Aug 20, 2012

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show: Small Wonders Abound

From the unbelievable wonders of the small art quilts from the classes of Gwen Marston, shown above ...

BEST USE OF COLOR: "Tango Gardening" 2012, by Jean Wells Keenan

Best Interpretation of Show Theme:
"Little Village" 2012 by Bev King

Best Interpretation of Show Theme:
"Little Village" 2012 by Bev King

Best Use of Michael Miller Challenge Fabric:
Quilt on the left: "The Red Door" 2012 by Kristin Shields

Best Contemporary/Art Quilt & Judges Choice
"Moonlit Trees" 2012, by Betty Gientke

Viewer's Choice: "House of Wonky" Bill Volenking the actual 'Small Wonders' quilt competition of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show,
small quilts often 'stole the show'!


And how they not? They are so much fun, and so creative and well...just look at some of them!

So many different styles, colors, techniques....


And because it's an OUTDOOR quilt show...lots and lots of natural elements! And yes, the sunshine and the shadows do challenge photo taking opportunities.....

But...when you get to see everything, and everyone..from Jean Wells on....

How can anyone complain?

Well, try picking just one favorite, it really is a challenge! But I LOVED this one:

Nope, they just made me happy :) And which one was my favorite????

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beaquilter said...

lovely mini quilts, not sure which one you said was the winner though, on what picture?

Michele Bilyeu said...

Redid it, Bea, so it was more clearer. The truth is though..that the whole quilt show is unjudged. ANYONE can show a quilt who enters it, pays a small fee and follows the other rules etc.

This section is just about using Michael Miller fabric and so it was judged. Small Wonders quilts had to be a combined total of all sides adding up to less than 100" and including the piece of Michael Miller fabric. Sometimes you could barely find the fabric, no matter what ribbon they won, or what quilt was entered.

beaquilter said...

ahhh, makes more sense now! lovely quilts, I think my favorite is the one with the little bright houses all stacked on top of each other, (in the part after the ribbon quilts) a picture on the left.

Lynne said...

Some lovely quils there. I couldn't pick just one!

Cherie in St Louis said...

I've really been enjoying your Sisters Outdoor Quilt show posts....I can't believe you were only there for one day! You've been on my mind and I hope you're hanging in there.....losing your beloved kitty on top of everything just seems like too much. Hugs from St Louis.

Turtles In Northern Florida said...

Someday i will get to the Sisters quilt show. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photo's.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! There's some seriously wonderful quilts here. I especially love the miniature Gwen Marston class art quilts. I just went to the Festival of Quilts here in England last week and some of the miniature quilts there astounded me too! I guess I'm feeling inspired by small things at the moment.

Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Gorgeous.

Viv x

Anonymous said...

I love these! They are quite fun and so interesting. I love that they are outdoors in the sunshine and shadows like this!