Thursday, February 04, 2010

coming and going.......

I just came and went from Alaska in 6 days time
to Alaska from Oregon January 5th

then back to Oregon
and then back to Alaska again
now, this week

celebrated my mil's 94th in Oregon
was important to do
and necessary in all ways

however, the night i left Juneau
chaos began

my brother's son up there broke his leg in hockey game
tibia and fibula huge jagged break

same brother who spent 3 weeks helping me
with my broken wrist
and resulting surgery in Juneau
now having to continue with his son

very next morning my dad was clawing at bedroom drapes
to get window open gasping for air
rushed to e.r. in Juneau from our Douglas Island home

he stayed 2 days in hospital
inconclusive test results
but very very sick, dizzy. nauseated, weak

sat night my same brother found him incoherent in bed 3 am
upside down twisted in blankets
gasping for breath
he asked for hospital

rushed him back to hospital
probable 1 to 2 heart attacks had previously happened
silent ons with no pain expressed
not even caught in previous 2 days of tests
in hospital just 2 days before

i got back on first plane out from Oregon
next day Mon am
back to Juneau
they told him i was coming

by time i got here and
went to him he rallied
huge turn around
they admitted he has incredible will to live
at his 93 years

stress and anxiety and caring for my Alzheimer's mom last 5 yrs
plus his acute shingles i came up to help with in 2008
exaggerated the mild sleep apnea he'd had for decades

oxygen deprivation as he slept and napped
combined to create stress on heart
undiagnosed cardiac irregularities and unrecognized heart attack(s)

my 'good 'unbroken and too overused wrist went out on me
two wrist splints now

talk about 'out of my hands' and thy will be done
one simply tries to flow through faith into a place of acceptance
and still stay cheerful and hopeful

my nephew had surgery on his broken tibia and fibula 4 days ago
visited him at home
and welcomed him to the alien encounters
'parts department'

he almost smiled thru huge pain
bless his heart

first cast created horrific pressure sores
my bro had to rush him into er again
total agony

removed cast,treated sores
new fiberglass cast that is looser

my sil's and brothers all rose to challenges
all being amazing tho exhausted
someone at home with mom

we all took multiple turns at hospital with dad
every second 24 hrs a day
and helping with mom's constant care

we are cautiously encouraged about dad
they sent him home wed
taking it all day by day

medicare just ended Juneau coordinator
no sleep apnea c-pap unit here
sleep study showed dad woke
gasped for air 45x that night

we have to order and ship big unit to Juneau
and learn how to set up,clean, and maintain by ourselves
with directions over the phone from Anchorage office

my over used 'good' wrist now injured
so one broken and with badly islocated wrist
one carpal tunnel from constant use of only one hand to use
1 surgery but 2 matching splints
in just 3 weeks

challenging time
me with wrist here
then back to mil in Oregon
then my nephew to er here
then my dad
all in 3 weeks

its unbelievable yet
how life flows and goes sometimes

tomorrow, on Friday, the 2nd graders and
our kuspuks will be filmed
by Anchorage news crew on native culture segment

good times in spite of hard
we are all so grateful dad is still with us and mom is good

we still practice laughter therapy
every single day
even in ICU
not sure others understood ;)
but so important to keep energy and spirits up

still so blessed in all ways
and we never forget that

it is the secret to all challenges
it really is

one more day at a time
we all can do this

broken wrist
laughter therapy
alien encounters
Stitches in Memory and Time
coming and going.......