Dec 23, 2009

2009 in Review

Every year, I like to look back and collage all of the works into one big picture. I remember each and every project, the emotions and hopes for each experience, and it helps to bring that year... and my life that I lived through doing...into a kind of focus that directs and re-directs my goals for the new year.

And I discovered that even Picasa3 in collage mode would not support as many projects as I make in a year...even when I just try to represent a category. That really made me smile ;)

2009 Tutorials:
Liberated Rose:Free Piecing Tutorial
Whirlygigs (giggles): there are one block tutes out there..this is the whole quilt!
My Prayer Pocket Pillow
Making a Cardiac (or Breast Cancer) Heart Pillow
Making an Adult Bib
Frugal Friday Bottle Wrap Tutorial
Creating a Patchwork Journal Cover
Make a Re-useable Shopping Bag: Pocket Pouched!
Singer Featherweight: Sewing Accessories (small mat and a snippets bag) Tutorial
Making a Coffee Press Wrap
Burrito or Magic Pillowcase Tutorial
Making Magical Devil's Club Lip Balm
Frugal Fun: Make a Potholder!
Origami 'Petal Bag' Tutorial

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