Oct 6, 2007


Posted by PicasaQuiltopia....a weekend of five quilted events...is filling Salem this weekend with a scrap bag of delights! There is the Greenbaum's Quilted Forest/Mission Mill Museum team showing of quilts, A Handweavers Show and Sale...both of these at the historic Mission Mill. Then a quick drive down to the Bush House Vintage Quilt Show and the Lime Green Gelatin Quilt Challenge at the Beanery.

Yesterday, I went out with a good friend and viewed the Mission Mill events. The Mission Mill has been designated as an American Treasure by the National Park Service. It produced wool products from 1889 to 1962 and represented one of Oregon’s earliest and strongest industries. The Mill buildings themselves, are fascinating, but the lovely gift shops, restaurant and activities add even more to the elements of interest.

It was a lovely fall day with the sunshine peeking through and coming out to play....just as I was. It was a quite interesting to go through the Handweavers Show, in the Mission Mill Dye House, and to chat with a woman who taught herself intricate bobbin weaving after inheriting the antique bobbins from an Aunt in Spain. She had spent ten years looking for a teacher... after valiantly trying to teach herself from her Spanish street vendor booklets.

But, of course, I'd come for the quilts and quilts there were, indeed. A jaunt over from the Dye House, a ride up their glass elevator and into the Spinning Room, and quilts hung in rows from the rafters, everywhere.

Shown here, the BACK of just one of Leslie Coleman Zeigen's nine quilts that she entered in the show. Leslie made this quilt for her son-in-law, Allen. She said that Allen loved three things...her daughter, bears, and chocolates. So she made him this! My photo of the front of the quilt didn't turn out...still using a borrowed digital...so, if you want to see the front (other than the bear paws sneak peaking from the corner in the next photo) you'll have to come to the show.

Leslie (sidebar link) pieced the quilt using the Bear's Paw pattern and chocolate candies fabric. You'll have to admit...this is one great backing! She added on the back...'Caressed by Chocolates'...I mean, c'mon...does it get any better than that? Poor Allen, how he can stand going to bed every night...under a wonderful quilt, next to the woman he loves, and not only bear hugged, but caressed by chocolates!

Far right: Another look at Leslie's 'My Daughter, The Bibliophile' library quilt...also on display this weekend. It has to be seen in person, to be believed...trust me!

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