Feb 11, 2009

Australian Bushfires--Quilters Can Help!

Tracey, Oz Country Quilting Mum, has posted about the heartbreak and devastation of the Australian bush fires in her post: Australian bushfires-Quilters can help!

She realized, as she sat next to a brand new young mother in a hospital, that this family had lost everything and truly needed help and comfort beyond the quilt for the new baby that she had brought. As she listened to the young woman, she heard her say how much she loved quilts ...even though she, herself, didn't sew. That comment hit Tracey and stayed with her all day.

Tracey, of course, is a quilter. She lives in Australian and she knew that she could make another quilt for the young mum. But she also realized that many families are hurting now and that many would love a quilt. But realistically, trying to send truckloads of quilts off across the world would be too hard and too impractical for any of us, or all of us. But she realized, that all of us reaching out with our own hearts and hands from across the miles and around the world, might like also like to reach out and help.

So, she is simply asking that those of us who can...to send her one 12 1/2" block for a gift quilt for this new mum (who likes country creams and wines) and Tracey will put it together. If we send more blocks than she needs, or other colors......than maybe even more quilts might be made ....by her, or perhaps other Australian quilters who read this and can help.

Our time, our effort, our postage, would be minimal in contrast and it is something each of us can do. One Oz Country Quilting Block for One Oz Country Lady in Australia! Please post this on your own blog, send emails to your friends or contact Tracey directly.

Please consider one block for one lady. Make it this week and have it in the mail at least by the end of next week. But do it now and spread the word and let's see just how fast one quilter's helping heart can spread.

I see that others are helping with other threads across blogland. Please feel free to add to my list for other venues.

Mary: http://heartstringsquiltproject.blogspot.com/2009/02/australia-helping-out.html

Jan Mac: unbelievably generous quilter who is trying to make thousands of quilts...with all of our help...http://sewmanyquiltstoolittletime.blogspot.com/2009/03/qayg-quilts-made-so-far.html
Please read ALL of her posts...your heart will be touched, trust me!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Thank you so much for supporting us here..and all blocks will be very gratefully accepted,

Mary Johnson said...

I hope to see many quilters reaching out to help.

MARCIE said...

Count me in Michele. I could send a top I have made if there is anyone who would quilt it (I don't do that part).

Unknown said...

I will definitely help out with as many blocks as I can make in one week.

Quilting For Less said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing! My heart goes out to all in Australia!


Unknown said...

LOL...Quilting is my weekend therapy...it alleviates the pain and stress of my job. I am a Laboratory Manager and Environmental Research Analyst...the creativity balances out the analytical side.

It will be my greatest pleasure to help.

Check out our block group...www.fridayblockparty.blogspot.com

It is an ongoing, casual, fun group who makes a new block each week...you can join in wheneverand do only the blocks you want to.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a touching gesture, I am sending one as soon as possible and hope it won't arrive too late. Thanks for bringing this effort to our attention, Michele.