Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making a Valentine Gift for a Senior

Whether a home bound senior lives in their own home, or a care home, receiving the gift of an adult bib is actually something they not only need, but actually love receiving. And what's even better...others see them, love them, and wish they had one, too!

I've made my own mother at least a dozen of these, but my 96 year old mother-in-law only had one, so after helping her pack up belongings in her home for eight hours yesterday... for transitioning to a small care facility...I was ready for some sewing time in my own home!

We have given her the best we could.. and night care...for two solid months, and we have helped her every day in small amounts, for almost three years...and now she is ready for more intensive care by others. It is sad, and it is hard, but it was also time.

In Oregon, we have options for extended care, whereas in Alaska we had none with my mom... who we still care for in her own home, 24 hours a day, with her advanced Alzheimer's. It's all hard, but we do the best we can by taking our turns with staying there.

As challenging as the last two months have been with my MIL (especially for my husband who has spent all but four of the last months worth of nights with her) we do not regret all of the care giving, living in time with her, or how exhausted we all are. It is simply what I choose to do, and what my husband has also felt, and honored. But it is not something that most people can physically, or emotionally do. Care taking of an adult who make not even be able to walk is very challenging, trust me. We all have to do what we feel works the best for everyone involved. And all of us have our own personal abilities and our own personal limits, as well.

But now, my MIL is in another major life transition and with Valentine's Day on Tuesday, and knowing she would need even more support and love, I decided that Dorothy needed a new senior bib! Sso out came the fabrics, the lace, and some velcro closures, and in a couple of hours ..searching for fabric to finishing it....I had it made.

I know she will love it and it will help make the transition from independence to needing care from others outside of our family a little more cheerful, at least! And I'm secretly hoping that the other 3 little old ladies will be jealous and my MIL will feel extra special ;) But then, of course, I'm guessing I may have to just make 3 more for them, too :)

I love holiday sewing of any kind and with less time to quilt, I make sure to make more time for simple sewing. It is fun and creative for me and is a wonderful outlet for stress!

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