Aug 17, 2008

Awakening Our Dormant Energies of Transformation

A 'Grand Place' in Brussels, Belgium, is showcasing an other-worldly garden of delight. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, involved a master plan which required 700,000 flowers. Gardeners created this beautiful floral mosaiic of begonias, which they create every two years. This display opened on August 14 and will last only a few days before the flowers wither and die.

Ushering in the energies of both a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse on August 14, our energies may still seem to be stuck in dark and stodgy patterns where we all feel 'stuck in a rut', perhaps even 'withering.' The possibilities exist, however, to use the energies now, to create new and more colorful patterns and life designs. It is time to get out of our ruts.

As a "Full Moon in Aquarius," we can prepare for sudden and unexpected change as the energies may seem to be wanting long naps instead fully awakening into new understandings. As the partial lunar (the feminine) eclipse, its very name means "I cease to exist" or "I am absent."

We have all been partially absent from our own lives in recent months. Windows now open up to change around August 23, so its good to begin change now, before the sudden openings come in too hard and too fast.

All of the things we have put off deciding on, from Presidential candidates, to the equal rights of others, to world issues of peace vs war, come to our full attention. We can choose to continue our unconscious slumbering, where we just lay back and judge others from a blocked heart, or open our hearts to what we truly knows to be real and loving. Act as our beloved prophets and seers would have acted, not from judgement and exclusion but from love and acceptance. And make your choices from that place in the inner heart that truly knows how to love and to accept.

Depending on your birth site, space and place, your energies will focus on your birth month and astrological sign. But the incoming energies is a time when our darkest 'shadow sides'...the parts of our personality that we seek to hide from others or admit to ourselves....come out to be seen, exposed, dealt with on many levels, and hopefully, begin to be healed.

Time to jump start ourselves...out of our ruts, and into the awakening energies of a new era. Time for a new design ;)


jenclair said...

I'm ready for a change and for "awakening energies" right now.

Funny that you've mentioned some of these things because I recently came upon my birth certificate (not the copies I have, but the original my mother had), and I've long been a fan C.J. Jung -- fascinated by the "shadow self" and archetypal characters and stories. Sometimes we find, even when we are not consciously seeking...

Anonymous said...

Check out Bonnie's post of a few days ago. You practically nailed this one. In fact, many quilt bloggers are filled with judging and being judged. Must go along with our quilts. LOL