Sunday, February 07, 2010

who dat ?

dat me doin fais-do-do in mama's kitchen

50% french, and 50% alaskan pioneer finnish, i am entertaining my 1oo% (cajun) french mama, nellie grace, by making Making Adult Bibs today

mama watched me cut them all out yesterday

i put a shiny purple ribbon around her neck
her 'lagniappe' (lawn yop) ..... little something extra ;)

'now, you're monkeying with me she said!'

she still loves being included and having fun....
and fun, we do have!

and it will be my own competition with being handicapped
or handi-able.....until my broken wrist heals

3 hours to just flip the material flat and cut 3 sets

who knows if i can sew?

don matta!

we're having a 'sew-do-do' in the kitchen today

Laissez les bon temps rouler ....

(let the good times roll)

who dat?
short for.....
Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints"

broken wrist
laughter therapy
alien encounters
Stitches in Memory and Time
coming and going.......