Oct 2, 2007

Quilting Fabrics Happy Dance

Posted by PicasaWhile I was helping my parents in Alaska, I recieved a note from atet , informing me that I had won her delightful give-a-way.......whatever it might end up being.! Well, it ended up being a magical pouch of fabrics!

When it arrived in the mail, I did such a little happy dance! I almost never get 'snail mail' except for magazines and solicitations, so a real package was cause for a major celebration. Song and dance, a cup of tea and a lot of anticipation! Such fun and the perfect gift for any quilter!

Thank you, A! I totally love each and every piece. It sparked an entire day of fabric wallowing...funny isn't it how one thing leads to another, to another and another. Now, I ask...who is coming in to help me clean up my plundered sewing room stash, now spread all over two rooms?

Ah, but such fun and I have found all kinds of inter-mixing possibilities...so, this truly will be the gift that keeps on giving ;)

my pouch of winnings!
I also recieved a wonderful homemade card, but my borrowed 'cheapie' digital refused to photograph it! Washed it out in every single photo....trust me, it was cute and it had a cornfield in it, too :) I think I even saw A. peeking out from behind a stalk!


CONNIE W said...

Lucky you, great winnings.

Shelina said...

What a nice variety of pretty fabrics, and a cute bag to boot. Congrtulations on the win!

Cher said...

lucky you! indeed anything in the "real" mailbox that is not junk mail/bills is more and more rare nowadays. I am sure we will see some results of this inspiration!

atet said...

You are so welcome :0). I had fun pulling the fabrics, why should I be the only one who has to put things away afterwards?