Aug 15, 2008

Taking the High Road in the Heat Wave

To live heroically is its own compensation in which all can share. In every person there is a slumbering hero.
—Henry Neumann

Today, is a good day for all of us to "take the high road." Turn the other check, be a good sport, own up to a small mistake, don't point out that you really were right in the first place (my personal favorite) and just do the best we can, with what we've got. Above, a path just waiting to be taken (this one at the U of O, Eugene).... and a rotary cutting mat (back deck, Salem)...that well.....I 'accidentally' ironed on top of and ruined.

Today, is a good day to make lemonade. 100º to 105º here in the 'fry me up and serve me with potato salad' kind of heat. On the the happy's the perfect time to lay those old warped rotary cutting mats out in the scorching sun and lay something flat and heavy on top. You just may get the last of the major warps out!

I told a dear friend, Shasta, on her new blog High Road Quilter, that it is so hot in my little sewing room that I don't need an iron to fuse any of my fabrics. I just wave the fabric back and forth and all the layers just melt together!

Shasta is definitely a 'high road' quilter! Check out her new blog and say be sure to leave a comment and say 'hello!'


Trisha said...

Oh, that is so funny! I laughed out loud when I read your fusing fabric comment!

dee said...

wow Michele-the universe is confused. You're having our weather and we have yours. I kind of like yours better!

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Michele, thank you for sending bloggers my way. It is so exciting to get comments on my new blog.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I hope that your cutting mat flattens out. I gave my warped cutting mat to someone who was learning how to make books. I told her if she destroys it, I won't mind.

Quilting Dispatcher said...

You are awe inspiring. Your quilts, your volunteerism & your humor! When I lived in Phoenix, we used to say we have wash & wear clothes. Pull them out of the wash, walk outside and you are dried and ironed in less than 5 minutes! I loved your comment on the potato salad!



Paula, the quilter said...

100 degree heat? We got snow in the mountains last night and rain on the plains. If you can't get the rotary mat flat (gosh I'm rhyming right and left) just cut it into smaller mats. That's what I did. I glued one to the backside of my pressing board ala Sharon Schamber and I have a cut little 6x6 right by my machine in case I need it.