Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wedding Gift Pillow

Just as I was packing to leave for Alaska on Wednesday, I found out that I was just missing a wonderfully spontaneous wedding for a cousin and his long-time love. I had to scurry to think of a quick wedding gift that would still reflect my love for both of these wonderful people and one that I could not only create in a couple of days, but pack in my carry-on luggage.

The delightful couple chose to be married on New Year's Day, in front of the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. The entire wedding party had to be able to ski as the wedding required skiing many miles back to the retreating glacier for a ceremony just at the base of its beautiful ice flow cliffs.

Dressed in ski attire, accompanied by family pets, the entire group posed for a few photos that I was luckily e-mailed by a brother. Seeing the three photos, I knew just what I could make...a photo transfer wedding pillow!

Using a simple freezer paper photo transfer technique, I quickly printed the three photos off onto muslin, patched the muslin with some bright prints that echoed the shadings of the glacier and the beautiful Alaskan surroundings and I was happily done!

I simply added a photo-transfer label of my little "quilting journey" angel to the back and lots of "tie-ing the knots" for good luck :)

P.S. Don't feel badly for me that I 'just missed' the wedding. I neither ski...nor swim...well enough to have survived the trip out to the glacier and air-flighting me out afterwards would probably have detracted from the ceremony!