Dec 16, 2007

Serging Ahead Towards Christmas!

Ever since I posted about the Battle of the Sewing Machines, my serger has been winning the sewing (as Atet calls hers) Progress from Santa's Sweat Shop. My poor little Viking sews and no-sews depending on her pedaling power and I'm pressing down on her too hard as it is! My serger was called to the front of the battle lines and is charging ahead at full speed. And like a true champion, she is rising up to a position of importance and is happily whirring away!

I was thoroughly delighted to see that other quilter's are maniacally sniffing fabric pheromones and posting Warning: I am in the Sewing Room Today. Knowing that others sew as much as they quilt and have over extended themselves to the point of their 'to do' lists curling up into gigantic rolls to rival Santa's own, somehow makes me feel like I belong to a group of powerful women. Face it ladies, you have to be a bit obsessive-compulsive to be a quilter in the first place...and since we all like to be winners, it's a little too easy to go off the deep end ;)

It is such fun to read all of your blogs and see your Christmas GIP's (gifts in progress), WIPs, Quips, Lips, and discover new Tips. Being surrounded by fabric, batting, threads, multiple pairs of scissors and an abundance of bobbins,buttons and bows, truly feels like Christmas. And as I 'serge' forward with gifts that needed to be finished and mailed in a hurry, it's comforting to know that I'm not alone.

I went Postal on Saturday and got all of these (and many more) in the mail bound for Alaska. I took the easy way out on some gifts and did a lot of 'no-sews' rather than 'no-shows.' Using Debbie Mumm fleece, I cut out on the 'lines' and made a dozen fleece scarves for some of my Alaskan kin for family photo opportunities, as well a dozens and dozens of cloth napkins for holiday dinners. Wrapped with a big...or even a little...fabric bow, they make a great gift that is both replenishable, recyclable and potentially renewable :) And, they used up all of my leftover 1/2's of Fat Christmas Q's!

I'm now officially done with lots of other gifts that can't be shown yet, and still working to finish more today and tomorrow. I literally tripped over gifts entering the bedroom in pitch darkness and utter exhaustion late last night and it was an 'oh no and aha moment.' Good to know I'd accomplished so much...and sad to know that I'd already forgotten it all.

But that's kind of how holidays are. As Paul Harvey your favorite gift from last Christmas. If you can't, then you're just reminded that it's not really the gift that matters...but the love we show by the simple giving of any gift...and the caring and the sharing we create throughout the whole year and not just at Christmas!

Now, having said that...I'm off to sew more gifts to give. Remember, I do belong to the club of obsessive-compulsive maniacal women!


SuBee said...

A perfect bit of encouragement to keep my spirits up - finishing a quilt that I don't like, in time to gift it to someone I do!
Obssesive complusive? ME??? Maniacal? OK, I'll cop to that one.

Cathi said...

You made me laugh! My sewing table is covered. Sleep between now and Christmas Eve seems like a luxury. But two more things to quilt and bind and that's it -- I think.