Aug 20, 2008

Quilting Quiz + Somerset Star Tutorial!

1 - When piecing a block, you must sew an exact __?___ inch seam allowance.

(1/8”) (1/4”) (1/2”) (3/4”) (1”)

2 – If you are cutting your binding 2 ½”, how much fabric will you need if your finished quilt measures 54” x 72”?

(1/4 yd) (1/3 yd) (1/2 yd) (5/8 yd) (3/4 yd) (7/8 yd)

3 – How many yards of backing fabric will you need for your 54” x 72” quilt if you piece your backing top to bottom?

(1 ½ yds) (2 yds) (2 ¼ yds) (2 ¾ yds) (3 ¼ yds) (4 yds)

4 – How many yards of backing fabric will you need for your 54” x 72” quilt if your backing fabric is 90” wide?

(3/4 yd) (1 yd) (1 3/8 yds) (1 5/8 yds) ( 2 yds) ( 2 ¾ yds)

5 – If you are making 12” finished blocks, what do you multiply 12” by to get the diagonal measurement of that block?

(1.000) (1.414) (1.500) (1.675) (2.000) (2.414)

6 – What are the following: Bodkin, Boot Spur, Emery Pouch?

(articles of clothing) (sewing tools) (quilting patterns)

7 – Which term does not belong?

(border) (prairie point) (piping) (scallop)

8 – Which quiltmaking technique has always been done by machine?

(Seminole patchwork) (prairie points) (miniature quilts)

9 – Who is the inventor of the sewing machine?

(Elias Howe) (Isaac Singer) (Richard Sears)

10 – What do the following have in common: echo, stipple, meander, crosshatch?

(quiltmaking techniques) (quilting patterns) (methods of joining patchwork)

11 – “Plaited Block” is another name for this popular quilt pattern (hint: think C. Checker)

12 – In design and art layout, “Chevreul’s Laws” are rules for combining what ?

13 – The basic black Singer Featherweight sewing machine was made in what New Jersey city ?

 Answers to the quiz above: don't peek until you've already guessed!

(answers:)1. (1/4) 2. (5/8) 3. (3 1/4) 4. (1 5/8) 5. (1.414 or 1.5) 6. (sewing tools) 7. (border) 8. (seminole patchwork) 9. (elias howe)
10. (quilting patterns) 11. (twist) 12. (colors) 13. (elizabethport)
Shown above:
my answer to #8 and my 'quilting to do list' journal ;)
Quilted Book or Journal Cover Tutorial
I used a Somerset Star pattern!

My own Somerset Star pieced book cover!  I've made at least a half dozen, but others are so faded I dare not use their photos!

A Somerset Star pattern is simply squares turned into flying geese, lay them down in a circle, tack or sew down, add another layer, and so on!

I also LOVE to make potholders, so here's my own St. Patrick's Day potholders and a basic tutorial for making a set of your own!

Quick Tutorial for a pair of Somerset Star Potholders:

Making a Somerset Star Circular Potholder: (note: photos above may not co-ordinate with fabric of choice you use, nor with basic directions below.
  • 2 10” squares of muslin or other solid colored fabric
  • about 1 yard of print fabric, 45” wide
  • about 3/4 yard of solid fabric, 45” wide
or enough fabric for from the print as you will need to create:
  • 32 5” squares
  • 2 10” squares
from the solid:
  • 24 5” squares
  • 2 scraps (over 2”)
  • 10” or more square to make bias binding (or 2” x 60” coordinating bias binding)
1. First, cut the 5” squares. ( If you’re using the yardages, you will cut three 5” strips from the solid and four 5” strips from your print).

2. Fold each strip in half lengthwise and iron, then cut at 5” intervals.

3. You will get eight cuts per row plus a little left over.
Next, iron down the top two corners to make a triangle.  All the raw edges should be on the bottom side.

(Repeat for all the squares.)

4. Mark the center of the muslin by folding it in half twice.  Place the scrap in the center.  Make sure  you don’t see muslin showing through under your work.  (You could use a 10” piece of the solid fabric instead of the muslin if you wanted.)

5. Starting with a triangle, arranging around as shown until all are layed down in the circular pattern.

6. Repeat with additional triangles, then hand stitch the tips of the top corners down. Be sure to stitch down the points of all the triangle tips.

7. At this point, flip over and mark a centered 9” circle on the back of the piece.  Cut it out with a rotary cutter.  Cut out one 9” circle of batting and one 9” circle of Insulbrite.  Place the batting directly under the muslin, then the Insulbrite (shiny side out), then the 10” square of print on the back, wrong side down.  Cut away the excess and zig-zag stitch the packet together to keep it from shifting.

Finish with binding fabric and method of your own choice!

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