Sunday, October 07, 2007

Something To Crow About

This little fellow is the king of the mountain. He's chirping a little tune over his harvest of scraps...all donated by a friend who didn't have any use for them, so she passed them on to me!

"You like to make string quilts." she said. And of course, she's right. I do! So, I was as happy to accept them as this little fellow...and three cats, sit on top of them!

Now, for a project to make use of them! With my long list of charities that I still would like to donate to......I'm sure I'll think of something ;)


  1. WOW!!!! What a great gift. You are going to be busy and someone is going to be very lucky.

  2. Oooh, those are pretty fabrics! They are going to make a gorgeous quilt.

  3. He does have something to crow about, indeed! What great fortune you have received, I love nothing better than to dive into scraps... and the fun of using donated scraps are all the "discoveries" awaiting, pieces yet unseen (by you!); have fun!

  4. What a treasure! Those are not small scraps ... certainly not "orts". Many look to be the size that gets folded up and stored in my stash. What fun you'll have utilizing them.


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