Dec 17, 2007

Christmas, Stockings, Reindeer, Joy

This beloved little sign made by a dear, dear friend says it all: Christmas, stockings, reindeer, joy. Well, maybe not the reindeer, I think we're still waiting on them! Hurry Christmas, hurry fast...oh wait, may not Christmas just yet...I still have mountains of sewing to do first thing this morning! Well may not mountains...but at least one very big mole hill. And if you read my post on Warning: I am in the Sewing Room Today ...big moles are a big problem.

DD#2 is coming home from college today and I have to hide every speck of evidence from Santa's workshop and all the GIP's, too! I am worse than maniacal when it comes to Christmas secrets. I used to say I could work for the CIA, I tried so hard and was usually so superbly good at destroying evidence, hiding links, swallowing all paper trail Christmas lists, and having visual clues burst into flame a moment's notice.

So, DD#1, #1, DS, D #anyone from my know, the ones who never, ever come and read here...well, if you're reading this now, your eyes are about to burst into flames, so sign off NOW. And don't say I didn't warn you, I just did! And you know how you always say I imagine things and they never happen...remember that afterwards I always point out to you when they finally do! Because they always do. Now go away and stay away for the rest of the week. End of the mother speech. Merry Christmas.

So, one of the above is the one who asked for a certain sewed item for Christmas and she started the whole melange of sewing madness, which then turned into serging insanity which then spawned clones in quadruples. Now, I am inundated with 5 dozen cloth dinner napkins, 6 half started potential aprons and 14 hotpads, a not even figured out yet tablerunner and half a dozen other accessories that all have to be finished with a sewing machine that either sews on her own (no foot pedal pressure necessary) or refuses to sew totally (foot pressure fruitless). I have been serging ahead with full steam and a happy and brave heart, none the less.

I'm in Full Magic Madness Mode now and I just discovered there is a Full Moon on my birthday...Christmas Eve. I am so delighted you can't imagine. I am donning DD#2 purple velvet cape, and slinking off to some secret sewing. See you when the fabric pheromones wear off and the full moon finally comes out ;)


Debi said...

I hope you get to sew all day without interruption. I really hope that I get an opportunity to meet you next summer when I come to the Portland area.

Shelina said...

I don't know if I am so good at hiding stuff - my daughter always found the presents from Santa, and one year, Santa used the same paper I did! Although her Japanese birthday quilt managed to stay hidden until it was time for the reveal.
Good luck to you with your sewing / serging. Hopefully your other machine miraculously heals itself.

Angie said...

Oh, it sounds like so much fun at your house right now! :> I'm longing to be in the sewing room, but have been in the kitchen today instead. Mixed up gingersnaps (DH's favorite) sugar cookies, a batch of fudge (I do the OLD old fashioned kind that you cook on the stove forever :>), and a batch of pecan tarts. I am going to be watching for a picture of you in the purple cape on Christmas Eve (and let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday *g*!

SuBee said...

Gee, and I thought it was a weather system coming in from the North - it's actually smoke from your Sweat Shop!
Now, you're saying we're having Christmas Eve, a full moon, AND your birthday??? OMG - I wanna play!!! This is gonna be fun!! Then, on Dec 26 do we turn back into pumpkins?

Erin said...

Your Birthday too! Happy Birthday!!!! You are certainly entertaining too! I am thrilled you are so happy!

MARCIE said...

Fabric pheromones? I love that! Happy Birthday Michele, and Merry Christmas! Enjoy having your family around!