Nov 27, 2009

Black, Red, Blue, and Spotted Friday

In the United States, the term Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving and the first 'official' shopping day for the Christmas season. The day was originally so named because of the heavy traffic on that day, when all one could see was massive amounts of shoppers in stores, and cars on highways. And to the referencing of the beginning of the period in which retailers are "in the black "(i.e., turning a profit) as opposed to "in the red", when they are not.

Long gone are the wonderful days of running into long lost friends in endless shopping aisles clutching my 50 pairs of half-price socks, and towering stacks of half price towel sets, bathrobes, slippers and of course, my free cup of coffee and donut! My crazy days of guerilla shopping as a crazed bag lady have transformed into manic and maniacal quilter, instead!

Now, it's relaxing in my bathrobe and jammies with my own endless cups of coffee, breaks to check out the 150 blogs on my favorites list ;) and lots and lots of sewing. I've been up since 2 a.m. (yes, still crazed and crazy) reading blogs and working on projects...and no I don't go to bed early...I just don't sleep!

a little teddy quilt, made from the tiniest of leftover scraps from Howdy, Pardner! and Heart Felt Wishes for Comfort and Care .

I've been gifted with an abundance of cow, cowboy, and cowgirl fabrics from many different sources, lately. And after a childhood spent growing up on an island in Alaska, and never even seeing a horse, much less cows and cowboys and girls, I was asked repeatedly in my 20's while in college (here in Oregon) if I was 'so and so... a rodeo princess'. I found it absolutely hilarious and never did meet my rodeo twin.

I figure an alternate reality persona must have finally had the chance to emerge. Howdy to all!... on this black, red, and spotted 'Black Friday'!!


Paula, the quilter said...

Shopping on Black Friday is not for me, although it has happened twice in the past. See? I can count the times on one hand. Though yesterday, I thought I would have to go out today. *shudder* I was knitting away and the cable on the knitting needle separated from the bamboo. *frown* These are new needles and I was only halfway through the first sock! There are 3 LYS and I was planning on shopping them today to get a needle to finish these socks when I remembered that a GF always uses the size I need. After a frantic voice mail she called back and saved me! Now I only have to visit her instead of braving the crowds. Joy in Mudville! Friends are the best.

Scrappy quilter said...

I never understood Black Friday. Interesting how it came about. I know there are many Canadians shopping in the States today. Hugs

Rebag said...

Good Morning from another non black Friday shopper, Im with you 100% on the coffe pot, jammies and sewing, I have only one time in my life gone shopping on this day....was not a good experience and truly have no desire to do so again.....

Love the little quilt!!

blessings to you this season


Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Have to give a conflicting opinion, just for fair play. Black Friday is awesome!

Beth said...

I've been up for hours, nothing to do with Black Friday, but I quilt I have to get to the long-arm lady by Monday. I wish I was out shopping. I've had lunch, reading blogs and back to work. Have a GREAT weekend.

Winifred said...

Thanks for this, I keep seeing people mentioning Black Friday and hadn't a clue what they were on about.

We don't have this day the UK. Every day is just a mad Christmas shopping day. You can't move in the shops that's if you get parked. Crazy but at least it keeps the economy going. Hate to think what it's doing to the environment though.

Winifred said...

Forgot to say that teddy's quilt is gorgeous.

Mary Lou Weidman said...

As I said to my mailman- it is not worth fighting people on Black Friday for things....I love buying for small children in my family but no adult I know needs much. We take too many things forgranted. My goodness how blessed we are! Your blog blesses me greatly! Thanks so much!

quiltmom anna said...

I have read about all the great sales on Black Friday, Michele but I would not be one of the shoppers. I use to love shopping but it just is not fun, at least for the most part, these days. I am not crazy about crowds and we already have so much stuff. I have spent the last couple of months clearing out stuff in the basement of our house so I am thinking long and hard, before I bring new things into our house.
We have a day here in Canada, that is sort of like Black Friday called Boxing Day. It is the 26th of December( also happens to be our wedding anniversary). Good deals can be found, if you can stand the crowds and love bargains. My brother and sister often go and buy things on that day, but its not for me.
Hope you are having a great beginning to your holiday season.
Warmest regards,

bingo~bonnie said...

That is the cutest and most coziest little teddy bear ;)

Also I feel the same as you - no thanks for going shopping day after, nope not for me. And I'm sitting here right now at 2am reading blogs... I'm way behind since I didn't log on all weekend. eek!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Rhonda said...

Cute little quilt......on the Black Friday thing....I'm way past that.....LOL.....I'm the one watching the news and shaking my head at all the people jammed into the stores...running over one and the other. I shop online these days, thank goodness. take care.