Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Dancing Time

Posted by Picasa Doing the 'Happy Dance' again...happy, happy...I won, I won. Thank you, Patti from "Quilting is My Passion"...thank you, thank you!

Patti has been cleaning out her most amazing sewing studio and came across a couple of patterns she decided to share with the world. She ended up getting such a wonderful response, she just kept cleaning...and cleaning...and cleaning. And she's ending up giving away a LOT of patterns...and I won this one! I love it!

I know for a fact it's far beyond my capabilities.....I've never paper pieced more than a potholder or two before. But gosh, it makes me happy just looking at it! That's enough for me! And with all of the patriotic quilting I do, 'Lady Liberty' is just perfect. Of course, 'she' goes to Hawaii in this one...notice some of the tropical prints they used?

Now, in 'real' life, I have a nephew getting married in Hawaii next summer. Gosh, does this jinx me or give me a shot at actually going to Hawaii. Bets????

Thank you, Patti! I love it!