n front of and not the quilt...) This is another Kathy Doughty of Material Obsessions.

A variety of others..notice the guy? We had tons of men...looking, photographing, and admiring in general! Who know, some were probably even quilters! Go guys!!!

(Kathy Doughty, I do believe) had a blast just piecing her strings every which way ala Anna Williams or passage quilts style.

And this one (by Bonnie's friend, Randy) could have hopped right off of Finn's 'Orphan Train.'

And this one is for Liberated Cowgirls and Guys! Hey...is that a liberated or a modern Robot! He seems friendly! And it's Sisters Oregon, y'all!!!

It was a great one day show, with so many quilts that it will take a few more posts to showcase all of my photos.The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show..nothing in the world quite like it!

Did you miss my first post? Check out the amazing Gee's Bend Quilters, the Stitchin' Post quilts, and the Teacher's Tent among others:

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Clare said...

Those zipper quilts are awesome.

Love those liberated quilts at the end of your post. That Anna Williams styled quilt is gorgeous and I love the Robot. I bet I know someone who took a photo of that too.

I'm following and I haven't had to change the link.


Maritza said...

Ohhhh Michele, fantástico todo. Ya me gustaría algún día poder tener la oportunidad de ver todos estos trabajos maravillosos.....pero estoy tan lejos....Un beso

jenclair said...

What fun! I saw so many quilts that I liked...wish i could have been there in person!

Kathleen C said...

Michele, thanks for posting all these photos and captions from the show. So many quilts to admire and so many new ideas...
Kathleen in CT

Michele said...

It truly is a treat to see this show! I'm amazed at all the quilts!

Lori said...

A fantastic overview!!

Lynne said...

Wow, wow, wow and wow! I want to go to Sisters!

Shelly said...

Thanks for all the photos; you sort of bring us followers to the show with you. ^^

Unknown said...

Beautiful Quilts!! Who would have ever thought you could do all those with the zippers. :)

Thanks for sharing!

God bless and keep you,

Debra Dixon said...

How great! Every quilt is just colorful and super! Thanks for sharing them~

quiltmom anna said...

Those zipper quilts are astonishing- I also love the beautiful liberated quilts with all the wonky squares.
I found this post on facebook but I will make sure that I am one of your followers.

Magpie Sue said...

I can only imagine the visual overload those who actually went to Sisters have been suffering from! Thanks for all the great photos. :- )

Unknown said...

Love both of these last posts. Thanks so much!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

sew many quilts, sew little time--

Tonya Ricucci said...

fab photos! that wonderful red and white houses and letters quilt is by Kristin Shields of Stitching Hands (formerly Knit One Quilt Too). love that quilt. At least I got to see that one, most of these I didn't - including the robot.