Nov 30, 2009

Pink Gloves Dance

Watch this fabulous YouTube video from the staff of Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, Portland Oregon. It features 200 staff members...everybody from nurses, to cafeteria workers, to sanitation patrol to securty. With the help of Emily MacInnes Somers, who created the idea, choreographed and then directed Pink Glove Dance it promotes Breast Cancer Awareness through the use of pink gloves....a new color for hospital supply company Medline.

A friend mailed me the video link (thanks, Sue!) and I couldn't believe that there were this many wonderfully entertaining dancers in one hospital!

As the Huffington Post wrote:

There are lots of ways people decide to promote awareness of breast cancer: by wearing little ribbon pins, buying sponsored pink products, doing a run/walk with friends. But this one is new to us -- The entire staff of the Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Ore. donned pink gloves and recorded a dance to Jay Sean's "Down." Then they posted it on YouTube to the delight of anyone who secretly hopes that working at a hospital is exactly like an episode of "Scrubs."

And yes, Medline is absolutely donating a portion of all sales of its pink gloves to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. No, it is not true as it states in the viral emails that they will donate a huge amount of money went Youtube gets 1 million hits on the video. That is another one of those viral email urban myths that gets spread from friend to friend. But yes, indeed, money is being donated with every pair purchased! And even better, the video is opening eyes and hearts in a brand new way.


Bee Quilter said...

This was wonderful! I'm still humming that song and dancing around the house!

Anonymous said...

Way cute!

Rhonda said...

Thank you so sharing this particular made me smile and cry at the same time.

Unknown said...

Amazing video! Right after I saw it here, I heard about it on the ABC news. Then I decided to come back and watch it through you, again and comment. It was that good.