Aug 13, 2008

Laurel Burch: Free Screensavers, Free Quilt Patterns (For Special Cats Everywhere)

"Art is a universal language, and through imagery that is understood and recognized by all people everywhere, I believe that we can share the grace of birds in flight, feel the warmth of friendships, explore the exquisite beauty and mysteries of the earth and savor the preciousness of life. When I design and paint, I remember that it is you, my friends and kindred spirits all over the world, who have inspired me to speak in a common language. I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your appreciation of my art and for the opportunity this has provided me to live my life with courage, purpose, and joy. Thank you for all you are and for all we are to each other. - Laurel"

Laurel Burch passed a way on September 13, 2007. When I wrote a post on the news of her death (almost a year ago) I wrote about what an amazing life she had led, how she had worked so hard, and lived a life filled with pain, yet she always saw the true value in giving back to others.

I was reminded of these posts yesterday, when my own heart was touched by a wonderful email from someone who was simply thanking me from her own heart.... for my writing about Laurel and offering the links to her free screensavers. The writer of the email told me that she was moved yesterday to do a search on Laurel because her own beloved cat, "Special Ed" age 17 , is about to pass away.

He was born with brain damage and she rescued him when he was a tiny kitten. Special Ed is her ninth little rescue cat to have lived a good and happy life and now is making that last transitional journey home. And then she thanked me for "bringing a smile to my face today."

Now, that right there, is why I blog! Thank you, dear Elizabeth and blessings to sweet 'Special Ed' as he crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. ((hugs from Michele in Salem, Oregon))
Laurel Burch Free Pattern Downloads:

To see current free patterns and download them:
Fanciful Felines or
Fanciful Felines Free PDF download
Secret Jungle Wall Hanging Pattern
Mythical Horse Quilt Pattern: Free

Mermaid Free Pattern


Felines Canines Quilt is Free

And please check out Laurel's beautiful website at: Screen Savers

To see current fabric go here:

or here as shown below:

And please check out Laurel's beautiful website at:

And find three, free downloadable screensavers for your computer at: Screen Savers


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Michele, for this nice post, my son is very much a cat person, maybe i could do one oneday when i get better at quilting,
Thankyou for sharing

Michele Bilyeu said...

Free Quilting Patterns