Feb 12, 2009

Thanks to All of My Fun New Following Bloggers!

I've been traveling around Blogland visiting my wonderful list of new blog friends, often referred to as "Followers' and I just want to say that there is so much warm, wonderful, spirited, and creative women out there...it is truly heart-warming and uplifting!

In a time when we are all extra-busy, perhaps even perpetually exhausted, it's such a hoot to visit new blogs and laugh 'til you cry over some stories, and just plain shed a soft tear as you make a heartfelt connection, with others.

What a delight bloggers can be...and how exciting to read about everyone's families, hobbies, favorite new books and projects! I am so inspired by all of you that when I do escape into my little sewing abode and start in on a project or try to finish one that I've already started, that I feel refreshed and renewed just to know that there are so many kindred spirits already out there, sharing my day.....and this wonderful creative journey with me!

If you haven't noticed the 'Followers' column on many blogs, I just renamed mine since 'followers' sounded a bit too clique-ish for me and we're all leaders and ground breakers around here and especially anyone who comes to this wacky one day, and serious and down to work, the next blog ;) I've truly loved having you sign up...so many new people and wonderful blogs that I didn't know existed until you left me a trackin device back to you!

I am so happy to have some old friends reappearing from outer space where they've been missing in action for a while, and others who keep popping in for a visit. You may not leave comments, but with 500 to 600 visitors every day, I can still tell that you're stopping by ;) And yes, I spill my coffee on the days when I discover that over a thousand of you showed up and I wonder what in the world just happened in the world that I must have already posted about or did Google missprint something on me again ;) but that's all in the fun of blogging! But, oh my...some of my more esoteric topics have brought in comments that I have had to keep such a lid on ;) You're keeping my editing skills sharp, you teen age boys and struggling enterpreneurs!

And yes, most of you come here, and help yourself to my tutorials, free links, recipes or some of the best and most bizarre topics in blogland...but that's why I put it there...so enjoy! Until, then...keep showing up, comment if you're up to it and thereby introducing yourself so others can click on your name and visit you ! Or, or just zip in and zip out if you're not....and let me wonder as I peruse 'sitemeter' and wonder...who in the world looked at 39 pages today?

And while you're wondering what my photo is of today...if you didn't already figure it out...pencils are just like people. They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and make the most interesting and creative projects to look at and admire!

Please click on their names in the sidebar to the right and visit a new blog with each visit here!

Thanks to:

only a lover
Shannon's Army
Tonya's Sewing Room
simple country living!
Sis Stubby
Quilting For Less
Karen Joy
Torrico Family
Susan Loftin
Miss Nancy


Donna said...

I'm not surprised at all your followers. Yours blog is one of my favorites.

Unknown said...

I am glad I found you as well! I look forward to visiting with you often!

Wenche said...

I didn't know it was pencils until you said soo! What a fun picture :)