Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Million Pillowcase Challenge

The APQ -1 Million Pillowcase Challenge been issued with a worldwide goal...to make one million pillowcases and donate them to various charities around the world....for any, and all, charitable causes.

Today, back in Salem, Oregon, quilters are meeting at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest and having a pillowcase sew-in for this world-wide cause.

The Challenge was initially showcased in 'Better Homes and Garden Magazine' and documented at the APQ website, but has spread around the Internet so many times, in so many versions, that I'm not sure where it truly first began, or how and when,it might finally end.

I am constantly making and giving pillowcases away through our Salem's Mid-Valley Quilt Guild in Salem, OR. Our guild has given hundreds of them to Mission trips in Africa, the local Foster Care group, and to groups which gather together supplies for mothers and children is crisis.

I can't wait to get up to speed so I can use my own Make a Magic 'Burrito' Pillowcase pattern and support this wonderful challenge just as I have,so often in the past.

Make pillowcases on your own,wherever you live, Donate them to a charity of your choosing and record them at the APQ website! And do check out fellow blogger Debi's Fifty Pillowcases Finished ........WOW!!!!! Is that awesome or what? And her goal is to make 1oo !!!

And as I tell everyone. If you make one, make a hundred more before you forget how!!!

This is a list of suggested charities to get you started if you don;t already have a favorite!

* Operation Support for Deployed Military
* Department of Human Services/foster care programs
* Child Welfare Services
* Nursing homes
* Oncology units
* Women’s shelters
* Youth shelters
* Runaway shelters
* Hospice centers
* YMCA’s
* YWCA’s
* Red Cross
* United Way
* Ronald McDonald House
* Veteran’s clinics/hospitals
* Missions
* Transitional Residences
* Victims of fires
* Victims of hurricanes
* Victims of floods
* Church World Service
* Lutheran Refugee Services
* Catholic Charities
* Pediatric Surgery Centers of local hospitals