Jan 4, 2008

Over Extended?

I've loved my whole week of getting to know my new Viking Sapphire. My free extension table finally arrived via the UPS man and that was so exciting! DH did good. He snagged the table and two extra feet and upgraded my wish list sewing machine...all on his own! I've faced a steep learning curve with booklets and dvd's to explain it all to me and I have only made my 'elegant' (as Lindah calls her ) potholder to show for all of my understanding challenges.

Now, dee says she's had her Viking for a year and a half and still hasn't tried the free-motion feature, claiming that she's a lethal combination of fraidy cat and perfectionist while Debi over at DebiQuilts, who sews with a Viking Rose, and fits a lot of quilting into her already busy life, says she is so grateful that today is Friday. The fraidy cat and perfectionism didn't make me blink, but Friday....today is Friday??????

I'm feeling a tizzy fit coming on......Friday? I haven't said a word, been able to put more than three words into a thought....I'm sleep deprived and over-extended and I prefer to think ahead in tiny increments. Today is Friday, then the weekend, then Monday and Tuesday...and oh my goodness! I'm boarding a plane early Wednesday morning for Juneau, Alaska!

My dad is having another birthday (thank goodness!) ...this one will be his 91st and my mother who just had her Happy 82nd Birthday when I last went up to Juneau in September, asked me to come up and help out again. They love my being there and its gives them both respite care and time off from their own challenges. With them, Each and Every Day is a Gift and one that I need to open and treasure, again and again...for as long as we all have.

Now, Su Bee has thrown her glove...maybe it was a potholder.... as a gauntlet, pointing out that the same woman (me, who shall remain blameless) who sews countless potholders for others while having only burned out ones of her own, is as good as the Emperor with no clothes, the Shoemaker's shoeless children, the Preacher with the wild daughter, and the Sewer (who me?) who gave away 66 homemade Christmas gifts......has no decent potholders of her own!

So, that pretty much makes me .....naked, barefoot, and a pole dancer with nothing but burned 'crisps' in my own kitchen. Well, what did you expect woman? I'm the one that still comes up on the search engines as: " With Heart and Hands, A Quilting Journey:....Silver Creek Falls State Park (near Salem, Oregon) hosts a star party, ..... Flogging, with this braided leather whip made with the typical 9 strips of ...with-heart-and-hands.blogspot.com/ - 155k - Cached - Similar pages"

That and my Identity Crisises and Other Misadventures, not to mention my phone calls in the night from the State Penitentiary for rides home. And to top if off, I can't find the Leather Whips, and Other Surprises, (including that 'supposed' Dominatrix outfit) for the party I have to go to tonight, and my Dr. Oz and Oprah's Glass of Green "Fresh" and Rachael Ray's Five Minute Fudge nor my Martha: Pumpkin Pecan Praline Pie aren't fortification enough for all that lies ahead in the next five days and filled out that 'supposed' outfit above far too well and in all the wrong places to (leather) boot. It's no wonder I don't know who I truly am, what it is that I am doing, or what day it really is.

Su Bee says: "I hereby challenge you to make yourself 4 more potholders, in January. OK I'll settle for 3, but you have to stuff the old ones into a trash bag. Can you say, "gauntlet"?

5 days to make 3 more potholders (you said January, right? and I have no sewing machine that actually sews at their house, so my January is now 5 days long), a wedding gift to design and make for a couple I just now found out got married in Alaska on New Year's Day, and I have to bring it (finished) to Alaska with me. And I still need enough time to pack my bags and shop for hubby and the 3 cats.

The gauntlet has been thrown Su B. And I think I'm trapped under it. Must be all that elegant, thready quilting. I can't seem to moooooooove........where's my Comfort Quilt ? I need to Find My Center Amongst Life's Challenges !

My new extension table...
and yes, Virginia, we are all over extended ;)


Anonymous said...

ROFLOL....you are so funny! I am giggling, giggling, giggling. You need to hid under the same quilt I am; it's safer under there. Good luck on your 5 day January. You should ask Su Bee what she is going to do while you are doing all you have to? lol Oh, and I need some potholders too.

dee said...

I feel so guilty..here I am with some time on my hands and you with eleventy thousand things to do. Wish I were closer so I could offer some genuine help. In the mean time-I hope you enjoy your trip to Juneau-my BIL Bob has been there so many times and so has DH Roger. I'm the only one who hasn't been to Alaska. They love it.
By the way I now have a picture of you in my head,trying to get into that leather outfit that reminds me of "Friends" when Ross tried to get the leather pants on bwwwaaahhhhhhhh! Rock on Honey!

SuBee said...

Oh dear.
Well, now maybe it was actually a genteel white glovelet, with a tiny dainty button and fine lacework at the wrist. Yes, in fact, that is what it was, now that I look more closely. Since your January has been abruptly shortened it seems only fair that your challenge be equally extended so I graciously grant you a bye for now.
BTW - Alaska in January????? Now your wings are assured, woman! Keep yourself well and say HI to Mom and Dad for all of us!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Blessed to be a blessing, that's you. Don't stress, take time to count the snowflakes (can't smell roses in Juneau in January!); but then, you always do. Hugs to you, dear Michele! Your new machine is too cool.

Lindah said...

rofl!!! I think you reely, reely do need this vacation! Enjoy and take lots of pix!