Aug 25, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show: Two Rivers

Two Rivers Three Sisters is an amazing 40' quilt installation that has been called "A Masterpiece of Contemporary American Fiber Art."

Originally called the "Quilt for Two Rivers" after the National Forest Foundation’s Tale of Two Rivers conservation campaign.


The Two Rivers Three Sisters Quilt is a unique collaboration between the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, the National True to its art form, the quilt tells a story. And each of its parts contributes to the whole as 19 artists share the love of two rivers... Whychus Creek and the magical Metolius River of Central Oregon in the Three Sisters wilderness area which surrounds the town of Sisters.

Combining the many waterways, whether creek, river, or flowing waterfalls and the lush and ever changing scenery of different seasons along with the changing weather and varying elevations.

Each of the individual quilts blend into 17 panels showcased during the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show by the 19 quilters and these create blend a unified piece that can only be described as rich, diverse, and both individually and combined magnificence.

And what’s truly magical about the 40-foot quilt is the way it is going to live on. It began as individual quilts that became a traveling exhibit, showcased all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond, following its display during the month of July at the 2012 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show where it was available, in its entirety for viewing in the lobby of the Black Butte Ranch Lodge.


Two Rivers Three Sisters was the product of a unique collaboration between the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, the National Forest Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service as well as the support of its Presenting Sponsor, the US Bank Funders:National Forest Foundation, the U.S. Forest Service, the Deschutes County Cultural Coalition, the Deschutes County Economic Development Fund and with a Discretionary Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Roundhouse Foundation, the Deschutes Land Trust, and the Deschutes River Conservancy.

Now, imagine it in real life and 40' long! What a wonderful collaboration between so many quilters, and so many wonderful funding and support partners! The support and funding, alone is a lot of food for thought of how to accomplish art and have it both created and funded!

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Maritza said...

Michel qué iniciativa tan bonita!!! Los trabajos son hermosos y espectaculares. Un beso

Lynne said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! I have really enjoyed all of the photos you have shown of this show. I am putting it on my wish list to attend some day.

Unknown said...

How wonderful these are! Very different from what I am able to do but I can certainly appreciate and enjoy their artistry! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Celia said...

These must be glorios in real life, very impressive in the photos.