Feb 9, 2009

Dancing With the Stars: Full Moon & Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Leo: Today (Monday, February 9, 2009)
6:49am PST 20° 59’

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
6:38am PST 20° 52’

The Stars are lining up for the new year ahead with an astrological forecast on change,action and personal responsibility. With a full moon shining brightly in my Oregon sky and a penumbral eclipse this morning and the release of the Dancing With the Stars new dancing line-up...the skies are getting ready to tango and jive!

For DWTS fans, the new group includes David Alan Grier (actor) Gilles Marin (french actor) Ty Murray (Champion Bull-Riding Rodeo star) Steve-O (reality TV star)Lawrence Taylor (NFL champion) Chuck Wicks(country singer), Steve Wizniak (computer giant) Denise Richards (actress/reality TV star) Jewel (singer) Belinda Carlisle (singer) Shawn Johnson (Olympian gymnast) Lil Kim (singer) and Nancy O'Dell ( reporter/celebrity news TV)

So, of interest: Julanne Hough is dating Chuck Wicks and they will dance as a couple. Jewel is married to Ty Murray and as the 'amateurs, they will be dancing against one another. I see that Denise is matched up with Maksim but didn't catch any of the others.

I wonder who will be with Shawn Johnson who is 4'9" and Lil Kim who is 4'11"? Ought to be fun to watch as long as Lil Kim doesn't pull any Cloris Leachman bleepers! If she does the censors may have to call a pnumbral eclipse or a NFL timeout or perhaps still somebody in Steve's pocket protector!

1 comment:

SuBee said...

OK - it's officially ON!
TY MURRAY to win it all!!!
Lil Kim will blow it somehow, and Denise will be sent packing by the censors - LOL!!! This is going to be a great line-up. Can't wait!