Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pillowcases Needed for American Samoa

I have joined Debi of Quilting With Debi in making pillowcases for American Samoa after discovering that her dear friend, Barb who lives there, has sent the word out that pillowcases, sheets, pillows and children's clothing are immediately needed for disaster relief from the tsunami.

If yo go to Barb's blog, her words will just break your heart. She writes....

"Today bodies started floating up in the harbour. Momma's have found their babies. My husband said it just broke his heart to hear this family going up and down the harbour yelling for their little girl yesterday and today they found her in the ditch.....soooo very sad. People walk around in shock, not knowing what to do. Then there are those that have gleaned their closets like myself. One gal said, what do I need with three black dresses, one will do. Clothes she was saving for her grandchildren, she no longer felt a need to hang on to them. The youth going from family to family collecting items for the homeless. No one complaining just helping. There are alot of wonderful people out here in this world....yes there is the sadness and heartbreak but there is also hope...."

Barb goes on to say ....

"I was called by one friend to help this one village, I asked her if our little donations would be enough and she said, not to worry that what we will bring them they all will share....if one starves, they all starve but if one eats, they all eat. That is the true test of mankind."

I have emailed Debi, and have Barb's address. I am hoping to get a flat rate parcel out soon, as the mail takes a while to get there. The pillowcases, sheets, and clothing can be anything you already have, but if you are trying to clean out your stash, why not make a few home made pillowcases!

While there is no speedier 'Priority Mail' in American Samoa, a 'priority mail box or mailer' will allow you more weight for your money...whatever you can cram in to fit, goes for one price..... depending on the size you select. According to the postage calculator, prices are the same as in the U.S. since they are an American territory. ($4.99 for a small Priority Mail Cardboard Mailer)** Bring pillowcases etc. and a marker and the address (you can email me to get it) with you to the P.O.... fill it up there, write in the address, get the postage stamped on from the desk, and mail it out in one quick visit!

Once you get in the flow of Making a Magic 'Burrito' Pillowcase you can quickly create one after another. I've made these three so far, and am hoping to make more tomorrow. Debi was able to make 12 pillowcases one after the other, bless her heart! See Debi's post here:Pillowcases for American Samoa

Please do help if you can, and leave me a note or a link so I can come and visit and see your donations!


  1. Words cannot convey the feeling in my heart - it is all too sad and tragic!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I filled a flat rate box - I warned Barb- it was like packing a too-full suitcase- so beware when she cuts the tape - it might explode!!! LOL I didn't have time to make pillowcases, but I donated some from my stash and the thrift store, and filled the rest with children's clothes. Not alot, but hope it helps someone. I didn't think to take a pic before I packed it, but maybe I'll take one of the box and write a post on my blog later today to spread the word.

  3. I have just finished the load of laundry with all of the kitty cat pillowcases that I've made for MIL over the years ~ the ones I'd been using for her during this past month. Now that they are freshly laundered, I'll find a flat rate box and send them on their way to comfort and cheer someone else who is in desperate need of both.

  4. I'll dedicate todays sewing time to making pillowcases and see how many I can get done for this wonderful effort. I really appreciate your information on postal rates, as a senior in todays world I have to really watch my know what to expect helps. *VBS* Thanks Michele. Hugs, Finn

  5. It is so wonderful of you to post this request on your blog and all the wonderful ladies who are helping out. I know Barb is thrilled and so appreciative. Thanks to everyone.