Jul 13, 2007

Flying Geese Head for Sisters, Oregon

The sewing frenzy has soared into a feverish pitch, then crescendoed into the 1812 Overture.... I am heading east, my little band of quilty women......east to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show !

I wanted so very much, to join Finn as she is Riding the Orphan Train, but I had no real orphans, I had found good homes for most of them and the few little stragglers in camp were destined for their final resting place in service to potholder heaven. The best I could come up with was some flying geese that had lost their way. They were a motley little crew of birds, hodgepodged leftovers from someone else's old project long ago and far away. Lonely little fellows looking for lodging and never any room in anyone's inn...so I had taken them with gratitude and was in charge of putting them into full fledged service with others of their kind.

I took a good look at them, these poor little orphans, abandoned and forgotten and then something magical happened....I saw them with whole new eyes and their world and mine suddenly opened up! Wowie kazowie...it was one of those tone on tone moments and I was inspired and ready to sew...into the night if need be... to give these litte birds a nest to settle down into and myself a new treat for my adventure!

So, out came the scraps, the geese, the fleece and with a little snipping and measuring for some additional pieces, I had a bag laid out and ready to stitch into being. Got it all lined with the striped fabric, 4 pockets inside and a nice long set of straps to fling over my shoulder and carry into the mob of crazed women.

And mob it most likely will be. Sisters, Oregon is a very small 1880's styled 'Western' town in Central Oregon. She boasts a population of get this...1,460. And for one day in July...always the second Saturday of this month, 15,000 quilters swarm in and take over the town. 1,200 quilts are displayed, on every single available surface that the eyes can see and the hands can reach. And for that one day, the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show reigns as the Queen Supreme.

Last year, Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran came to town and had their own booth. And I missed it. Knowing that almost did me in. Seeing that belated photo of them smiling and chatting was like a knife in my heart. I had to try to go this year!

There is nothing like a woman with her mind made up. Make that a quilting woman, and all odds are off. No wonder we take over entire towns. We carry big bags, rotary cutters, seam rippers and are willing to stay up all night for what we believe in. Power to the Quilters!

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Laurie Ann said...

Have fun! Some day I may have to travel to that.

Paula, the quilter said...

You go getem, girl!

Shelina said...

Those are such pretty bags! I'm glad you are going to the show again. Your post reminds me of a chant we used to sing in elementary school "We don't stop for nobody".
Everybody just better step out of your way!

Sweet P said...

Your new bag is adorable. Finn never said orphan blocks had to be made into a quilt, did she?

I'll be going to Sisters in August. Our company schedule doesn't allow me travel in July. I hope you had a great time. I can't wait for me visit.

SuBee said...

It's 7pm on Saturday, and I just know you're having fun this very minute! I hope you're taking lots of pics to share with us.....

Holly said...

I, too, wish I had gone last year to see Gwen Marsten and Freddie Moran but last year I hardly knew who they were so I probably wouldn't have appreciated it.

Finn said...

What a great bag Michele! You go directly to the top of my Bag Lady List!!
Really a great job with those few and forgotten geese...you've done me and the Orphan Train proud...nothing to hang back about, orphan blocks or not..*VBS*
So glad to hear you had such a wonderful time. Cooler weather would have been much appreciated I am sure, but then the heat adds to the memory picture.
So glad to you got to meet up with other quilters! Hugs, Finn