Jan 29, 2019

Harmonic Convergence Quilting

Convergence is defined as the process or act of converging or coming together of different things, processes, or life forms. 

In nature, it can be the emergence of similar patterns in both human and plant life forms moving along in very different, but still parallel or similar patterns.

The fluidic but still linear pattern seemingly moves along along a horizon point. And in this process, it transforms into unified entity. 

In nature it is often the movement of air upwelling or merging with the movement or downwelling of water and creating a new process in its progression into something else. 

This process in nature is in its essence also the process of the convergence quilt that so many of us have made and loved...or perhaps just always wanted to create!

The term "Harmonic Convergence" actually refers to to the famous globally synchronized meditation events by that name. The Harmonic Convergence which occurred on August 16–17, 1987, and closely coincided with a unique alignment of the planets in our solar system.

Many believed that the unique and rare event thereby created the opportunity for a 'shift' in human conscious. A coming together of  all species as one with recognition of the interrelationship of all of us to one another and to all sentient beings on earth.

A timeless concept as well as one we all so desperately need for ourselves and our world now!

It was a beautiful concept, as is that of the design of a 'convergent quilt' pattern.

The concept of a convergence quilt, was made popular Ricky Timms and has been taught by Ricky in many venues. 

But it has, as all quilts and other art forms do, transformed along the way into new forms and variations creating new looks from his own original design and patterns. Becoming in that process a true convergence of creativity and creative ideas, colors and patterns.

If you google the images for convergence quilts you will find a multitude of ideas and variations. But a good basic approach to making a convergent quilt of your own can be found at my links below courtesy of the The Star Quilters of Asheville SC and includes an additional convergence quilt fabric calculator chart!

A lovely quilt making idea for gift giving or donation for young and old alike. Babies will be enthralled by its design patterning and the elderly by the interesting complexity.

I personally just love the entire idea of convergence especially a harmonic one!  I see this quilt pattern as a beautiful variation from many traditional quilts and the beginning perhaps, of the art quilt movement in linear form.

Created from donated bits and pieces that I was given, once started with this help of co-ordinating fabrics, it turned into a lovely convergence of colors, lines, and patterns sure to entrance the viewer and it certainly didn't matter if my sewing lines were straight or my patterning off as its the harmonic convergence basics that created the whole. 

And in a month that challenges many of us to re-adjust after the holidays, and to face the challenges that the transition into a new year often brings, it served as the perfect gateway quilt for both endings and beginnings.  And in that process, I created my own concept of the  Harmonic Convergence!

A shout out to a quilting friend, Maja Raynor on Facebook for reminding me of this little baby quilt as she is making her own in beautifully bright oranges etc.

I readjusted my previous blog posts as my links needed updating and then thought..... I should share this again!

It's perfect for February, the "month of love and caring and sharing! Enjoy making your own with a little help from my heart and my hands!

"Harmonic Convergence"
Convergence Quilt 

Making a Convergent Quilt using the basic idea originating with Ricky Timms but explained by quilters and guilds with thiese basic directions and fabric calculations shared below!
Good luck and have fun testing your own sense of directions!

Directions for a Harmonic Convergence Quilt small screenshot of The Star Quilters of Ashville S.C.  


Get a pdf download directly from their site by clicking:




 And for the fabric calculator also shown as a small image below, clik here to seeit full size in chart form on their site:


Enjoy your own creative convergence as hearts and hands create not only beautiful quilts but  co-creating a multi-dimensional, universal shift into a better and more beautiful world that deep inside our hearts know is possible

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