Sunday, May 03, 2009

Burrito or Magic Pillowcase Tutorial

From burrito pillowcases
Our quilt guild is committed to donating pillowcases for a variety of causes including the patriotic programs similar to Quilts of Valor, to foster children program and to Show Mercy International.

Each month, we can pick up donated fabric, make the pillowcases and then turn them in when they are finished.

While everybody has their own favorite way to make pillowcases...and we all think ours is just a 'wee bit' better....I LOVE mine! I use a variation of the burrito pillowcase technique that I got from guild, but that I have seen before called a 'magic' pillowcase.

Fabric required:
All measurements are by width of fabric, 44/45"

27" piece for body of pillowcase (27"x 44/45")
9" co-ordinating cuff piece (9"x 44/45")
2" contrasting narrow trim piece
(2" x 44/45")

Step 1 Assemble three pieces: trim, cuff, body
Step 2. Take trim piece, fold in half ,press flat
Place between right sides of cuff and body

Step 3. Now, all three are almost in position for pinning together, just make sure your trim piece is ride sides together, and between both the cuff and the body's right sides, as well. But you must make your burrito before you make your magic!

Now,just take the body section (pink) and
roll it up (like a burrito) until you can see the trim piece from underneath. This insures that no rolled edge gets accidentally sewn in. The roll is simply encased within, except at the one top seamed edge!
Step 4.
Take the bottom edge of cuff (blue) and flip it up and over the burrito'ed body section.
Line up top with cuff and trim edges. You will now have five layers pinned and ready to sew as shown below.

Step 5. Sew all of the layers together, using about a 1/2" seam allowance.
Note that it will appear to be a very narrow.... almost too small to be correct, but it is....section as you sew this little burrito roll-up's long seam. Just make sure there are 5 layers in your seam and the rolled up edge is not accidentally sewn in, just encased within the burrito!

Step 6. To turn the burrito right side out...
Remove all pins. Now reach inside of your 'burrito' roll and pull all of the fabric out of one end of your tube.

Step 7. Take this pillowcase section and press flat.
Be sure to iron the trim towards the body.

Step 8. Trim side edges of body of pillowcase.

Step 9. Sew a French (encased within) seam.
With wrong (exactly the opposite of what is usual)sides together, sew both sides and bottom of the pillowcase using a 1/4" seam.

Step 10. Press flat and turn right side out.

Step 11. Sew the (now encased) sides and bottom in a 5/8" seam, simply turning the corners as you. (Less than this may leave strings showing).

Step 12. Turn right side out, press again, and admire your finished pillowcase!

NOW....make a lot more of them before you forget the technique;)

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