Aug 23, 2008

morsbags for charitable giving

I told dear Finn, that I was joining Yoga Mistress, Ebby, in a corpse pose today. After finishing 30+ morsbags , Creating Personalized Wedding Gifts and working on 3 WISPs, I am now laying on my back, all four of my paws in the air, resting my worn out sit-down-upon and humming along to the Olympic theme song as I ohhhmmmmmm in one nostril and out the other.

After weeks of high heat, here in Oregon, we then went into rainy season. I've been trying to Taking the High Road in the Heat Wave , but I like to garden in my nightgown just to make life more interesting for the neighbors. And between the heat wave and the lightning/monsoon that followed, it became challenging. You have to picture this with a 58 year old woman with sit-upon long hair, followed by three cats, one of whom is black, to really get the picture. Since, I've been known to meditate on rooftops and scream when I open the door to the UPS man (expecting someone else) I do manage to keep life interesting...for myself, and others.

It's hard to believe that summer is on the wane. With the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse this month and all of the shadow sides screaming out of people all over the Internet, I have been busy compiling my highly anticipated quilter's analysis of sewing styles that are evident just from viewing your studio pics and reading about all of your quilting antics. It will be posted soon, and then I will be called worse names that the one blogger who referred to me as a 'Debbie Downer' for publishing info on Brillante Weblog Premio: Hoax Award What I found funny, is that I actually know a lady by that name.

If you didn't notice, I posted a Quilting Quiz , even with the answers right in front of me, I still missed some of the answers, mine were originally written upside down and being directionally challenged, I got mixed up. I felt so much better when others missed the obvious ones, too.

But after my Quilting Snippets and Other Threadtales with Browser Freezes, Sitemeter, IE, Trojans and Other Fiery Viruses and Bugs all going to battle against me, and it turning out that I'd analyzed that problem correctly (!) it was time for some deep analysis and taking a good hard look at why we all do the quilty things we do.

Finn's Sometimes A Great Notion was not only a delightful surprise, but has helped me take a good look at why and how we all quilt and what means the most to each of us. I figure if I squeal when I open something... that's a good thing, and if I scream....not so good. Remember, I'm the lady who had kids who raised 15 pets non-stop at a time and that included rats, snakes, scorpions, frogs, lizards, iguanas, and tarantulas. Opening drawers, boxes, doors, or bedsheets is always a good way to jumpstart my day.

My blog ran amok last month with Charity Quilting, Quilting Blogs and Googlegangers. I had over 1,500 hits one day and I was wondering if I was famous and no one had told me. Nope, I just write posts that inform or emotionally touch others, that get hit hard once in a while. I spend an awful lot of time researching and sharing, so that helps make me feel at least numerically appreciated. The rest of the time, things are much, much quieter, and I can actually pretend that I'm normal.

Speaking of which, time to hit the deck, my corpse pose is getting out of alignment!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

So much to consider... links to follow... time of reflection and contemplation here... appears to be elsewhere as well.

LOVE visiting your blog!!!!