Oct 3, 2007

What Dreams May Come: For the AAQI

Shown here:
My third fabric art card, or quiltlet, in my series for Ami Simm's "Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts". Based on a piece of fabric, no doubt meant to celebrate weddings and bridal showers, I have used it, instead, as the basis for making my inchies as part of my own Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. This series is meant as a reflection on the truest meanings of marriage: the commitment of love as one which at its deepest core is able to place the beloved, above one's own self.

When love and commitment includes a diagnosis of Alzheimer's, that love is truly tested. If the foundation is a good and strong one, then that love becomes not only the creative force within the reality of marriage, but bonds it to the act of commitment. It creates the space for sharing and caring for the beloved...beyond the fairy tale wedding, the magical ring, or any of the beautiful dresses.

As Marcel Proust has said: "Things don't change, but by and by, our wishes change."

Using the inchies that I made in my How To Make An Inchie post, I used three of the 'wedding dresses' to address to this concept. How the illusion of what we perceive as being real, so overwhelms us that it becomes all that we truly see. When the young bride is planning her wedding, or shopping for a bridal dress, there are no thoughts of what the commitment truly means. Love and loving have very different connotations from those first steps to the altar....to all of the steps and pathways of choices....which are to follow.

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Contributions: Ami Simm's "Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts"


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Michele, so well said... it's all about the commitment. You are so dear and kind and thoughtful and this is manifested through your actions. I have that same fabric, I made a pillowcase for my daughter when she became engaged~ for sweet dreams. She loved it then, and I'm sure she still does! I won't look at the leftover piece in my stash now the same way, I'll only see your loving heart.

Shelina said...

Well said - to place the beloved over one's own self. I wasn't able to see the photo though.