Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It is in the giving....

.....that I receive.

And each and every one of these small items given forth to another this year, brings me blessings at the mere thought of being able to give to another.

I feel so blessed to have had enough, to be able to give what I could, and to have received so much more back again...tenfold, times ten, and more.

((((( Happiest of Thanksgivings )))))


  1. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy all your pretty gifts!

  2. Ah Millie,These are all the things I GAVE this year ;) So much better than receiving ...but bless you for leaving a nice comment, anyway!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, and blessings to you! And the year isn't even done for giving...I bet you have something to give for the Dec. Holidays too.