Sunday, February 14, 2010

single handed valentines

inspite of many challenges
my fall on alaskan black ice

my broken wrist
and the discovery of my alien encounters
and overuse and stress issues with my right

and my 84 year 0ld mother, whose challenges with alzheimer's
have helped me to use laughter therapy to create
Stitches in Memory and Time

and many wonderful who dat moments
of championing over adversity

both coming and going.......
with my father's sleep apnea and resulting heart attack

i finally finished
these 3 Adult Bibs

the hardest sewing i've ever done...
sewing with only one hand,
using a pencil in my mouth to turn collars,
pin, sew and turn 3 layer bibs inside out...
one hand both holdin winding a bobbin...oh my!

but such a sense of claiming my personal power
going from 'i think i can' to 'i know i can'
of sustaining and persevering on top
of so many other challenges, chores, and problems

that making time for me to create from fabric and thread
seemed more than just necessary,
but somehow essential

not shown:
for my 93 year old father...sweet treats of dark chocolate for increasing heart health (and hopefully keeping him on the sweet and not old grumpy alaskan bear side;)
and an electrical 'brotherhood' union hat from oregon mailed up by family

valentines for my alaskan valentines!

my heart, my hand !
oh feet and sinking in some teeth, too ;)

my gift to you:

Free Heart Themed Patterns: Quilt Blocks, Heart Quilts, Heart Pillows and Crafts