Jul 11, 2007

Patriotic Sewing Frenzy

I may 'only be'53% American (ha ha) but I still love to decorate with red, white and blue and lots of flags in the summer. I began my usual patriotic fabric frenzy right before the Fourth of July. I brought out all of my ziplock bags of strips, strings, blocks and flag fabrics and began a manic period of slicing and dicing and putting and piecing that lasted for days! Don't you just love a good inspired stage where all you want to do is sew?

I'm an impulsive sewer, I get in the mood and sew until things are finished. I don't like using patterns. I would rather just sew from the heart, piecing as I go, cutting off and fitting in, never really planning anything very complicated. I'm just happy that I love to sew and can make things that I can share with others.

I covered the floor in my strips and strings and then started turning them into everything I could think of. For starters, the cats needed a new counter cloth to sneak naps on and be fussed at everytime I catch them snoozing and leaving cat fluff all over everything!

Project #1...patriotic counter cloth to use for summer. After I pieced this one, I was able to see where this strip or that one wasn't just the right color or pattern choice, but at the time, I had my reasons, and even if I didn't I rationalized. Point is, I got the job done in a few hours.

Project #2, I needed a quick thank you gift for some great friends who showed up with a carafe of coffee and a plate of zucchini bread just when our energy was lagging as we greeted visitors for 6 hours a day at our Tour of Homes house in Pringle Creek Community , here in Salem. They were so dear to come back with treats and I truly needed to reciprocate in kind.....only she cooks, I sew. So, a quick kitchen potholder made in a hurry with string quilting and given just in the nick of time for use on the Fourth of July!

The countertop was happy, the cats were happy, some thoughtful friends were happy and all of that made me happy, too!
String Quilting
Free Patriotic Quilting Patterns
Free Quilt Patterns


Shelina said...

I just love how you make free spirited things like this and make them look so beautiful. Both of these - are very American, and very nice.

Finn said...

I'm just sew, sew delighted to see you sewing again. I can't think of much of anything that does a body more good.
Maybe a walk on a foggy Oregon beach comes close..*VBS*
The counter runner is great...don't second guess yourself now! And I love the potholder. Hope you will carry on and keep cranking, but without the 100+ degrees.
I never remember Oregon getting so warm so far west before this past couple of years.
John Day? Yes, Salem or Portland? No. Makes a person wonder. Thinking of you today as I bought sunflowers, Hugs, Finn

His Office, My Studio said...

Great counter cloth and potholder.

I too give gifts that I sew to friends who cook for my family. I always said without friends who cook my family would starve.