Oct 5, 2007

Happy Dancing Time

Posted by Picasa Doing the 'Happy Dance' again...happy, happy...I won, I won. Thank you, Patti from "Quilting is My Passion"...thank you, thank you!

Patti has been cleaning out her most amazing sewing studio and came across a couple of patterns she decided to share with the world. She ended up getting such a wonderful response, she just kept cleaning...and cleaning...and cleaning. And she's ending up giving away a LOT of patterns...and I won this one! I love it!

I know for a fact it's far beyond my capabilities.....I've never paper pieced more than a potholder or two before. But gosh, it makes me happy just looking at it! That's enough for me! And with all of the patriotic quilting I do, 'Lady Liberty' is just perfect. Of course, 'she' goes to Hawaii in this one...notice some of the tropical prints they used?

Now, in 'real' life, I have a nephew getting married in Hawaii next summer. Gosh, does this jinx me or give me a shot at actually going to Hawaii. Bets????

Thank you, Patti! I love it!


Paula, the quilter said...

Awe, come on Michele. Can't you just do one block at a time? Or even just one block?

atet said...

I think you can do it. Just start -- one block at a time...eventually, you will come to the end!

Patti said...

You are very welcome. And don't even think that you couldn't do this - you could. Paper piecing something like this is easy because you can either rotary cut triangles to the correct size first or just use strips, trimming them off after you stitch each seam.