Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Morsbags and Pillowcases

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In honor of my October charitable commitments, I have been delightfully busy creating all kinds of small sewing projects! First off, 6 re-usable 'green' bags for the U.S. Morsbags donation to the Nolcha Independent Retailer's Fashion Week in Chicago.

Incorporating the industry's ideas of introducing products and educational tools for independently minded business owners, the fashion industry, and retail fashion buyers, Nolcha sponsors London, New York, and Chicago fashion weeks. U.K. based eco-friendly " Morsbags", challenged its U.S. 'pods' to make and send re-usable cloth shopping bags to Chicago.

Our pods are small, unlike in the UK where fervent and passionate sewers work diligently, and endlessly, to create one bag after another. Often sewing in public places and then handing out the completed bags for free, they often surprise prominent public figures by giving them bags and even getting them to help sew some of their own! Check out their photo albums here and truly be inspired!

We couldn't come up with 1,000 much less 2,000 completed bags in time, so the UK pods had to chip in and help us out! With only a few days remaining before the Chicago Fashion Week opened, I did manage to get these six made and labeled and sent off to my contact. The idea is to get retailers to think 'outside of the box' and consider the environment with our own classy re-useable bags instead of ' name brand' paper ones.

My floral bags used to be curtains, and have been re-purposed into 'green' shopping bags. So, with a '' label that advertises environmental awareness as a premium label of its own...2,000 morsbags will be released onto the fashion conscious sidewalks of Chicago this month and hopefully onto the arms of savvy shoppers and a new kind of label awareness.

Then the great Pillowcase Sew-off! After hearing about Pillowcases Needed for American Samoa I managed 7 pillowcases for donations disaster relief. These were all made from remants from my 'green' bag making, or leftover pieces from costume and garment making days.

Not as many as I might have liked, but still 13 projects in a short time frame is enough to make me happy, and certainly put a smile on my face :)

See, Finn...I can sew quickly when I need to and I'm even Crossing the T's and Dotting the I's... ;)

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